Ionic Breeze Air Purifier Review USA 2022

Ionic Breeze Air Purifier Review. Principle of operation of the ionizer

Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers: What’s the Real Story?

What’s the Problems with Ionic breeze Air Purifiers?

Your Questions are finally answered!

Ionic Breeze air purifiers were one of the first to dominate the market. Heavy advertising of what for a time appeared to be an amazing new technology, paid off well. Easy payment plans on perfectly silent air cleaners that captured even the smallest of pollution particles, were a shoppers dream come true.

Then things began to change and the first thing to change was that people began to become more informed. For instance, people began to become aware that there is no official governmental or industry standards governing how much actual air volume an air purifier must process.

An Air Cleaner that Has No Fan??

You see these new, so called amazing air cleaners that were being promoted as having the capacity to scour any rooms air in your home, have no fan! Yes they’re completely silent because the ionic inertia was supposed to be enough energy to move the air through the unit in sufficient quantities.

Well lo and behold, along came competing ionic air cleaners that do have fans. More affordable models that not only do just as good a job of cleaning air but they’ve also done a stellar job of angering Sharper Image customers. You see all along Ionic Breeze air purifiers were anything but inexpensive.

So as it stands today several lawsuits have been filed and the maker of these air cleaners, Sharper Image, is now tied up in bankruptcy court. Now you’re wondering if it’s even smart to buy any product from any company that’s bankrupt. The simple answer to that question, is no it’s not smart.

Discounting the fact that there’s a massive selection of more affordable air purifiers that in fact do a better job of cleaning your air, parts and services for Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers may not even be available in the future. Then what about your guarantee? Well you can just forget about that too.

In Defense of Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers

Now in their defense, it must be noted that many firms have emerged from bankruptcy over the years and in fact have gone on to achieve great success. In fact, far from throwing in the towel, Sharper Image in 2006 introduced an ionic air cleaner that does in fact contain a fan. It’s rated at 125 cubic feet per minute!

They call it their Hybrid GP version and it even contains ozone removal technology, so this is definitely a huge step in the right direction. There is just one glaring problem with this unit though and that is that it carries a price tag of a whopping $400. This adds up to almost twice the cost of similar competing models.

Principle of operation of the ionizer. The principle of operation of most types of ionic breeze reviews is to create a flow of unbound electrons, which combines with an electrically neutral oxygen molecules, ionize them.

Of course school physics knows that the highest electric potential occurs on the sharp edges of the electrodes. If the ionization at the ends is large enough – there is an electrical discharge. This is simple, but at the same time very effective principle of the creation of charged particles as the basis of ionizers.

The basis of ionizer is a system of pointed rods, under the influence of electrification which is flowing down electrons. Molecules of oxygen avidly capture free electrons to form negatively charged ions Aero.

Depending on the method of ionization of oxygen molecules ionizers divided into seven types:
• plasma ionizers;
• UV ionizers;
• Thermal ionizers;
• corona ionizers;
• radium ionizers;
• water ionizers;
• elektroeffluvial ionizers.

Typically, when choosing ionic breeze review one has to consider the following:
For use in any room designed ionizer (this may be a bathroom, apartment, office space, car interior, room restaurant, bank);
An area in which the service is designed ionizer (for domestic ionizers it ranges from 10 to 160 m2);
Dimensions and type of installation (installation is a wall, floor);
Design of the ionizer (today ionizers perform not only the ionization of the air, but are an integral part of the interior);
The cost of the ionizer;
Yet the most important criteria of ionic breeze review is usually design and the area in which it was designed.

The lamps with built-in ionizer are almost ideal for the rooms and small office buildings. Lamps with built-in ionizer are very practical and perfectly fit into any interior. They consume little power and have relatively large service areas (average 20 m 2).

Ionic Breeze Air Purifier

Another feature of the lamp-ionizer. As is known, the computer monitor creates an electric field, which transfers oxygen to the molecular state, and even makes it positively charged molecules. All of this slows down the absorption of oxygen and creates around the screen, an oxygen vacuum. The use of this type of ionizer even the small power (mode Low) successfully fights with oxygen starvation.

Ionic breeze quadra. Ionization of air

Ionization of air and its physiological significance. It is not enough just to clean the room air from domestic and industrial pollution, i.e. consider only its chemical composition. This problem has long been successfully solved by a simple filtering. However, even at the stage of mass introduction of air conditioners, physicians faced the incomprehensible phenomenon. People, who spent the day in the air-conditioned room, in filtered air, complained of headache, fatigue, drowsiness.

