Do Air Purifiers Really Helps USA 2022

Do Air Purifiers Really Helps

It is believed that about 30% of the people in the world travel with some type of allergy. 6% of children in India travel with allergies. Many of these allergies later turn into asthma as well. According to a survey for allergies, the right treatment is also not available in India. Many doctors give the wrong medicines or they give allergy medicines even when there is no need of medicines. It has also been seen that these medicines cause a lot of side effects as well. But have you thought if there is any solution that you do not have to take medicines. Can we control allergies in advance.

Let’s talk about air purifiers and try to know if it can really help you. It is scientifically proven that the air purifier is capable of removing soil due to soil, harmful chemicals, bacteria and etc. gems. If you have a general allergy and if the cause of that allergy is dusty soil or chemical or gas or polyin grains, etc. then the air purifier can help. Air purifier can remove all these things from the atmosphere and give you clean air.

When you use air purifiers, they can reduce allergens by up to 99 percent of the air. If the air is clean then you will also have less chance of allergy attack. It has also been found that people who have breathing difficulties like asthma, if they use air purifiers in their room before going to sleep at night, then they get good sleep.

If you want to buy an air purifier, I will adjust you to buy an air purifier with Hepa filter. The Hepa filter is capable of reducing 99.97% of germs. When you run an air purifier, it draws the air in your room and throws clean air out. He does this process continuously until all the air in the room is cleared.

The second thing you need to keep in mind when buying an air purifier is how big your room is. If you take an air purifier which has very low air purification capacity and your room is very large, then that air purifier will not be so effective. Therefore, you have to take into consideration the air purifier’s capacity and the size of your room as well.

The third thing I will say to you is that you should take such an air purifier that sits within your budget. If you are buying an air purifier for the first time then I would advise you not to buy a very expensive air purifier. Make a budget such as between 15000 to 20000 and buy the best air purifier that comes according to your requirement.

You can also use some more tips like you can first turn on the air purifier for one hour so that when you come to sleep in the room the air is already clear. You do not have to cough, sneeze or breathe.

If you have been using air purifiers for a long time, then once you have checked the filter of your air purifiers. If it is old enough, then it would be better to replace it. For this, I will request to change the filter according to the guideline of the company whose air purifier you have purchased. You can always keep an additional filter if you want.

If you have a severe allergy problem, I will test you that you check the air quality index too often. By this you will know how contaminated the outside air is. If the air is too dirty according to the air quality index, then you may have to run the air purifier for a longer period of time.

Some things that you have in your hand such as dirty shoes and slippers from outside do not go to your sleeping room. Come from outside and if the clothes become dirty then change them too.

If you know what you are allergic to, it can prove to be a great help in stopping your allergy. Many people are allergic to dust, smoke, sunlight, Pauline Grains. You should take an air purifier with Hepa filter, which can filter out even small particles and eliminate the source of allergies.

Many people are also allergic to chemical gas. Like if you have fresh paint done in the house or you have the furniture varnished. If you are allergic to all these things then you should take an air purifier with activated carbon with Hepa filter. Activated carbon makes such gas clean.

Many people in the market also sell ozone generators as air purifiers. We should never buy ozone air purifiers for our home. Ozone is a powerful gas, which can cause harm to humans even if inhaled.

Apart from this, you also have to pay attention that you do not leave from 5 am to 8:00 am in the morning. Because Pauline grains are the most at this time. If the air is running too loudly, it should not even come out because it can trigger your allergy. The easiest way to identify an allergy can be that if you have done some work, immediately you see symptoms like cough, cold, runny nose, headache, then you understand that it is an allergy.

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When Winter comes, we like to close our gate and stay indoors. At this time it becomes more necessary that we keep the air inside our house more clean. At this time air purifiers are quite useful.

If you already have an air purifier, then check its filter. Hepa filter is a bit expensive, so you can use a prefilter to extend its life.

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