Honey Well Air Purifier 17000

Honey Well Air Purifier 17000

Honey Well Air Purifier 17000 – The name Honeywell itself automatically brings to mind quality products that would definitely paint a picture of stability and efficiency. Being in the business for 125 years, nothing less is expected of the Fortune 100 Company as far as innovations in safety, security and energy are concerned. 

With their unrelenting focus on quality, delivery, value and technology, this is proven yet again with the release of their product, the Honey Well Air Purifier 17000 Long-life Pure HEPA QuietCare Air Purifier. 

With different allergens and pathogens sneaking into your home everyday regardless if you are in the middle of a bustling city or in a quiet suburb, this technology can easily clean the air and get rid of dust, smoke, dust-mites, mold, bacteria, pollen and odor, among others.

For homes with family members prone to allergies and asthma attacks, as well as for pet lovers who can never seem to sleep well because of the heavy air, this product has not just become an ordinary home appliance, but a dire necessity.

Honey Well Air Purifier 17000

Design – Honey Well Air Purifier 17000

The Honeywell 17000 compact design makes its portability convenient to use around the house, and is recommended for closed rooms of up to 168 feet in size.

The design was made so that it can be five times more effective than any similar model of the same size in cleaning out the air in any room. You can even bring it anywhere you go, weighing a mere 11.5 pounds, just 16 x 13 x 17 inches in diameter.

Purification System and Filters– Honeywell 17000

The Honeywell 17000 air purifier also takes advantage of a two stage purification system, helping it become more efficient.

The pre-filter easily rids a room of odor, which can be easily cleaned out every three months, or as needed. Its true HEPA filter, on the other hand, boasts of being 99.97% effective in capturing household airborne pollutants as small as 0.3 microns!

This filter lasts for around one to three years, ensuring that your air is clean, breathable and pollutant-free through any season. It also comes with a vacuumable permanent HEPA filter.

Filter Monitoring Innovation- Honey Well Air Purifier 17000

Another wonderful innovation is its Intellicheck System, which monitors the filters’ lifespan. Honeywell 17000 is as easy as having one light for each designated filter that can tell you if a filter needs replacing which is easily activated by just a press of a button! This ensures that all filters are doing 100% of their job, 100% of the time.

Sound Reducing Technology– Honeywell 17000

As the name ‘Honeywell 17000‘ implies, the product’s QuietCare technology ensures that the unit stays quiet, with a hum that can barely be noticed especially at lower levels, almost making you forget the fact that it is fast at work in cleaning the air in your room almost every twelve minutes.

Honeywell 17000

Honeywell Long-Life Pure HEPA QuietCare Air Purifier, 17000

Honey Well Air Purifier 17000 – Being part of the $100-200 price range, this is definitely working wonders among similar models in the same group. It is the cheapest as far as the True HEPA filtration system is concerned, but works just as efficiently as other more expensive brands in the same line.

Performance of Honey Well Air Purifier 17000

As proven by people who have already purchased the Honeywel 17000 and tried the product, this is definitely something you would never regret buying. With a whopping average of four stars for Honeywell 17000 reviews, consumers have described it to be very effective.

A lot of happy owners actually noticed changes right away, with allergy and asthma attacks becoming a whole less frequent than before, proving that it actually stands by its statement of being as efficient as it is.

They have also described it to be very user-friendly, with the filters being easily changeable and the entire unit easy to clean. Some even bring it to their cars in case they need to use it somewhere else! 

The only downside seen in this specific model is the noise especially when it is set to its highest level, although the noise was described as a hum that is easily noticeable at the start, but eventually drowns out as time passes.

Honey Well Air Purifier 17000

If you are disturbed by the slight hum on its highest setting, it is then recommended that you use the medium or low setting, which can be just as effective especially in closed rooms. 

Another small side note that consumers want to add is the light indicator on the unit, which can be quite disturbing especially in the bedroom at night, but they have dismissed the problem as easily solved by turning the light away where it would not glow as much.

Consumer Reviews – Honeywell 17000

Honeywell Long-Life Pure HEPA QuietCare Air Purifier, 17000

I like that it is a lightweight unit with a handle that makes it easy to move around. Unlike my earlier unit, it has a light to alert you when the filter becomes to dirty. Mine has not signaled me yet, but I like this feature as it is easy to forget to check it on a regular basis.

The noise level of the unit, like all units I own, is not so quite when you put it on medium or high fan speed. Not so loud it hurts your ears, but it is disruptive if you aren’t used to it. I keep the unit set on low and now it is just more of a calming sound in the background.

I leave the purifier going night and day. My original unit, I mentioned earlier, has been running non stop for 5 years. So I expect to get at least the same out of this one. But once you see what it has trapped and the dirty air that you have been exposed to in your home, you will want one in every room.

Pros and Cons- Honey Well Air Purifier 17000

As a recap, here are key points that would definitely help you decide in purchasing Honeywell 17000:


  • Portability and compact design
  • Two-stage purification system
  • Filters that can easily be changed even without the help of a manual
  • Intellicheck system
  • The most competitive price for a high efficiency rate
  • AHAM certified
  • Doctor recommended


  • Noise level at its highest setting despite the QuietCare technology
  • Light indicator can be disturbing in a dark room

Conclusion – Honeywell 17000

Honeywell Long-Life Pure HEPA QuietCare Air Purifier, 17000

See Customer Reviews With everything that has been laid out here, the Honeywell 17000 Long-life Pure HEPA QuietCare Air Purifier is definitely a product you would want to purchase. Nowadays, it is hard to find a similar product that can be just as cheap, but can be just as effective as this. With the amount of people who are putting their trust in the Honey Well Air Purifier 17000, it would be best to take their word for it and be a proud owner of one yourself.

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