Chizhevsky found that the air, passing through the wool, leaving not only pollution but also its electric charge, it gets deionized. He also showed that for normal living organism should not just inhale oxygen as a chemical element and negatively ionized oxygen. In the life of the scientist his greatest discovery was virtually untapped, despite the results. But now humanity is forced to turned to his heritage in connection with the disastrous rise of environmental problems. To decrease the number of these problems and remove them completely there was invented ionic breeze quadra

Under natural conditions, the ionization of oxygen occurs due to solar ultraviolet radiation. Most of us spend up to 90% of their time indoors (offices, apartments, transport) and almost completely deprive you of the negative ions of oxygen because the air indoors, which is at least one person, gradually acquires a positive charge. Therefore, we call the air stale, even when it is enough oxygen (electrically neutral). ionic breeze quadra allows not only cleaning and purifying of the indoor air, but also charges it with negative ions.

Dust and dirt not only contaminate the air, but also reduce the concentration of oxygen ions. Additional sources of positive ions are electrical appliances, especially television screens and computer displays.

Nowadays people are more likely to die from disease before they reach 50-60 years old and less – of old age. Is there a way out of the impasse? Yes. There are created the systems for air purification such as ionic breeze quadra, which recreate the natural processes of air purification with the help of ionization and low concentrations of ozone. You can live a long and active, be healthy and happy, to preserve the health of your children and loved ones, if you seriously approach the issue of air purification in your home or office and get relevant air cleaners and ionizers.

Ionic breeze compact quadra

Taking into account the today’s ecology air purification has become an ordinary matter. Air purifiers help to get rid of dust, fungi, mold, animal hair, bad connections, different smells in the room, creating a comfort atmosphere for you to stay.

But to get a sufficient number of useful oxygen, a person is not enough just to breathe. Only when we breathe enriched air, you can get the necessary oxygen. Therefore, there was created purifier ionic breeze compact quadra. There is no need to doubt in the usefulness of the ionizer – it not only fills the with air anions (negative ions), which allow you to create the effect of mountain air, but also eliminates the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation of electronic and electrical equipment such as computer and TV, and it must be like for the office and for the house. After all, you probably noticed that after a day at the computer, there is weakness and headache, but the fault of office equipment, which consumes the negative oxygen ions that can be avoided with ionic breeze compact quadra.

The principle of operation of the ionizer is quite simple and clear – between the two electrodes (one electrode tip, the second – the power cord) there occurs the field of high voltage. Electrons from the first electrode come off due to high speed and in a collision with the air of negative ions are formed.

To experience the benefits of cleaner air ionizer can not only at home or at work, but also in the car! That’s why there was invented ionic breeze compact quadra for vehicles. The sultry, dust, gases, unpleasant odors from the street – this has often encounter motorists, and now all these can be removed due to air purifiers that are silent and easy to use.

When choosing the air purifier with ionizer, it is worth paying attention to the silence of his work, energy consumption, easy operation and functionality – many models are equipped with a timer, remote control, LCD display and multiple modes of operation.

It is also important to take into account floor area, in which you want to use an air purifier with the function of ionization, since it affects the quality of your future cleaner. Modern devices have an ionizer with an ergonomic and stylish design, which allows them to complement any interior.

Ionic breeze car. Air purifier and ionization

Air purifier and ionization. Many have heard and not even once used such terms as “air ionization”, “cleaner air ionizer”, “air cleaner”, but it is difficult to explain. It is very simple: air is composed of positively and negatively charged ions, the human needs the right balance of these ions.

Studies have shown that the most favorite resorts and the best spas have high concentration of negative ions in the air. Chizhevsky in 1918 discovered the biological effects of electric charges of air on the body. Since then, scientists are actively working hard to create cleaner air ionizer, air purifier, which will improve the quality of air indoors, where it is impossible automatic balancing. Clean air, useful for human indoors can only be created by air ionizer.

The car, which for many has become a second home, can have a serious impact on human health – and the driver and passengers. Air Conditioning, which is still not equipped with all the cars, saves only from heat or cold, but not replaces the ionic breeze car.

Some drivers and passengers, not knowing what car purifier is, forced to breathe the smog, which runs over a much thicker and more concentrated than in other parts of the city. Car air purifier saves you from the dust, the smell of tobacco, exhaust fumes.

Car Air Purifier will be useful not only for travel around the city, but in the long journey. In addition to ionic breeze car, there exists an instrument as automotive air ionizer. In the car there focuses sometimes catastrophic amount of negative ions – in fact fall into the saloon and the exhaust gases. Automobile air ionizer, air cleaner will be quite useful in this case. ionic breeze car is compact and does not interfere with any driver, no passengers, consume a small amount of energy.

