HEPA Filter Air Purifier

HEPA Filter Air Purifier

HEPA filter air purifier should be your number one choice when selecting an air filtration system to be used inside your home. You might need to purchase an air purifier if a member of the family has an existing medical condition like asthma, for delicate babies and children, or when you simply want to ensure the cleanliness of air the family breathes inside the home.

HEPA filter air purifier

What Is HEPA Filter

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Absorption. It’s a type of filter used to trap or contain the tiniest elements from dust and dirt up to the invisible or hard to control things like smoke and other types of fumes, pollen, radioactive or harmful particles, and including certain micro organisms. The filter is basically made out of micro-size fiberglass fibers arranged like a mesh. Originally, HEPA filters are used in controlled environments like laboratories but several industries have noticed their viable application at hospitals, offices, and even at home. HEPA filters are commonly used in air purifiers and vacuum cleaners.

what is HEPA filter

The Benefits of Using HEPA Filter Air Purifier

Why should you consider buying the HEPA type of purifier instead of the ordinary or conventional ones? Here are the best reasons as to why:

  • It is highly efficient in cleaning the air you breathe. If you are residing in the city center, you might be worried of all the pollution that comes along with the air you breathe. But risks lingering in the air are not only located in urban areas. Where ever you live, there are still those risks of dust, pollens and similar allergens, including hazardous chemicals that could come in contact with the air you breathe. Because HEPA filters are designed to filter and contain all elements down to the micro level, you can be assured of clean and pure oxygen inside the home.
HEPA air filter
  • It helps patients with asthma or allergies. Dirty or polluted air is a great risk for individuals suffering from certain respiratory conditions like asthma. There are even instances when polluted air itself can be the cause especially in children for them to acquire such diseases. Additionally, allergens can also enter the house through the air. So if anyone in the family also suffers a certain type of allergy, having a HEPA air filter is very vital.
  • It helps prevent heart attacks and manage cardiovascular diseases. There has been a recent study suggesting that the air purifiers equipped with HEPA filters can help in managing cardiovascular diseases and in the prevention of heart attacks. It’s because ensuring the air you breathe lessens the irritation and swelling that your arteries are suffering.
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Best HEPA filter brands

Here are the top brands or names which are offering air purifiers equipped with HEPA filters:

  • Honeywell. Honeywell is a company which designs and manufactures technologically advanced products and systems for use in commercial industries and at home including its various models of air purifiers.
  • GermGuardian. GermGuardian on the other hand is a company dedicated in developing and manufacturing air purifiers and filtration systems that are highly efficient.
  • Holmes. Holmes is a popular appliance brand and has also ventured in offering HEPA air purifiers.
  • Winix. Another company which has a business focus in producing air purifiers is Winix. It’s also a large brand when it comes to dehumidifiers and various types of filtration systems for air and water.
  • Blueair. Claiming to provide the world’s best air purifiers, Blueair is originally a Swedish company which has managed to gain worldwide fame for its topnotch products.

Aside from cleaning the water you drink, you should also start focusing on the air you and your family breathes. Use the best air purifiers and when choosing, go for HEPA filter air purifier.

What Is A HEPA Filter Air Purifier – HEPA vs True HEPA

HEPA Filter Air Purifier

Even though you may find it hard to believe, sometimes, indoor air can be more polluted compared to outdoor air. The fact is, the EPA suggests that many places have air which is 2 – 5 times as bad as outside air. To battle against such situations, buying the best air purifier can be a good step. Air purifiers purify air from pollen, dust, allergens etc. Coming with a variety of cleaning technologies, air filters can work inside bedrooms, offices and many other settings.

True HEPA VS HEPA-type

HEPA standards exist in order to promote products that can filter as high as 99.7 percent of all kinds of 0.3 micron-sized particles. Since true HEPA purifiers are remarkably good at the job of air filtering, such purifiers tend to cost a lot. You can get HEPA-type purifiers too, which tend to be cheaper. However, those purifiers respect no standards. Therefore, if you purchase any HEPA-type purifier as opposed to true HEPA, do not be surprised if you get just an ineffective fan and nothing else. Note that human nose cannot detect 0.3 micron-sized particles by smelling.

One more difference exists between true HEPA purifiers and HEPA-type models. The difference is that absolute or true filters become more and more effective when more dirt gets trapped. That is because when the air holes of such filters face dirt buildup, the holes become smaller. As a result, the holes gradually trap only the tiniest of particles.

The best thing you can do is go for a product that has true HEPA or absolute HEPA tag in it. Buying a HEPA-type model is often not worth it. In case you find the costs of true-HEPA filters too high, you may want to look at other models that promise to trap about 97 percent or similar percentage of 0.3 micron-sized particles.

Other aspects to consider

While features and looks are important, your primary goal should be buying a purifier that does the job of air cleaning well. For that purpose, you must consider purifiers that have good CADR ratings. CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. At the very least, get a purifier that has 125 CFM or more. CFM stands for Cubic Feet/Minute. Note that larger rooms need higher CFMs.

Also, how many air changes are performed per hour is an important factor to consider. You do not want to buy a purifier for a huge room which assures just a single air change cycle every hour. Even small rooms require 4 air change cycles every hour or similar.

Affordable Air Purifiers
Affordable Air Purifiers
Affordable Air Purifiers

Honeywell Long-Life Pure HEPA QuietCare Air Purifier Review

Honeywell Long Life Pure HEPA QuietCare Air Purifier

The Honeywell QuietCare True-HEPA Air Purifier has 2 filters which clean air about 6 times every hour, removing dust, pollen, smoke, dust mites, bacteria, molds, odors etc. from air. Being particularly helpful for allergy sufferers and asthmatic, this model works well in any room having a size of 168 square ft. or less. Featuring a pre-filter that removes odors, the purifier removes nearly 99.97 percent of all unnecessary particles.

The life of each filter can be monitored with the help of the IntelliCheck system. To check a filter’s life, a person has to push a button to activate a light. The light blinks once, twice, thrice or remains steady. While good life is indicated using single blink, steady position indicates changing requirement.

Replacing filters is a simple task with it. The pre-filter lasts about 3 months, and the HEPA filter works for 1 – 3 years. The purifier’s 3-speed cleaner works very quietly, and carries a warranty of 5-years.

In the QuietClean series, the 17000 is the bestselling model. This series actually falls between the HEPAClean and the AirGenius. Having dimensions of 16 by 13 by 17 inches and a weight of 13 pounds, this model is actually really portable.

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Area coverage

The model works well for small rooms having 168 sq. feet area or less.

ACH score

The 17000 can change air as many as 6 times in an hour.

CADR score

The purifier removes particles which are as tiny as 0.3 micron in size, having a CADR rating of 130 / 130 /130.

Energy requirement

Even when you set everything to the highest, the purifier only uses 80 watts of energy, regardless of the lamp being used continuously.

Warranty period

Its 5-year long warranty period is almost as good as it gets for a purifier of this price category.

Main advantages

  • Portability is made easier by the presence of handle
  • The 17000 model has the ability to cover as much area as 168 square ft.; the 17400 covers even more area
  • Its CADR rating is very high for its price, being 130 for smoke, dust, as well as pollen
  • This one operates really quietly, so peaceful sleeps will remain peaceful
  • Its warranty covering 5-years is generous enough

Main disadvantages

  • When using this purifier the first few times a plastic smell is noticed, which eventually goes away
  • The price is comparatively expensive; but you get many great unique features too.

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