How to clean Honeywell 50250-s Air Purifier

Many households these days have adopted the use of Honeywell air purifiers because this appliance has proved to be efficient in making our living to be healthy and comfortable. As an air cleaner, it is prone to get dirty.

There is a higher percentage that all manner of dirt and dust can be trapped in the casing and vents of Honeywell Air Purifier.

Accumulation of dirt in the air purifier will affect the performance of the device. This calls for measures including the actual cleaning of the air purifier.

The actual cleaning of the Honeywell air purifier can take less than an hour. Proper maintenance of the device is important since this will ensure a longer life for the device.

The device should be cleaned regularly to ensure that it remains efficient for a long. If your house is large,

Then you will be forced to clean your air purifier more often because of the larger the cleaning area, the more dirt, and dust build-up. Averagely, it is recommended that one has to clean the air purifier at least once a month.

Things You Will Need:

For effective cleaning of the Honeywell air purifier, then you will require items such as; a vacuum cleaner that has both crevice and brush attachments, a clean rag with a premoistened antibacterial wipe, or a surface cleaner.

Step 1:

For starters, you have to vacuum the exterior of the Honeywell air purifier with the help of the vacuum cleaner brush attachment.

Make sure that you focus on the air hole and intake vents since this is where dirt hides most of the time.

Using a well wrung and a slightly damp rag which has been sprayed with premoistened cleaning wipe like Clorox wipes, wipe down the of the air purifier. You can also use a rag that has been sprayed with a surface cleaner.

Step 2:

The next steps involve removing both filters, HEPA filters, and pre-filters from the casing of the air purifier. After the removal, it will be necessary to replace the worn-out filters.

However, it is possible to clean an air filter and re-attach it back to the air purifier. Here is a step on how to clean the air filters:

Step 2.1:

First, you have to remove the air filters from the air purifier in an outdoor environment. Removing the air filters while inside the house will lead to the accumulation of allergens inside your house.

Step 2.2:

Next, shake the air filter in a back-and-forth manner so as to get rid of the dirt and dust in the air filter. There will be some stubborn dirt which will show no sign of getting off.

In such cases, all you have to do is to tap the air filter gently against the edge of a stair, so as to loosen up the dirt, therefore making cleaning to be an easy task.

Step 2.3

Put the air filters in a large sink

Step 2.4:

Put warm water into the large sink and allow the water to go through the filter, cleaning the dust and dirt debris.

Step 2.5:

Now that the air filter is cleaned, remove it from the warm water and then place it on a piece of cloth or towel so that it can dry. After the air filter has dried up, reattached to your air purifier.

Step 3:

During the period that your air filters are drying, it would be the perfect time to vacuum the interior of the air purifier.

Ensure that you have vacuumed the interior of the air purifier thoroughly using the crevice and brush attachments.

Make sure that you mainly focus on the intake and outflow vents where debris can have accumulated.

Using a dampened rag prayed with either a surface cleaner or a premoistened wipe, wipe down the interior of the air purifier. Wiping using such a rag will also help in disinfecting the interior of the air purifier.

Step 4:

In case you opted to replace both the pre-filters and HEPA filters, then replace these filters and secure the unit casing.

After doing so, you will be good to go. The next step is to plug in Honeywell air purifier into the power supply and then turn it on for a smooth cleaning operation.

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Caution should be taken during the cleaning of the Honeywell air purifier. This is important since it will prevent injury to the user and damage to the device.

You should make sure that you have unplugged the air purifier from the power source before removing the cover or starting to clean the air purifier.

How to clean Honeywell 50250-s air purifier


Honeywell 5250 air purifier, just like many other air purifiers, requires regular cleanings so that they can function properly.

As much as air purifiers are great in eliminating the dirt and dust from our environment, they can be great harbors of dust and dirt.

You might be cleaning your house every day, week in and week out, but still notice dirt and dust in the house.

If you ever come to notice this, then you have to consider cleaning your air purifier, it is advisable to clean an air purifier, at least once a month, or once every two weeks.

Cleaning is one important maintenance practice that you should take into account. Therefore, if you want your air purifier to last for a long, then you need to ensure that it is cleaned regularly as advised above.

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