Eco-Friendly Methods to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Eco-Friendly Methods to Improve Indoor Air Quality

We always take the air that we breathe for granted. Aside from the manufacturing companies, vehicles and other machines out there, each individual is contributing to air pollution. We are all aware of the danger polluted air can bring to our planet and most especially to our health. Each product that we use can pose a danger to our system.

We can always start the change in our own homes. Even if you are not aware that your home can be manifested by virus and bacteria, it is time to make an action. After cleaning the floors and furniture, you think that it is enough to keep your home clean. However, there are millions of viruses and bacteria present in the air. Whenever you sweep the floor and the counter, are you sure that all dirt is compiled in the cleaner that you used? Most of the dirt is lingering in the air.

Good Indoor Air Quality

It is important to always improve the quality of air inside your home. Having poor indoor air quality can make a great impact on your health negatively. You are risking yourself as well as your family. There are multiple toxins present in the air such as radon, carbon monoxide, VOCs and allergens. Even if there are many invisible killers in your home’s atmosphere, there are many ways to protect your family.

Affordable Air Purifiers
Affordable Air Purifiers to Improve Indoor Air Quality
Affordable Air Purifiers

Place House Plants to Purify Air

Whenever you have general cleaning, you are using cleaning products that are producing chemicals. When the chemicals are emitted to the air, you are already risking your health from possible illnesses. In order to keep the indoor air quality good, having plants can purify the air. Plants can get rid of numerous air contaminants which can boost your health. Here are some plants that are great purifiers:

  • English Ivy – This plant absorbs formaldehyde which is the most prevalent indoor contaminant.
  • Peace Lily – Get rids of the VOC benzene and sucks up acetone, which is released by electronics, cleaners and adhesives.
  • Lady Palm – It targets ammonia, which is one of the enemies of our respiratory system. Ammonia is the major ingredient of many cleaning products, dyes and textiles.
  • Boston Fern – This fern is great in removing formaldehyde which are found from wood products, glues, cabinets, furniture and more.
  • Snake Plant – It lowers the level of carbon dioxide and get rids of formaldehyde as well as benzene.
  • Golden Photos – It get rids of formaldehyde, benzene as well as carbon monoxide.
  • Wax Begonia – This plant filters out benzene as well as the chemicals produced by toluene – a liquid found in adhesives and waxes.
  • Red-Edged Dracaena – This plant takes care of gases that are released by xylene, tricholoroethyleneand formaldehyde.

Eco-Friendly Air Purifiers

There are many eco-friendly air purifiers available in the market. These air purifiers use only minimal energy while filtering toxic particles that can cause cough, allergies and colds. It is a perfect device for people living in polluted areas and cannot open their windows for a long period of time.

Regular Cleaning of Air Conditioner and Heating System

Another effective method to keep the indoor air quality good is by cleaning air conditioning unit as well as heating systems regularly. When there is water stuck inside the air conditioning unit, it can form molds and bacteria which can contribute to health illnesses. When these are turned on, your home is exposed to dust particles. Good thing is that there are many technicians who can maintain your units every month.

Ventilate Your Home

It is important to always open your windows from time to time in order to circulate fresh air from the nature. However, if there are not many trees or plants around your place, for instance, living in a polluted area, it is not recommendable. For people living in the cities or polluted area, having an eco-friendly air purifier or indoor plants is suitable.

There are many ways to improve indoor air quality. It is important to keep in mind that the air inside your house can pose a threat if not maintained. While we are talking about protecting the environment and keeping ourselves healthy, we need to consider as well indoor air quality.

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