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Hunter Air Purifier 30378 HEPAtech Programmable Air Purifier Review

When a product states that it is “programmable” – it leaves itself open for two situations to unfold. The first is that consumer will buy the product, only to get totally lost in the “programming” procedures. They will simply press the “quick start” button, and hope for the best.

The second option is that they will be able to immediately navigate the interface, encounter absolutely no issues whilst initially programming the device, and allow the programmable features to be used on a regular basis – with ease. So, when it comes to the Hunter 30378 HEPAtech Programmable Air Purifier, which option is the more realistic one? We’ll soon find out.

Hunter Air Purifier 30378 HEPAtech Programmable Air Purifier Specifications & Features

Filtration Functions
The Hunter Air Purifier 30378 HEPAtech Programmable is a powerful air purifier, with 3 differing fan speeds allowing for differing amounts of air to be pumped through the room at varying rates. Whilst passing through the machine, air will face two different filtration processes in the Hunter 30378.

The first is a HEPA treatment filter, which the manufacturer refers to as the HEPAtech filter. This follows the carbon pre-treatment screen – which is not an active filtration step in itself, but is able to remove the larger particles from the air to prevent the HEPA filter from becoming clogged too quickly.

The second and final stage is a particle ionizer – which allows remaining matter (particles less than 0.1 microns in size) to be indirectly removed from the air.

Design & Style
The machine doesn’t look like much on the outside – but on the inside, a myriad of funnels, valves, and tubes can be seen (when taking the covers off obviously). If you want our honest verdict, this isn’t the prettiest home air purifier – but it certainly makes up for its looks with the performance levels.

The Hunter Air Purifier 30378 HEPAtech Programmable has a CADR rating of 260 – which applies to smoke, pollen and dust. This is achieved through the slight “twist” on the HEPA technology – which is actually better at picking up airborne substances than normal HEPA technology.

A 5 year warranty also applies to this model.

The power of this model is the number of feature after the performance. The Hunter Air Purifier 30378 HEPAtech Programmable can easily clean a room which measures 19 x 21 feet – bigger than the area most other home air purifiers can handle.

Our Rating of Hunter Air Purifier 30378 HEPAtech Programmable
Our experience with the Hunter Air Purifier 30378 HEPAtech Programmable was a positive one, and the performance scores were exceptional when compared to our benchmark quality scores. Unfortunately, the design of the product was not the most stylish we have ever seen, and therefore the Hunter 30378 gets 4.5 stars from us.

Hunter Air Purifier Permalife Purifiers Review

Are you looking for an air purifier that has been specifically designed for those large family rooms like the dining area, kitchens, and everything in between? Yeah? If you are, then the Hunter Air Purifier Permalife air purifier is yours for the taking! The air filter of this air purifier has been tried and tested…it can remove 99.5 percent of impurities from the air – those particles that are as small as 0.5 micron.

Along with the separate ionizer, the Hunter Air Purifier Permalife is well-built to enhance, clean, and freshen the air you breathe. With the programmable and digital controls, operating this air purifier couldn’t be any easier! And you don’t have to guess when you need to change or clean the filter – the LCD filter change indicator will take good care of that for you.

There are so many air purifiers out there in the market that come with filters that need constant replacement to get the most out of them. And get this – the price of these air filters are almost equal to that of the whole unit! The brains and engineers behind Hunter Permalife realized this, and they remedied it with a reusable HEPA filter which you can easily clean with the help of any household vacuum.

You’ve read that right folks – all you have to do is clean it and you can expect the HEPA filter to work as good as new – remove 99.5 percent of the impurities found in the air. That includes the dust, pet hair, lint, tobacco smoke, pet dander, and that’s just to name a few. And as for the coverage, the Hunter Air Purifier Permalife can rival even the more expensive and more popular air purifiers out there. Having the capability to clean the air up to 500 square feet, this air purifier sure provides a lot of coverage.

Hunter Air Purifier QuietFlo Purifiers Review

You can ask any reviewer and owner of the Hunter Air Purifier QuietFlo, and they will definitely agree that this air purifier gives you more than your money’s worth. Matter of fact, the Hunter Air Purifier QuietFlo air purifier finished at the Top 10 in one thorough and unbiased comparative review. And it’s not really surprising why! You see, when it comes to coverage, this air purifier can clean up the air of fairly large rooms…say about 300 square foot. Combine that with the fact that it comes with programmable controls, the Hunter Air Purifier QuietFlo is one of the air purifiers that are easiest to operate.

I don’t know about you but cleaning the air from dust, pollen, dander, and other particles thoroughly is great…BUT I also want excellent and easy control over my air purifier’s performance. After all, you sure don’t want to waste energy and money accidentally leaving your air purifier on even when you’re not around. The programmable controls of Hunter Air Purifier QuietFlo will allow you to set the number of hours you want the air purifier to work and when to shut off.

What about the noise levels? Well, I want an air purifier that does its job silently. I don’t want me or my kids waking up in the middle of the night…all thanks to that air purifier that whistles and whizzes. The good news is that the Hunter Air Purifier QuietFlo is one silent killer! It’s not called QuietFlo for nothing. That’s especially trure when it’s on the lowest settings. Although it does produce some noise when you set the purification a notch or two higher than usual, I don’t think the noise it produces is much of a big deal.

hunter air purifier

There is one quibble I have with it though – it’s a little confusing to change and replace the HEPA filter. Overall, however, I’m giving the Hunter QuietFlo two thumbs up! If you’re looking for an air purifier that provides good coverage, filters very well, and comes with easy to understand and intuitive controls, then the Hunter QuietFlo is definitely your air purifier of choice!