In addition to ionization, which is very useful for the organism, the air purifier will remove, rather than disperse odors, cope with the smallest particles, which are the cause of allergies and weakened immunity.
Air cleaner is needed in the office or at work, but also in the living room he needed not less. Cleaner air ionizer makes a pleasant stay, not only in the apartment, but even there all the time, a lot of people – in shops, sports clubs, cinemas, restaurants, air purifier is also indispensable for schools and kindergartens

Ionic breeze air purifier. Clean air and human health

Clean air and human health. If we are accustomed to pay greater attention to the food, then the composition of air, what we breathe, is almost beyond our control. At the same according to the experts’ opinions of the World Health Organization, air pollution has become a dangerous risk to human health. During the day the person eats a kilogram of food, drinks a liter of water, and breathes 15 kilograms of air.

The necessary balance of the structure of indoor air in a natural way is almost impossible to create due to several factors – poor ventilation, overcrowding of employees, the increasing intensity and the concentration of household appliances, office equipment, PCs and other pollutants.

The way out of this situation is simple: ionic breeze air purifiers, which turn “dead” air of apartments and offices into the “live”. You become the owners of your own “vitamin factories”, allowing creating a healthy climate in your homes and offices.

The leading place among the air purifying instruments has ionic breeze air purifier. After 3 hours of use, the concentration of negative ions in the air increases to 45000 units per cm³ that is comparable with the air at the falls. These purifiers are available in different versions.

Due to the fact that the effect of air ions, produced by devices, on the organism occurs at the cellular level, the spectrum of diseases, preventable and treatable, is unusually wide.

The blood becomes more “fluid”, thereby reducing the load on the heart, blood clots are dissolved, cardiovascular diseases are cured. When breathing in the air ions, the lungs “smooth out” and after a while the persons with asthma almost get rid of the attacks, pneumonia also can be cured.
Due to air ions the patients with burns over 70% of the surface of the skin survive, the wounds tighten quickly, bones and tissues become more durable.

The use of ionic breeze air purifiers provides rapid improvement in well-being of children suffering from respiratory and skin allergies. If the air is ionized, there normalizes the blood composition, increases the appetite, improves the sleep, reduces the level of irritability.

Regular use of ionizers and cleaners creates the natural and long-lasting immune barrier, helps the body to resist colds and infectious diseases. This is a “trap for the flu”. For example, just in half an hour of the use of air purifiers the number of microbes in the room reduces 5 times! Not only the air but the exhaled phlegm are disinfected.

Ionic Breeze Manual. The use of the Ionizer

The use of the ionizer. Air Ionizer – is the DC generator of negative polarity. Designed for use in hygiene, preventive and curative purposes for the enrichment of indoor air light negative air ions. That’s why its use presupposes the attentive reading of ionic breeze manual.

Not enough content of light air ions of negative polarity in the air causes the air ion deficiency, which leads to the emergence and development of serious chronic diseases of the central nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the body, lowered immunity, fatigue.

According to ionic breeze manual, air ionizer “revives” the oxygen in the air, brings it in quality similar to the air of mountain and seaside resorts, coniferous forests, salt caves, and has on the human body a beneficial prophylactic and therapeutic influence.

One can treat many diseases applying air ion therapy. If the disease is caused by the fall of the negative charge, negative charge is able to cure disease and: to restore the damaged inner electro balance and to lead the patient to the full recovery, if the changes are reversible.

For many years, air ionizers have been used in hospitals, military hospitals. ionic breeze manual tells that it has been experimentally and clinically proven to air ionizer helps to cure a variety of diseases, such as: acute respiratory viral diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, silicosis, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, atopic and infectious-dependent forms, pneumonia, essential hypertension; myocardial infarction, stroke, non-healing oozing wounds and burns; functional disorders of the nervous system “display disease; tuberculosis, rheumatism, gastrointestinal diseases, gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers, women’s disease, postpartum endometritis, have improved the course of pregnancy.

This device that purifies the air and makes it healthy and useful should be used in wider tempos. Unfortunately the lack of means or other conditions do not allow increasing the number of air ionizers in many countries. The usefulness of this equipment was proven by scientists and now the economists should prove the necessity of air ionizer in hospitals, cars and different establishments.

Professional series ionic breeze. Fresh air in your home

Fresh air. The cities all over the world have problems with fresh air. In Beijing and Shanghai even there are held events “day without cars”. All roads are closed in these days. It is expected that this action will take part in another 100 cities in China, where people suffer from exhaust gases.

Ventilation problems, and hence supply of fresh air in the apartment, and having to install modern plastic windows, as they have high airtightness. When these windows are closed, not the inflow of fresh air in the room and not removed dirty. Therefore, we must very often open the windows or door should be kept ajar, which leads to a decrease in insulation. To solve these problems and ensure the penetration of fresh air there are used professional series ionic breeze.

Ability to enjoy fresh air without leaving the apartment appeared through the use of professional series ionic breeze, which not only purifies the air, but also moisturizes and ionizes it. In the production of such devices there are used now even space technology used previously only for the space program. Best of the representatives of such devices purify the air as it does the very nature, authentic, fresh natural air. When this device works, it seems that you are in the woods in the mountains or the sea.

