Room Air Purifiers for Smokers

Room air purifiers for smokers

If by any chance you or any other member of your household is a heavy smoker, it is definite that keeping the house clean and free from smoke can be hard. The normal air purifiers available in the market don’t have the mechanism of getting rid of gaseous pollutants including cigarette or cigar smoke. Smoke particles are very tiny and can adhere to surfaces such as furniture, walls or other objects in the house such as carpet, light bulbs or beddings.

Room air purifiers for smokers

Some air purifiers find a ‘hard time’ keeping up with the purification of the air because from time to time, heavy smokers tend to constantly produce new particles into the air. It is for this and many other reasons that you need to find the best air purifier for cigarette or cigar smoke. Smoking has a negative influence not only to the smokers but also to the people around them who end up inhaling second hand smoke. Second hand smoke has being proven to be far much worse and can lead to deadly diseases. The best way to avoid getting health complications as a result of smoking is to quit smoking but because this is not easy and takes a long time, finding the best air purifier for cigarette smoke can be the next best option.

Types of Air purifiers for smokers

  1. Honeywell 50250-s
    Honeywell is on top of our list of some of the most recommended air purifiers for smokers. The air purifier is a very suitable smoke air purifier basically because of the awesome features it.Honeywell 50250-s


  1. HEPA filter- These filters enable the air purifier to capture 99.97% of airborne pollutants as small as 0.3 microns. No airborne particle stands a chance of remaining in the air when this air purifier is used. It also possesses a Glass-fiber HEPA material which helps in the removal of airborne viruses and bacteria.
  2. Activated carbon filter- This is the best filter for smoke particles and smoke odors. Carbon has a very high adsorption power and therefore it has the power of trapping smoke particles together with its odors.
  3. 360 Degree air intake- The air purifier takes in air in a 360 degree direction, meaning that air is taken form all the sides. You can therefore imagine how effective it can turn out to be.
    4. Can purify sizeable rooms of up to 390 square feet.
  4. Rabbit Air MinusA2
  5. Rabbit Air MinusA2 is a suitable cigarette smoke air purifier for your home environment. It is powerful because of the 4 different types of air filters it possess. Another thing that might make you love it more is due to the fact that the air purifier is energy saving -runs on low energy.Rabbit Air MinusA2
    • Customized filter options. The air purifier has customized air filter options from where you can chose the best filter option that suits you.
    • Covers a wide area of up to 815 square feet, therefore suitable for medium to large houses.
    • Purifies and deodorizes air with the help of its HEPA filtration.Pros
    • ExpensiveRabbit Air MinisA2 is expensive because it costs around $650 unlike other air purifiers whose prices range between $150-$300. You will dig deeper into your pocket if you have to purchase this air purifier. Though it is expensive, it is worth it in the long run.
  6. Austin Air HealthMate HM 400Austin Air HealthMate HM 400 is another air purifier which can capture almost all the components of cigarette smoke. This is possible due to the presence of a carbon filtration system which is well known for trapping smoke elements.Austin Air Healthmate 400Pros
    • Purifies up to an area of 1500 square feet and therefore it is convenient for large spaces.
      2. It’s filters are long-lasting hence saves on the cost of purchasing new filters time and again.
    • It is effective when it comes to cleaning the air because it has both a HEPA and carbon filtration system.Cons
    • Quite expensive. It’s price has being rising recently.

Why should use right air purifiers?

Finding the right air purifiers is very important. For starters, it would save you the disappointments that comes with buying the wrong air purifier for the wrong purpose. Many are the the times people you go into the stores, purchase an air purifier, go home and put it to use, only to discover that there is no change in the quality of air around you.

This is discouraging considering you will have used large amounts of money. I guess you don’t want to be one of such people because even if you return the air purifiers to the stores, it is not always the definite that the seller will accept it back. Also, the right air purifier will help in preventing the health complications brought by cigarette smoke.

All the above air purifiers are readily available in the market at very pocket friendly prices. Although some may be quite expensive, the whole purchase is worth in the end. Investing in such air purifiers is actually investing in your health and the health of the people around you.

Cigarette smoke as stated above is far much worse that the smoke inhaled during the actual smoking. The basic reason for this is that second hand smoke is composed of the smoke that burns at the lighted end of the cigarette.

It also contains the smoke exhaled by the active smoker. Smoke that burns at the end of the cigarette passes through no filter and therefore it is in its pure form, and contains all the harmful smoke elements. You can therefore imagine the risk you are putting the rest of your family members to when you smoke indoors, where the air circulation is not as good as outside.

If any of the family members is asthmatic, they will suffer from asthmatic attacks from time to time. Make your choice today and quit smoking and if that is hard, dig deeper into your pockets and get one of these air purifiers. Wait no more, go get yourself one of these powerful machines today and your health will be secured.

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