Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier with True HEPA and Eco Mode USA 2022

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier with True HEPA and Eco Mode
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  • Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier
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  • Published on: 10/27/2016
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Review Summary:

The Mighty Air Purifier AP-1512HH has compacted design and equipped with effective features to provide you good indoor air quality. It includes four stages of filtration system in order to filter out pollutants and odors effectively.


  • The Mighty Air Purifier AP-1512HH has five settings for the fan and each has an option for ionizer. You can change the setting to low, medium or high. The low setting is the whisper or quiet mode. The medium setting creates more sound while the highest setting is very audible. There is also auto setting and eco setting which both works depending on the quality of air inside your home. Eco settings work for thirty minutes will auto setting keeps the device running.
  • The ionizer setting negatively charges the air particles and causes them to gain weight and fall to the surface. This prevents you from breathing the allergens present in the air while you can easily vacuum the dust fallen on the floor. The ionizer setting on this device only creates 2 parts per billion of ozone so it is definitely safe.
  • The HEPA filters are energy efficient and long lasting. HEPA filters are supposed to last for a year but regular cleaning of the filters can make it last even longer than a year.
  • Mighty Air Purifier AP-1512HH has a clean air delivery rate of 246 for dust, 240 for pollen and 233 for smoke.


  • Some reviewers mentioned that there are times that the sensor always remains blue. The blue light means that the air is cleaned enough. Some don’t see this as a con while others expect changes in the light color especially when dusts are visible in the air.
  • This air purifier works best on medium sized rooms. It may take a while to cover huge rooms. Since the unit is also lightweight and portable, users can always move it easily from one location to another to maximize the usage of the air purifier.

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier with True HEPA and Eco Mode

The quality of the air you breathe is very important. Most of us spend huge amount of time indoors whether at home or in the work place. It may not be noticeable but there are unseen pollutants present in the indoor air that can be dangerous to your health. These pollutants, chemicals and gases can cause allergies, migraine, irritation and fatigue. Some invisible gases can also cause serious illnesses such as lung cancer and other types of health conditions.

The common air pollutants indoors are radon, secondhand smoke, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. These pollutants are not easily noticeable by the senses and can hamper the distribution of oxygen in the body. Keeping good indoor air quality is very important to prevent all environmental health illnesses like asthma.

Mighty Air Purifier AP-1512HH

Features of Mighty Air Purifier AP-1512HH

The Mighty Air Purifier AP-1512HH has 12.35 lbs. weight with dimensions of 9.57 x 16.81 x 18.31 inches. It comes in black color that looks stylish and modern. The sound is very minimal and most customers are happy about it.

The Mighty Air Purifier AP-1512HH is equipped with excellent features to maintain good indoor air quality whether in your house or office. It has HEPA efficiency rating of 99.97%. With its four stages of filtration system, contaminants, allergens and odors can be eliminated effectively. This machine also comes with an air quality indicator that senses the particles in the air. Once the contaminants are detected, it will automatically turn on. After 30 minutes of no detection, it will shut down automatically to save energy.

1. Four Stage Filtration

The four stage filtration system provides better indoor air quality for you as well as for your family. The filtration includes pre filter, carbon (odor) filter, true HEPA filter and ionizer for filtering contaminants effectively.

2. Auto Mode

Auto mode allows the Mighty Air Purifier AP-1512HH to automatically adjust the speed of airflow depending on the air quality inside your home or office. This keeps your device running even on low fan speed.

3. Eco Mode

Eco mode allows you to conserve energy while experiencing good indoor air quality. When there are no contaminants detected for half an hour, the device will stop automatically. It will work again once it detects a change in the quality of indoor air.

4. Air Quality Indicator

The air quality indicator has particle sensor technology which monitors the quality of indoor air. The color changes so you can determine the condition of the air.

The filters are washable and the carbon filter can last up to six months while the true HEPA filters can last for a year. Regular cleaning of the filters can extend their lifespan.

Good Indoor Air Quality for Better Health

The air that we breathe indoors affects our health more than the air we breathe outdoors. This is because we spend more time indoors than outdoors. Whether you are at home or at work, looking forward to good indoor air quality is very important. It affects not only the respiratory system but also the overall health. Many states have recognized the significance of indoor air quality such as Wisconsin, Minnesota and Massachusetts.

Improving the quality of air inside your home or workplace is vital. The best way to decrease the contaminants is to select carefully the products you often used. Check the chemicals it can emit and make sure that the products you use are safe and healthy. It is also important to keep homes and work areas ventilated to allow fresh air in. If it is impossible or risky to open the windows for ventilation, having exhaust fans or air purifier can solve the issue.

Mighty Air Purifier AP-1512HH is one of the excellent air purifiers available in the market. If you want to start improving the quality of air inside your home or office, get one now!

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