Air quality is much higher and closer to the ideal of freshness by ionization. With fresh air, saturated air ions, increases resistance to various infections, stabilize the work of the central nervous system, thoughts become clearer. Fresh air should not contain any extraneous odors, which in modern purifiers-ionizers photocatalytic purification, in which particles of odorous substances are decomposed and simple components – carbon dioxide and water. professional series ionic breeze allows to avoid all these negative aspects.

In medicine, there is such a term as aerotherapeutics. It means regular normalized effects of fresh air on the human body. This type of treatment is not contra-indications. There are views of experts in the field of medicine that the beneficial affect of fresh air per person more than on any medicines. From the air the person receives oxygen, which is the foundation of his life. The best for aerotherapeutics considered fresh sea air, as it differs a high content of ions, salts, and ozone.

Blue Air Purifier. Ionization of the air

Blue air purifier. To get a breath of fresh air people go to the countryside, to places with rich vegetation, forests, clean waters. Fresh air is the maximum health benefits. Fresh air of pine forests brings a special cheerfulness. Pine trees are able to clean the air of harmful bacteria in ten times better than, for example, birch.

According to the number of needles on a pine tree in her painting can also determine the degree of air pollution. Therefore, in the pine forests there are often organized various recreation centers, children’s health camps, health resorts, so that people can restore vitality and vigor, breathing in healing fresh air.

To have fresh air in the apartments there requires good ventilation. But our homes are ventilated very primitive: through the cracks in the windows the air gets inside and gets mixed with dirtier indoor air, and then, through extract grilles kitchens and toilets, goes into the street again. Human needs an hour about thirty cubic meters of fresh air to feel relatively normal. Of course, the simplest the ventilation systems can not ensure this rule.

Ionization of the air has been known for long ago, but it was a great scientist Chizhevsky, who got the idea to create blue air purifier for use by humans to clean the air.
With prolonged use of the computer is very useful to use air ionizer for health maintenance. On what characteristics should air ionizer be selected?

Being indoors, we are constantly exposed to the destructive effect of such factors as “Aeron starvation”. This phenomenon occurs due to insufficient number of negative air ions of oxygen in the air that we breathe. blue air purifier helps to combat this phenomenon, as well as reduces the toxicity of the air and purifies it from dust and germs.

The acquisition of air of electrical charges – air ions – is the natural process that occurs in nature under the influence of various environmental factors. blue air purifier reproduces the natural processes of purification of air indoors.

Air purifiers, produced by several companies of the world, include air ionizer and create microclimate in your apartment, which is typical for mountain and forest areas, more complete rest and recovery, reduces fatigue, improves resistance to infections. Deprived of air ions the air is “dead”, it impairs the health and leads to diseases, so the air ionizer is used to create the premises of the optimal concentration of negatively charged air ions, which are necessary for normal human activity.

Ionic Breeze Quadra Silent Air Purifier. How to choose the ionizer

How to choose the ionizer. You already know that the air ionizer is required for treatment and prevention of diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems to slow aging and prevent cancer.

The underlying cause for different diseases is the same: the body’s cells lose their charge. Air ionizer produces negative air ions, which charge the blood in the lungs, and through it restores the charge of the cell. This is the universality of the ionic breeze quadra silent air purifier.

Today there are various available options of air ionizers. How to make the right choice? There are the categorical demands for medical ionizers: they must produce only negative air ions and does not generate harmful to humans, ozone and nitrogen oxides. And they are produced, if the ionizer starts in the mode of corona discharge when the voltage across the electrodes or too large (more than 20 kV), or the electrodes too close.

The increasing of humidity also contributes corona. The devices that produce ozone, do not confuse with ionizers like ionic breeze quadra silent air purifier, always operate with a corona discharge and simultaneously produce nitrogen oxides and negative air ions. Ozone is needed for cleaning and disinfection of air, but at concentrations exceeding permissible, ozone is extremely toxic, lowers resistance to infection and form free radicals.

Toxicity of ozone increases, while the impact on the body of nitrogen oxides. Upon contact of nitrogen oxides with a wet surface there are easily formed nitric and nitrous acid affecting the lung tissues. At the same time in the blood there are formed nitrates and nitrites, causing oxygen deficiency. A person usually feels the smell of ozone, if the quantity exceeds the maximum permissible concentration (0.1 mg / cu. M).

Most commercial ionizers either always operate with the corona discharge, or go into it with the humidity more than 60-70 percent, for example ionic breeze quadra silent air purifier. These ionizers are better to use as ozonizers – to clean the air without man. For improvement of negative ions there are suitable only ionizers, working always in the mode of dark self-discharge.

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