IQAir Air Purifier New Edition HealthPro Plus

IQAir Air Purifier New Edition HealthPro Plus

Looking for an air purifier worth the amount of money you will pay for it? Then here is an IQAir Edition HealthPro review to help you decide and choose the very best. The new IQAir Air Purifier is the very best in the market being able to purify the air of even the smallest of particles.

IQAir Air Purifier New Edition HealthPro Plus

IQAir Air Purifier HealthPro Plus Home HEPA Air Purifier for Pet Hair, VOCs, Formaldehyde, Bacteria, and Mold, Air Cleaner, Perfect for Small to Large Room

Item Dimensions LxWxH15 x 16 x 28 inches
Power SourceCorded Electric
Item Weight35 Pounds
  • IQAir Air Purifier is #1 Rated Room Air Purifier for Allergies & Asthma
  • Proven Medical-Grade Air Filtration: 100x more effective than HEPA air purifiers
  • Only IQAir’s exclusive HyperHEPA filters stop ultrafine particles (down to 0.003 microns)
  • Powerful filtration: covers a room size up to 1,125 sq ft (104.5 sq m)
  • Direct purchases from the manufacturer will require a signature to acknowledge receipt upon delivery.

Purification rate

While most air purifiers are able to remove particles as minute as 0.3microns, the IQAir is able to filter the air of particles a hundred times smaller than that.

This is exactly what makes it ideal for your use because the smallest particles are the ones that harm your health the most. With this air purifier however, it will get rid of all these leaving the air you breathe in pure and safe. It is also ideal for people with breath disorders who are affected by small particles triggering allergic reactions.

Working methodology

The IQAir HealthPro edition applies a simple working mechanism to clean air just for you. The air from the outside is taken in through the bottom then passed to the PreMax pre-filter where micro-particles (pollen and spores) are removed.

A fan then pushes the air into the v5 cell gas and odor filter where volatile organic compounds are removed by granular activated carbon and harmful chemicals like formaldehyde removed by pelletized (chemically active alumina pellets) chemisorption.

The last hyperHEPA filter that removes ultra fine particles like viruses and bacteria is made up of nano-fibers. The purified air then comes out at the top of the unit.


An IQAir edition HealthPro review would be incomplete without stating the features of this machine. They include reduced noise, long filter life, highly efficient purification, triple seal to prevent air leakage, LCD touch-sensitive display for control, remote control, programmable timer and environment friendly (ozone-free).


This air purifier is quite easy to use with a touch-sensitive interface for control and remote control. It offers you six fan speed options for different air flow and purification rates. You can therefore adjust this as need be. The higher the speed the more room air is purified making it ideal for highly polluted days/ areas. The option to programme the air purifier daily or weekly increases its efficiency and ease of use.

Care and cleaning

The IQAir is quite easy to clean and just a damp piece of cloth is ideal for cleaning by simply wiping the exterior. The filters need to be replaced regularly but it is quite easy to know when you are supposed to do so because the machine has a filter life monitor display. These will indicate when it is time to replace each of the filters though the duration will entirely depend on the usage of the machine.

In conclusion, this is the very best IQAir edition HealthPro Review and from this you are able to gather all you need to know about this air purifier. So, if you really value your health and plan on investing in the very best to maintain it, then get yourself an

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