Winix PlasmaWave Air Purifier USA 2022

Winix PlasmaWave Air Purifier

The Winix PlasmaWave 5300 Air Purifier Model has established itself as one of the best air purifiers for those with allergies particularly sensitive to indoor air pollution. Whether it be pet-related dust and airbourne fur particles, smoke or most commonly, pollen, unpurified air can have a massive impact upon your health.

The Winix PlasmaWave 5300 is a very reasonably priced, fully functional HEPA air purifier with an impressive CADR value of 280, which means it can purify rooms up to approximately 350 sq. ft. Even at full RRP, the Winix PlasmaWave 5300 thus represents significantly greater value based on the universal measure of maximum square foot purified per dollar.

At the same time, the Winix PlasmaWave 5300 Air Purifier Model has all the features of a top quality home air purifier, most notably a three stage filtration system to ensure purification is as complete as possible.

Winix PlasmaWave Air Purifier

Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA, PlasmaWave and Odor Reducing Carbon Filter,Gray

Design: Air Purifier

Item Dimensions LxWxH14.9 x 7.8 x 23.6 inches
Power SourceCorded Electric
Item Weight18 Pounds
  • True-HEPA filter captures 99.97% of airborne pollutants; dust mites, pet dander, pollen and other allergens as small as 0.3 microns.
  • 3 Stage cleaning, removes a range of allergens: dust, cigarette smoke, pollen, odors, pet dander, mold spores and organic chemicals. CFM (Sleep / Low / Med / High / Turbo) : 35.31 / 70.63 / 91.82 / 123.60 / 240.14
  • PlasmaWave acts as a permanent filter to safely break down odor, allergens, chemical vapors and other pollutants – with no harmful ozone
  • Delivered air flow :236 CFM, decibels : 27.8 . Smart Sensor gauges the air and our Auto Mode adjusts the fan to filter the air as needed; with a sleep mode for silent night-time operation
  • No remote control . CADR rated for 360 sq. ft. Suitable for medium and large rooms; kids bedrooms, baby nurseries and offices

The Winix PlasmaWave 5300 has the following list of features:

  • HEPA filter for successful removal of 99.97% of >3 microns airbourne particles
  • Triple filter including carbon filter for pre-filtration and odor removal
  • CADR: 280, maximum room size 350 sq. ft.
  • Energy efficient for savings from your bills – Energy Star approved
  • No ozone emitted, nor any other dangerous molecules
  • 1 year limited warranty for added security

Although the Winix catalogue of air purifiers may not be as varied as that of Honeywell, it would be foolish to discard the Winix PlasmaWave 5300 simply on that basis, particularly because the average customer rating is around 10% higher than that of similarly priced Honeywell models.

I personally was impressed by the sheer value packed into what is a relatively inexpensive air purifier: Indeed, the Winix PlasmaWave 5300 has all the features of $300+ air purifiers, but at a fraction of the cost. The CADR value at 280 is very respectable,

Which means that you can use the Winix PlasmaWave 5300 in rooms of area up to 350 square feet, and the automatically adjusting fan is a really nice touch – no more manually adjusting the unit – it simply changes according to the load.

As you might expect from an item with such high average ratings, customers are overwhelmingly positive about the Winix PlasmaWave 5300: A few have listed the particular smells/indoor air pollution types that the Winix PlasmaWave 5300 Air Cleaner Model has successfully removed.

It does seem that in addition to every single major indoor air pollutant, the Winix PlasmaWave 5300 can also make light work of odors, whether the smell comes from your pet(s), cooking or from smoking. This is no doubt a result of the carbon pre-filter which deals primarily with odors.

Whatever your reasons for purchasing an air purifier – dust, pollen or even general airbourne odor – the Winix PlasmaWave 5300 will solve it provided your room is below 400 square feet in area (20′ x 20′). The manufacturer states 350 square feet maximum but on turbo settings this unit can really move large amounts of air.

For an air purifier under 200 dollars, that power is a fantastic quality. And judging by the nice feature on Amazon whereby customers can come back and edit/update their air purifier reviews years later if they so choose,

The Winix PlasmaWave 5300 is not the type of appliance to last just a few months then break down. Numerous customer updates to their original air purifier ratings serve as reliable evidence that the Winix PlasmaWave 5300 is not only good quality when you first get it, but it will remain so for years.

While I do always endeavor to find as many negatives as I can with each item reviewed, it obviously becomes somewhat more difficult with the top rated items such as the Winix PlasmaWave 5300. But do not fear! I managed to find a few issues raised by one or two reviewers.

Firstly, you will need to buy replacement filters every 6 months or so, which can cost around $40. Some – though by no means all – air purifiers do not require filters to be replaced, but note that this lack of requirement for replacements is often due to the fact that there are no extra filters in the first place.

Air Purifiers like Winix PlasmaWave 5300 that use triple filtration technology are always more likely to require at least one filter to be replaced. Another negative that I have found is the Winix PlasmaWave 5300 Air Cleaner Model is noisy at the highest power setting.

It’s difficult to compare the sound levels against other purifiers but some customers mention that the Winix PlasmaWave 5300 air purifier is actually quieter than the old air purifier they had, while somewhat louder than comparable Honeywell models. Finally, I really do think that the HEPA filter should be washable. One or two customers have raised this issue and I think that this is really the only major negative against the Winix PlasmaWave 5300 Air Purifier Model.

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