Hepa Air Filter For Home and Office

Hepa Air Filter

Clean air is the secret to a healthy and disease free life. Due to this fact, we invest a lot of effort and money in order to get the best air purifiers. However, did you know that it is only one part of these air purifiers that does the actual purification? Yes, that’s true and this part is the filter.

Hepa Air Filter

The air filter will be remove the dust particles and other outside particles from the air and hence making it cleaner. As a result of this, it is one of the most (if not the most important) things that one should consider when shopping for an air purifier.

There are different types of air filters to choose from namely Hepa, Ionic, UV and Carbon. Out of all these the Hepa air filter is the most popularly used. It is used for different applications starting from air purifiers at homes, vehicles, and aircrafts to even medical facilities.

All this popularity shows that there is something special about the Hepa air filter and so if you do not use one then it would be prudent for you to start doing so soon. The following are some of the reasons why you should use the Hepa air filter.

1. They are made to conform to high standards

For any filter to be approved by Hepa (high-efficiency particulate arestance), has to meet some very high standards. Some of these standards include those set by the US department of energy and other trusted quality assurance bodies. One of the requirements is that the filter should be able to remove 99.97% of the particles that are at least 0.3mm in size and larger. With such standard, you can be assured of getting the cleanest air you can expect from a purifier.

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2. It will serve you for longer

Due to the high standards that the Hepa air filter, it will last for a longer period of time. Filters require to be changed after sometime and the period that it takes before the next change will depend on the quality of the filter. Since the quality of Hepa air filter is assured, it will take longer before you have to change them. This will directly save you some money.

3. You have a variety of manufacturers to choose from

Hepa air filters are very common and this is why, many manufacturers have used them in their manufacturer. The best product is the one that gives you freedom of choice between different manufacturers. With Hepa air filters you can be assured of an unlimited number of manufacturers to choose from.

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4. They are less costly

Most people tend to assume that the cheaper the product the poorer the quality. This might be true for other products but the same cannot be said about Hepa air filter. Regardless of how much the filter is retailing at it must meet all the specific standards in order to be classified as a Hepa air filter. The reasons that this filters are relatively cheaper is the intense competition among the many manufacturers engaged in its manufacture.

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The Importance Of Using The Hepa Air Filter And How To Choose One

Air pollution is such a hell of a problem that is faced in the world today. It is mostly associated with smoke and fumes released from industries and car exhausts. Air filters are crucial in manning air pollution that exists even right under one’s own room. Hepa air filter is one of the best air filter brands in the world to use.

4 Reasons to use hepa air filter

1. Enhances the reduction of odour be it from the pets, smoking or cooking due to the presence of the activated carbon in the filters.

2. Removes up to 99.7% allergens which includes pollens, pet and many more air pollutants. This is through the use of the True HEPA filtration.

3. It Can be used to kill airborne viruses, mold spores and bacteria due when UV-C lights together with filter combine in use.

4. Hepa Filters can be used for allergy relief as it reduces exposure to asthma triggers that are indoors.

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3 Factors on how to Choose a Air filter

When one is going to shop for a hepa filter, there are many factors that are considered including:

1.The Space of the room

There are different types of air filters which comes with different capacities therefore when the room is big one needs a bigger and more powerful air filter as compared to a smaller one in a less spacious room.

2.The Intensity of Impurity

In a room with many impurities such as when one smokes regularly, there is need for a more powerful air purifier that can be able to clean the air at a faster rate and clean most of the air.

3. The size of the air purifier.

When choosing an air filter, one has to consider how much air the filter can clean at a given time and that would form the basic ground on picking the most appropriate one.

Air filters should always be placed in a room where one spends most of their time. Air filters are available at many online shops and improvement stores.

Hepa Air Filter For Home and Office

Healthy And Natural Way Of Living With HEPA Air Filters

One of the common problem mankind has now is pollution. You cannot escape it because you are surrounded by it. Among the pollution, the worst kind is Air pollution. It surrounded us 24/7 hours. Air pollution is due to man-made and natural calamities. It affects climate change and your health also. It can create a health problem like Asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder or COPD and

Recent studies show you can get heart attacks and lung cancer caused by air pollution. You always think that air pollution is something outside your home. However, Inside your home and office, it is worse than what you imagine.

Air pollution classified into two type, they are visible air pollution and invisible air pollution. You can prevent yourself from visible component, but you are not aware of harmful contents, which affect your health. Volatile organic compound’s gases are released into your home. Some of them, I listed below.

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1. Carpets can emit chemicals.

2. Gas stove and nonstick cookware may emit toxic fumes.

3. Chemicals from children crafts.

4. Radon gas formed from soil or water. It can enter your home through holes.

5. Air fresheners.

6. Formaldehyde from your arranged cloth and curtains.

7. Plastic doors.

To overcome this problem, I recommend you HEPA air filter. It has a long history starting from 1940. This filter takes care of you and your family from airborne particles in your home as well as office.

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HEPA air filter also prevents you from airborne viruses and bacteria. Your children and family members will be safe in the hands of HEPA air filter. It will minimize the smells like Nail polish and lingering odors from your food.

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