Easy Ways to Keep the Lungs Healthy USA 2022

Easy Ways to Keep the Lungs Healthy

The lungs are one of the most important organs in our body. Like the other organs in the body, lungs play a very important role as lungs do not rest. Healthy lungs can breathe approximately 25,000 times in a day.

The body already has its own natural defense to keep the lungs free from germs and dirt. But there are still many contaminants that can be inhaled which can damage your lungs. The most common lung problems are asthma, tuberculosis, emphysema, pneumonia, COPD, lung cancer, ARDS, cystic fibrosis and bronchitis. People who have lung problems find it hard to breathe and some of these problems can also lead to failure of the respiratory system.

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How to Maintain Healthy Lungs

There are many and easy ways to keep your lungs healthy.

1. Stop Smoking/Avoid Secondhand Smoke

Smoking is one of the major causes of lung problems. If you are a smoker, it is best to stop smoking as early as possible. Smoke contains dangerous chemicals which can lead to severe lung problems such as COPD, emphysema and lung cancer.

For non-smokers, it is very important to keep yourselves away from secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke is even more dangerous as it can cause danger to the lungs and overall health. Make sure that you do not allow anyone to smoke inside your home and you stay away from smoking areas.

It is also best to stay away from other pollutants. There are many pollutants in the air that can irritate your lungs. You can stop using laundry products with synthetic fragrances as well as synthetic air fresheners.

2. Perform Breathing Exercises

Breathing allows your lungs to transport oxygen to different parts of your body. Doing breathing exercises maintains the amount of oxygen in the body. Lack of oxygen can lead to lung diseases as well as heart disease.

Regular breathing exercises can also make your lungs stronger while eliminating toxins from the body. It can also improve the performance of your lungs. Simply sit and close your eyes. Breathe deeply and hold your breath for at least three seconds and slowly exhale. You can do this for at least six times to improve your lungs.

3. Daily Exercises

Another way to keep your lungs healthy and strong is to exercise every day. Exercising makes it easier for your lungs to supply oxygen to the muscles and heart. It can also keep your overall health better. Exercising can also trigger the release of serotonin which improves your mood and boosts happiness.

Easy Ways to Keep the Lungs Healthy

Do cardiovascular activities for twenty minutes a day to keep the muscles around your lungs strong. You can also perform aerobic exercises such as dancing, biking, jogging or walking.  Swimming is also one of the great activities that can improve the respiratory system.

4. Eat Healthy

Your diet also affects the function of your lungs as well as the other important organs in your body. Always include foods and beverages that are rich in antioxidants and detoxification properties in your diet such as apples, garlic, green tea, pomegranates and grapefruit. Milk, fish, poultry and other sources of protein can also keep the muscles around the lungs stronger.

Take foods that are rich in folate such as black beans and lentils. Folate can keep your lungs from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. At the same time, it is best to limit foods that are rich in saturated and trans-fat. Also limit the amount of sugar in your diet.

5. Improve Indoor Air Quality

There are many houseplants that can purify the air. You can place plants indoors like spider plant, bamboo palm, dracaena, peace lily, fern and more. These plants are able to eliminate volatile organic compounds including benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde.

To improve indoor air quality, you can also limit the amount of harsh cleaners with fragrances. Make sure that you also ventilate the house from time to time to allow fresh air. You can also purchase an best air purifier for pets or smoke if necessary.

6. Keep Proper Hygiene

People who are experiencing breathing problems all the time should practice proper hygiene in order to prevent common respiratory illnesses. Simply wash your hands regularly with soap and water. Whenever you cough or sneeze, always use a tissue to cover your nose and mouth. During the cold season, do not go to crowded places to prevent catching colds or flu. As much as possible, clean the carpets or rugs in your home regularly with HEPA vacuum cleaners to eliminate small particulates.

These are the easy ways to keep your lungs healthy. Always remember to visit your doctor for regular checkups. If experiencing lung problems such as persistent coughs, shortness of breath after simple tasks, difficulty in breathing, consult your doctor.

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