When do you need an air purifier USA 2022

When do you need an air purifier? 

Best air purifier for smoke is a device used for the purification of air, or in simple words, in the cleaning up of air. The device is very important when it comes to maintaining the purity of the environment, both indoor and outdoor environment. There are many types of air purifiers available in the market. Air purifiers are commonly used in hospitals, industrial areas and even homes. It is not a must that you have the device in your home but due to certain situations and conditions you might be forced to purchase one of these devices for your home. Let’s look at the different situations that may call for the purchase and use of an air purifier.

  1. Incase of Allergies:You might be allergic to certain air pollutants including pollen, dust or pet hair. Such substances which normally trigger allergic reactions are known as allergens. You will agree with me that every home has at least some suspended dust particles in the air. If you happen to have allergy, inhaling the dust particles, along with other air pollutants might trigger the allergic reaction. You might start sneezing, coughing, having body rashes or even have breathing problems. In such cases, an air purifier can be one of the best solutions to go for. Air purifiers will eliminate the allergens present in your house, hence prevent the occurence of allergic attacks on you.
  2. When you have small children around :Small children are sensitive to even the tiniest dust and dirt in the air. They may get sick when exposed to these air pollutants to an extent of having fever, or lung infections. In that case, you may require the help of an air purifier to prevent this. It is definite that there is no one who would like to watch his or her child suffer. Make sure your child’s environment is clean by using an air purifier.
  3. When you or any of your family members has asthma :  

        Asthma is a chronic illness which affects the respiratory tract. It is often characterized by wheezing, coughing, difficulty in breathing and chest pains, in some cases. Any of your family members can be suffering from this disease, which can be fatal if not controlled, especially in children. Just like allergy, asthmatic attack is normally triggered by certain air pollutants like dust, smoke, pollen and even pet hair. It is for this reason that you need to get yourself an air purifier which will help in the elimination of these air pollutants.

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When do you need an air purifier
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    4. When you have hairy pets in your house :

            Pet hair is actually dirt. Together with soil particles and other dirt, it makes up what is commonly known as dust. Apart from being the reason behind the presence of dust in your house, pet hair by itself is a common trigger for both allergy and asthma. If you have hairy dogs and cats in your house, it is advisable to have an air purifier clear the hair that normally comes off from their bodies. Having an air purifier is the next best option you have after the ‘getting rid of your pet ‘ option, which is not possible for many pet owners to consider.

  1. When you live near a construction site:

               Construction sites are big generators of dust and other air pollutants. Therefore, if your house is next to a construction site, buying an air purifier can be one of the best solutions to preventing the air pollutants from reaching you and your house holds. The air pollutants generated by construction sites definitely have effects on your health if you happen to be exposed to them. Some construction sites even generate carcinogenic substances which actually are fatal, since they lead to the contraction of certain types of cancer. If you don’t want to relocated to a better house, then it is good to have an air purifier in your house.

  1. When you live near an industry

                 There are many types of industries ranging from processing, manufacturing to even assembling industries. If you happen to live near an industry, you might find it hard staying at your house due to the presence of air pollutants from the industries, which might get through the doors windows and even the air ventilations of your house. In such a case, having an air purifier, can be a very good option to go for. An air purifier in your house will effectively get rid of the air pollutants, including the horrible smells which might be generated by the industries around you.

  1. When you, or any other member of your household smokes :

                It is very unwise and unhealthy to smoke in the house, especially when your kids are around. Smoking has being one of the leading causes of lung cancer worldwide. This is not only for the active smokers, but also for the passive smokers. Studies have shown that a passive smoker is more at risk of getting lung cancer, than the active smoker. Passive smoking involves inhaling the smoke which burns at the end of the cigarette, along with the smoke which the active smoker exhales. Double trouble, right?

Unlike the active smoker, the passive smoker normally inhales an unfiltered type of smoke, and therefore more prone to cancer infection. Therefore, if you are a smoker, it will be advisable to get an air purifier in your house, to prevent passive smoking by the rest of the household members, who might be non-smokers. Smoke from cigarettes can also result into serious asthmatic attacks.

The above situations definitely call for the purchase of an air purifier for your house. As humans we desire to live long healthy lives, but these same lives might be cut short by the presence of hazardous pollutants within our environment. It is proven that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air, and for you to make sure that this is not the case for your house and only a statistic for other homes, you need to buy yourself an air purifier.

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