The Right Time to Use an Air Purifier

When Is the Right Time to Use an Air Purifier

Many people bought an best air purifier for pets their homes or workplaces in order to decrease the annoying effects of smoke as well as allergens. Do you know that having an air purifier at home can also reduce eczema? If you are using an air purifier at home, you may have noticed the huge improvement in the quality of air in your home. Even so, in order to achieve the maximum results from your air purifying unit, it is significant to know when to turn it on and for how long does it need to be on.

the Right Time to Use an Air Purifier

How Long Should Air Purifier Run?

Air purifiers can be used for long periods of time. There is a shared misunderstanding that using an air purifier for at least one hour can clean the quality of air right away. However, there are always new particulates circulating around the room all the time. Open windows, people, air conditioning unit and pets are all accountable for letting pollutants inside our home. How long do air purifiers need to run?

Air purifiers can run depending on its model and type. The user manual that was delivered with the unit should be able to inform you the designated number of hours. However, you can always use your air purifier from five up to eight hours.

Running Air Purifier While Conserving Energy

People who are running their air purifying units are also concern about how to conserve electricity. Running the air purifier to eliminate allergens and other contaminants for long hours does not only wear out the filters but also increases the amount of electricity consumed.

You can still maximize the usage of your air purifier while conserving electricity by turning it on only when you are inside your home. You do not have to turn it on if you are outside, anyway. You can keep the windows open for a while for more ventilation if you were not using air purifier for eliminating allergens. Opening windows from time to time lets you exchange the air from the outsideand this works great if you are not living in a polluted area. The fresh air from nature can enter your home.

You can turn on your air purifying unit for few minutes before bed time. You may also keep it running during sleep in order to improve sleep quality. To conserve energy while running the air purifier during bedtime, it is best to use the lower setting.

Affordable Air Purifiers
Affordable Air Purifiers
Affordable Air Purifiers

To reduce the hours you have to run the air purifier unit, it is important to always clean the house. Regular dusting as well as sweeping the floor or vacuuming can help a lot so you would not have to turn on your air purifier for 24 hours.

You also need to consider the season of the year. During spring when there is a high amount of pollen, it is best to let the air purifier run for longer hours. After spring or when the level of pollen decreases, you can use your unit for few hours only.

When Do You Change The Filters?

The filters can be changed depending on the model of the air purifier. Each model has different types of filter that have different in lifespan. But most air filters with great quality can operate for 5 to 8 hours a day for several months without the need to be replaced. Some filters are ought to be replaced after three months.

There are also filters that can last up to 2 years without having to replace it such as true HEPA filters. It is important that you also clean your filters every week just to ensure that the air circulating around your house is 99.97% clean. It can also help in expanding the lifespan of the filter.

With air purifiers, you can experience cleaner environment. It helps you eliminate dusts, pollens, pet dander and other allergens that can irritate your lungs. It is important that you are knowledgeable of how to maximize its effectiveness. Knowing when to use it and when to clean it can help not only the health of your family but also the lifespan of the air purifier. It can also extend the lifespan of the filters.

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