How Well Do Ionic Air Purifiers Work

How Well Do Ionic Air Purifiers Work?

Well done! Your child is just new to the world. 10 fingers and toes. You couldn’t imagine that anyone could enable you to feel prouder, then fear strikes.

The doctor comes into the room.”I’m afraid Johnny is having a difficult time breathing.”

It turns out Johnny has signs of asthma. The doctor tells you that, while this may be scary, it seems to be a very mild case. Prevention will be important.

The great news is that you are not alone. Many parents out there are struggling to create improved air quality in their house. This doesn’t, however, stop you from feeling confused and alone.

How To Deal with Asthma

There are things you can do to mazimize Johnny’s quality of life. Removing asthma triggers with air purifiers is vital. Johnny’s doctor tells you to look into getting an air purifier for each part of your house.

Looking for air purifiers is harder than you probably think. What kind of air purifier do you need? Which allergens are most likely to trigger an asthma attack? Which air purifiers remove those triggers?

You leave the hospital with leaflets about air purifier feature differences. HEPA, Ultraviolet and ionic air purifier brochures fill your car seat. Before you shop, you realize you need to do much more research.

After spending hours online, you are armed with info on dust mites and mold, the 2 leading asthma triggers. You compare purifiers that can deal with both these allergens. You also must find models to fit your budget. Having a new baby costs a lot. You have to watch your budget, but his quality of life is critical!

Ionic Air Purifiers

Ionic air purifier models are the most well known. You’ve seen the advertisements. The air purifier works by negatively charging dust, dirt, mold and other allergens with negative ions. Instead of floating, they fall to the floor. The air purifier eliminates most of the debris; your vacuum cleaner and a duster get the rest.

With a little regular housework and a few Ionic air purifier models, you have a reasonable solution. Is it the best device for your child’s needs? Maybe…

HEPA Air Purifiers

HEPA air purifiers eliminate contaminants in the air using a filter. The filter can capture 98.5% of the dust mites that trigger an asthma attack, but the HEPA purifier isn’t great at getting rid of mold. For that reason, you remove it from your list.

Ultraviolet Air Purifier

Lastly, you have the ultraviolet air purifiers. In this type of machine, light energy is used to destroy mold spores, dust mites and other allergens that might be in the air. Hospitals use ultraviolet air purifier systems to reduce germs so they must be pretty effective.

You like the fact that these purifiers are used by most hospitals. So, the cost is your next concern. Can you find a device to match your needs and stay within budget?

Most ultraviolet purifiers are quite expensive. Because of that, you choose to take a better look at the ionic air purifier. You do some price comparison, and think it is a good fit.

How Well Do Ionic Air Purifiers Work
BrandIonic Pro
Item Dimensions LxWxH11.25 x 9.25 x 29.25 inches
Control MethodTouch
Filter TypeIonic Air
  • Electrical ionic air purifier for reducing allergens and dust in indoor environments
  • Purifier quietly positively charges particles in the air before attracting them with negatively charged collection plates
  • Operates at 120 volt AC and 60 Hertz; grounded style plug requires use with grounded style outlet
  • Low, medium, and high power levels available; covers rooms up to 500 square feet
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

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