Top 6 Best Air Purifier Reviews

Prior to selecting an air purifier, it is commonly prominent to underline several basic points which relate to the basic function that is to remove the dust and reduce air pollution in a room. Besides, healthy effects should be minded as well.

The air purifier sometimes end up damaging people to suffer from lung cancer due to the tool’s improper maintenance in filtering the gasses and dust in the air. A good air purifier is usually equipped with a precipitator tool which can remove pollutant by charging and filtering them once the particles pass through the air.

Top 6 Best Air Purifier Reviews

However, some air purifiers are designed to have ozone generator which is able to produce a large amount of ozone. Despite the fact that ozone may protect people from ultraviolet rays, it is considerably perilous for humans once it is in ground-level.

The ground-level ozone may cause and even worsen particular disease like asthma, allergies, and other pulmonary or respiratory problems.

Thus, many prefer choosing an air purifier that does not produce ozone in spite of their effective cleaning system. For the whole features and types offered, the best air purifier should basically involve a good function of effectively cleaning the dust, smoke, and pollen in the air.

Additionally, a large portable purifier type can be an ideal choice for those do not want to get a forced air system which remove particle in lower and quieter speed than the large model.

Comparison And Reviews

The basic types of the best air purifier include room models air purifiers and whole-house air cleaners. The room air purifiers are quite portable and flexible as it is moveable from one room to another. It weighs about 10 to 20 pounds, and has a handle which can make it stand on a table or on the floor.

This very first type is also highly promoted for its effectiveness and efficiency. It uses HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter which is able to catch every ultrafine particle in the air.

This type also costs the least among the other type of air purifiers. However, the HEPA filters needs to be replaced regularly otherwise it no longer functions well in filtering the air particles. The most expenses, then, may come from this service.

The next type of the best air purifier comes from the whole-house models. As its name implies, it functions in filtering the air in the entire parts of the house.

It is designed for a forced-air heating and cooling system which is not available in the preceding type. The system works excellent in removing dust and tiny particles in the air. Yet, the built-in whole-house type is relatively expensive, and thus should be installed by a professional.

There is actually a cheaper one for the whole-house filter in a portable type, yet it functions less effectively than the built-in whole-house purifiers especially in clearing the air. Also, the filter of the portable one should be replaced once in one to three months, which means more expenses to withdraw later.

An air purifier commonly includes a range of features which cover a fan for pulling the air into the filtration system, servicing indicator, dust sensor and air-quality monitor. Firstly, the fan is attached inside the cleaner’s body in order to suck the air.

Air purifiers with fan indeed work noisier than the ones with no single fan on it. Yet, the more quiet work does not necessarily guarantee an effective function in filtering and sucking the air particles. Then, the servicing indicator lets the users know the time to replace the filter.

Lastly, the dust sensor and air-quality monitor will raise or lower the speed once they find the air is full of particles or dusts. The effects of raising or lowering the speeds depend on the brand and the type of air purifier itself.

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