Oransi Air Purifier

Oransi Air Purifier V-HEPA Pro UV Review

Oransi air purifiers are certainly not the prettiest machine available on the market. Almost all the models we have reviewed from the company sport a fairly old age look. However, once you drill down behind the covers, you discover something which brings the machine on par with some of the most well known and popular air purification machines available in the modern day.

We decided to look past the design, and put the functionality of the Oransi Air Purifier V-HEPA Pro UV Air Purifier to the test. Does it compete with the big boys in the industry – or will this machine let us down? Let’s take a closer look.

Oransi Air Purifier V-HEPA Pro UV Specifications & Features

Filtration Functions
We’re not quite sure what the “V” stands for before the HEPA acknowledgment in the product name – but we’re betting that it stands for “very good”. Indeed, the HEPA filter alone removes 99.4% of airborne particles, such as dust mites, pet dander, and pollen.

Furthermore, the machine also has a germicidal UV light filter, with added PCO technology – which instantly kills things such as bacteria and viruses – making the air that much cleaner.

Finally, an activated carbon filter helps get rid of things such as cooking chemicals and cigarette smoke residue – which are virtually invisible to the eye.

Design & Style
As we said initially, the Oransi V-HEPA Pro UV Air Purifier doesn’t look very nice at all. Maybe it is our personal preference set – but to be honest, we think that this machine is rather ugly. The cover on the entire machine is off white, and a 1930’s style triangle graces the front of the machine. If it weren’t for the intuitive user interface on the top front, this machine design would be a total loser.

The Oransi Air Purifier V-HEPA Pro UV Air Purifier has been awarded an energy star approval – making it extremely energy and cost efficient. Additionally, the activated carbon filter is so successful and effective that it has caused the American Asthma Association to award this machine a “highly recommended” status.

Thankfully, the functionality of this product far outweighs the shortfalls of its design. This product works wonderfully – probably better than some of the more “stylish” products which retail for a higher price.

Designed for medium to large rooms – the Oransi Air Purifier V-HEPA Pro UV Air Purifier is perfect for a large home.

Our Rating of Oransi V-HEPA Pro UV Air Purifier
We would give the Oransi Air Purifier V-HEPA Pro UV Air Purifier a 5 star rating, if only they could change the materials that they used whilst manufacturing the outer layer of the machine. Because of this, we give the machine a 4.5 star rating. Looks are important, but functionality is vital – and with this machine the latter factor is definitely the more impressive.

Oransi Air Purifier V-HEPA

The Oransi Air Purifier V-HEPA Air Purifier is by far one of the most interesting looking air purifiers currently available to the general home consumer market these days. It has a very small footprint, allowing it to be positioned in almost any room of the house – without causing a scene.

As for the performance? Well – there was only one way to check it out. We ordered an Oransi Air Purifier V-HEPA Air Purifier so that we could try it out in a variety of different conditions. After analyzing the air quality after each of these tests – we’re now ready to report our findings back to you.

Oransi Air Purifier V-HEPA Air Purifier Specifications & Features

Filtration Stages
The first thing we noticed about the Oransi Air Purifier V-HEPA Air Purifier is that it doesn’t go to the same lengths as some of the other home air purifiers. That is, there are not 4 or 5 different stages of filtration. Instead, this machine has just one step.

That particular step is a HEPA filtration plate – which works to reduce the number of airborne particles and allergens which are floating around in the air in your house. Of course, the machine picks up the particles you can see in the air – but it also does more than that. It removes all of the things you can’t see, which is about 95% of all air particles!

Design & Style
The Oransi Air Purifier V-HEPA Air Purifier is a square, tower / stand air filter, which has a number of visible features on the front. Whilst the intake vents are at the back, the release vents are at the front, so you can actually feel the fresh air coming out of the machine. Additionally, there is an intuitive user display which provides you with numerous details about the machine – such as fan speed and noise level.

This machine has been internationally recognized as the quietest HEPA filtration device in existence. This means that it is perfect for a bedroom or a small child’s room – as it won’t interrupt sleep or keep you awake. In fact, the very gentle sound of flowing air might actually assist with sleep!

Oransi Air Purifier

The Oransi Air Purifier V-HEPA Air Purifier advertises itself as being 99.5% effective against all airborne particles, and we found this to be approximately correct during our testing. In actual fact, there was just a 0.1% difference in our results and the claimed results – where we realized a 99.4% elimination rate of harmful dust particles, smoke, mold, and pet dander particles.

Our Rating of Oransi Air Purifier V-HEPA Air Purifier
As with many customers who have tried this product out before us, we were convinced that the Oransi V-HEPA Air Purifier was definitely cleaning the air – and doing it at an above average rate and speed. For this reason, coupled with both the design and the price, we couldn’t help but give the Oransi Air Purifier V-HEPA Air Purifier a 5 star rating. We believe that this is definitely well deserved.