Honey Well Air Purifier 18155 Silent Comfort Permanent True HEPA

Honey Well Air Purifier 18155 Silent Comfort Permanent True HEPA

Honeywell 18155 

The Honey Well Air Purifier Silent Comfort Permanent might have just made its way to being a crowd favorite, based on all of the positive feedbacks it got from buyers. With an average customer review of four stars, you might want to consider getting to know this product more. 

This heater is a wondrous piece of electronic that will not only purify the air in your household that may affect your health, but it also purifies the air in terms of odor. Buyers of this product will experience air that is more soothing, refreshing, and rejuvenating.

Removes Small Elements in the Air- Honey Well Air Purifier

The Honeywell 18155 Silent Comfort Permanent gets rid of 99.97% of particles floating around in the air. These elements are barely recognizable, which means they have more chances of being inhaled by those who reside in the house.

However, thanks to this amazing air purifier, you do not have to worry about these small but terrible elements that could affect your health. These microscopic elements don’t necessarily have to be dirt. They can be anything, such as pollen, parts of a cushion, a speck of glitter, or any atomic thing that may irritate you internally or externally. 

Speaking of health, this means the usual irritations such as allergies and asthma. Though deemed as normal and unavoidable, it is still not something people enjoy living with. With the Honeywell air purifier, families won’t have to go through such allergies and other possible sicknesses as much as they did before. Purified air means less irritations, more convenience and relaxation.

Cleaning Time Indicator– Honeywell 18155

One of the many amazing features of the Honey Well Air Purifier Silent Comfort Permanent is most probably the Intelli-Check indicator. Most of the time, residents of a household tend to be preoccupied with a lot of things, like chores, visitors, or school work.

This normally leads to forgetting to maintain and take care of equipment and electronics. Fortunately, this remarkable air purifier will remind you when it’s time for cleaning.

Not only that; but this air purifier only needs to be cleaned twice in a year, which saves time for a lot of other things. This Honey Well Air Purifier Silent Comfort air purifier has two cleaning methods: 

  • The carbon pre-filter, which is a genius in a big way, literally, since it prevents big elements from being seeped through the purifier
  • It also contains a true HEPA filter, which will definitely add to everyone else’s ease and assurance of legitimacy

 A great bonus to everyone is simply the fact that the amazing and legitimate HEPA filter does not need to be replaced – at all. This means you won’t have to go out and shell out lots of money just to replace your filter.

No Noise- Honey Well Air Purifier

Honeywell SilentComfort Permanent, True HEPA Air Purifier, 18155

See Customer ReviewsThe worst thing about some electronics is the sound that it produces. Though it may not be as loud as a trumpet, it is very distracting and infuriating at times.

Light sleepers incredibly loathe machines like this. However, with the Honeywell 18155 Silent Comfort Permanent, they will think otherwise. Hence, the name “Silent Comfort.” It is extremely comfortable and quiet at the same time. This simply means quiet naps, chores, workloads, without any disturbance.

Other Great Features- Honeywell 18155

  • Three speed fan which swiftly eliminates unwanted particles from the air
  • Can be easily cleaned using a vacuum
  • It’s a sturdy piece of electronic, weighing 21 pounds
  • No cold-air exhaust

Consumer Reviews- Honey Well Air Purifier

Honeywell SilentComfort Permanent, True HEPA Air Purifier, 18155

Pros and Cons– Honeywell 18155


  • Silent and not disturbing
  • HIGH” setting only produces a little sound
  • Reduces allergies and asthma
  • Makes the air smell clean and fresh
  • Does not require often cleaning


  • Instructions in the manual to not go with the features of the purifier, which can be confusing and hard
  • Too heavy to carry around

Conclusion – Honeywell 18155

Honeywell SilentComfort Permanent, True HEPA Air Purifier, 18155

Honey Well Air Purifier 18155 Silent Comfort Permanent True HEPA

See Customer ReviewsDespite the small shortcomings of the product, the Honey Well Air Purifier Silent Comfort Permanent is still proves to be a great deal for homeowners. Though it may be quite heavy according to some users, it can simply be looked at as very sturdy, hence the heavy weight.

The fact that it has helped a lot of people get rid of things such as allergies and asthma, means that the purifier is doing its job perfectly. With this remarkable air purifier, it would feel like hitting two birds with one stone.

Not only to clean the air, but to prevent internal and external irritations in people’s bodies. All the positive comments on this product can simply serve as proof that the Honey Well Air Purifier Silent Comfort is worth every cent.

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