Can your house be completely dust or smoke free USA 2022

Can your house be completely dust or smoke free

Can your house be completely dust or smoke free by just cleaning your floors often?

Can your house be completely dust or smoke free

You must have a background knowledge of what are the sources of dust or smoke in your house in order to draw a reasonable conclusion on whether cleaning your floors will completely eliminate dust or smoke. Presence of dust in your house can be due to many reasons some of which include ; the drying out of paint or wood if your house happens to be old. Another source can be; industries or construction sites near your house.

These places generate a lot of dust which may get into your house. On the other hand, presence of smoke in your house can be due to smoking , wood fire places or smoke emitted during cooking. These air pollutants are basically airborne although sometimes dust settles on surfaces like floors, furniture and appliances like the television and fridges.

Cleaning your floors regularly will reduce the accumulation of dust in your house but it will not get rid of all the dust in your house let alone clear the smoke in your house. Therefore, you should stop depending on floor cleaning as a method of dealing with the dust or smoke in your house, instead, you should just adapt better methods of dealing with the dust in your house. Some may include;

Affordable Air Purifiers
Affordable Air Purifiers
Affordable Air Purifiers

Vacuuming your floors regularly

Using a vacuum cleaner to deal with dust accumulation in your house can turn out to be better than just the ordinary cleaning. Besides being used on floors, this device can also be used on surfaces like furniture example being the cushions of the sofa set. Vacuum cleaners have HEPA filters which trap the dust that is sucked up by the vacuum cleaner .However , this device can prove to be inefficient in dealing with smoke especially cigarette smoke. The main reason for this is that smoke is made of very tiny particles and hence can’t be easily trapped.

Use air purifiers in your house

Best Air Purifier for dust

Air purifiers are devices that capture and trap airborne pollutants therefore cleaning the air as the name suggests .Finding yourself a perfect best air purifier for smoke is essential especially if you want to get rid of both the smoke and the dust particles in the air. An air purifier like the Rabbit Air Minus A2 has both HEPA and Activated carbon filters. HEPA filters efficiently get rid of dust while the activated carbon filters absorb smoke from the air including cigarette or cigar smoke. Therefore, such types of air purifiers can remove all the smoke and dust pollutants in the air.

Maintain high cleanliness standards

It is advisable to maintain high standards of cleanliness if you hope to get rid of dust or smoke in your house. Ensuring that you remove your shoes at the door step is one thing that will make your house dust free. Shoes and sandals are believed to be great harbors of dust .Clean your house regularly to reduce the dust build up in your house. Clean your cookers regularly since leaving them with stains will lead to dust build up and this may cause the emission of smoke during cooking.

Stop smoking in the house

Stop smoking

If you happen to be a smoker, then you should not do it in this house. Smoking in the house is a major cause of smoke presence in the house .Instead, you should find a better place for taking a puff. Second hand smoke is very dangerous and you should therefore not expose the members of your household to it.

Get rid of old carpets

You might be consistently cleaning your floor area but after some minutes you notice dust particles present. This might be caused by the presence of old carpets in your house. Carpets are said to harbor a great amount of dust which they throw up once steeped on. Get rid of such carpets if you want to have a dust free home.

Therefore,we can say that the house cant be completely smoke free or dust free by just cleaning the floors. It is for this reason that other measures should be put in place to curb the situation. With modern technology ,cleaning your house off smoke and dust has turned out to be easy. You should hence do a little research on the best devices that can help you in dealing with smoke and dust; such as best air purifier for smoke .

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