Proton Pure Air Purifier Review

Lately, we have all been staying indoors as the air outdoors is quite polluted. The air that we breathe is so contaminated that it is now a major threat to the respiratory system.

In fact, after the pandemic, the sales of air purifiers have gone up as more and more people have been becoming aware of the health issues that the air we are breathing poses. 

Air purifiers are heaven-sent devices that assist with cleaning our surroundings by sucking up dust and different particles that make us sniffle, cough, and cause lung irritation.

An incredible example of that is the Proton Pure Air Purifier, which is intended for standard-sized rooms while not taking up a great deal of space at home.

Proton Pure Air Purifier has been a quite popular name lately when one speaks about air purifiers but is it really worth the hype?

Well, let us help you in deciding it by this article where we talk about Proton Pure Air Purifier in detail. 

Proton Pure Air Purifier Review

In the event that you are interested in the Proton Pure Air Purifier, here is our short and simple review. Being a convenient air purifier, this unit has practical experience in cleaning the air without the need for an outlet so you can run it while traveling or on an extended getaway.

We like that it does not take up a great deal of space at home, which makes it ideal for small to medium-sized rooms. Here are its features and details:

  • Carbon Filters
  • Up to 215 square feet
  • 360-degree Air Intake
  • Rechargeable via USB type-C
  • True HEPA Air Filtration Technology
  • 3 Fan Speeds
  • Touch Screen Display

Is Proton Pure a Decent Air Purifier?

The Proton Pure Air Purifier is a certain hit for individuals who need an air purifier however don’t need the problem of wires. The Proton Air Purifier has its portion of advantages and disadvantages:

Pros of Proton Pure Air Purifier: 

Here are the benefits of the Proton Pure Air Purifier that are worth focusing on:

  • Battery-powered Unit

Since the unit runs on a 1,500mA internal battery with as long as 7 hours of runtime at full charge, you do not have to bother with an outlet or replace the batteries by any means. This would be helpful to take the air purifier while voyaging or on a getaway outing.

  • Different Fan Speeds

With 3 fan paces to look over, you don’t need to cause the air purifier to consume a great deal of force in the event that it’s not excessively dusty in your space. Or on the other hand, you can decide to go it to the quickest speed during sensitivity season.

  • Genuine HEPA and Carbon Filters

Since the air purifier is a blend of genuine HEPA and carbon filters, you are filtering something other than dust yet, in addition, terrible scents from VOCs, molds, smoke, kitchen smells, and so forth. This would be helpful in a family with pets and on the off chance that you regularly cook fried meals.

Cons of Proton Pure Air Purifier

Then again, here are a couple of cons of the Proton Pure Air Purifier which are not issues:

  • No Timer Option

In spite of the fact that it has fan rates to pick from, the timer choice is very ailing in the unit so you really do need to physically switch it off when you do not require it any longer.

  • Filter Change

Sadly, changing the filter requires somewhat of an expectation to learn and adapt, as it is not expressed in the directions quite well. Be that as it may, a few clients shared how to change the filter by curving the top in a counter-clockwise way and removing the base.

Is Proton Pure A Good Air Purifier?

In our opinion, Proton Pure is a great air purifier as it is portable and does not consume a lot of space or wires to get connected to it.

The Proton Pure Air Purifier is suitable for small to medium-sized rooms. In case you do not have ample space to get your hands on a bigger unit, this is the perfect fit for you. 

In case you are considering getting your hands on an air purifier, Proton Pure could be the one for you.

How good is Proton pure air purifier?

The Proton pure air purifier is a good air purifier. It is effective at removing allergens, dust, and other airborne particles from the air. It is also quiet and has low energy consumption.

How long does a proton pure air filter last?

A proton pure air filter can last for up to 6 months before it needs to be replaced.

Does the proton Pure Air Purifier emit ozone?

No, the proton Pure Air Purifier does not emit ozone.

How does the proton pure air purifier work?

The proton pure air purifier works by using a process called photocatalytic oxidation. This process uses UV light to break down contaminants in the air, which are then absorbed by the purifier’s filters.

We hope our guide on Proton Pure Air Purifier Review helps you in the best possible manner.