Coway Mighty Air Purifier with True HEPA and Eco Mode

This is a Coway AP-1512HH review, it is a compact air filter well suited for small to medium rooms. It can purify up to 268 cubic feet of air. This air purifier is one of the best air purifiers on the market today. Its true power and efficiency are mostly experienced in small rooms.

Coway Mighty Air Purifier with True HEPA and Eco Mode

Coway Mighty Air Purifier with True HEPA and Eco Mode AP-1512HH

Style Name: Purifier

Item Dimensions LxWxH16.81 x 9.57 x 18.31 inches
Power SourceCorded Electric
Item Weight5600 Grams
  • Coway Mighty (AP-1512HH) is designed to accommodate room sizes up to 361 sq.ft (CADR: Dust 246 / Pollen 240 / Smoke 233 cb. ft.).
  • 4 Stage Filtration System (Pre-filter, Deodorization filter, True HEPA filter, Vital Ion) captures and reduces up to 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in the air, including pollen, pollutants and other allergens. It also reduces volatile organic compounds and reduces odor.
  • Coway Mighty pollution sensor communicates indoor air quality in real-time. The brightly colored LED lets you know how clean or dirty your indoor air is every minute of the day. And it features a timer, and filter lifetime indicator.
  • Fan speeds available in 1, 2, 3 stages by manually setting up. While auto mode automatically optimizes the speed setting 1 through 3 based on the level of indoor air quality. When no pollution is detected for 30 minutes, the fan will automatically stop and set as Eco mode to save energy.

Product Description

It features a four-stage filtration system and the capability to remove odors. The first stage of filtration features a washable pre-filter that will trap big particles. The second stage uses a carbon filter responsible for the removal of odors. The third stage uses the true HEPA filter to remove micro particles and allergens. In the last stage air going out of the purifier is ionized to make capture easier in the next cycle. The purifier is features a 99.97% HEPA efficiency rating. It only uses 7 watts of power in the lowest setting. It performs excellently in the removal of dust and pollen making it very useful for people with allergies. It has three sensor sensitivity settings.

Product features

  • Vital Ion Technology; it cleanses and charges air for easier capture during the subsequent cycle.
  • Auto Speed Technology; it adjusts the flow of air when the sensors pick up any odor or particles.
  • Three Speed Function
  • Sleep timer; it can be set to 1, 4 or 8hours after which it shuts down automatically
  • Four-stage Filtration process; ensures complete elimination of impurities.
  • EPA Energy star rated; it uses very little power
  • Fiberglass Screen Pre-filter; it is washable, and easy to maintain eliminating the need for purchasing replacements.
  • ECO mode; shuts down the machine if impurities are not detected by the system within thirty minutes.


The air quality sensor is one of the best features of this air purifier. The quality of air in a room is continually monitored. Fan speed is adjusted accordingly when pollutants are detected. This air quality sensor uses a color coded light to show the level of pollutants in the air. The Vital ion feature is a good addition and is optional meaning that it can be turned off any time you do not require it.

This air purifier is Energy Star rated. It uses only 7 watts in its lowest setting and less than 78 watts in its highest setting making it one of the best air purifiers out there for the average household. Other purifiers will use more than 60 watts of power in their lowest setting.

It is compact and lightweight but still capable of carrying out purification in small to medium rooms. It is also reasonably priced.


It loses efficiency in bigger rooms. The Vital ion feature is not recommended for people with sensitive respiratory systems. It also scores poorly in removing odors as compared to other purifiers.

Coway Mighty Air Purifier with True HEPA and Eco Mode


The Coway AP-1512HH is therefore a very adequate air purifier for most homes. It is compact and well within reach for most home owners. For around $$$, it is quite affordable considering its features. The simple controls are also a plus for this air purifier; it is without a doubt one of the best air purifiers on sale today.

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