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BlueAir AirPurifier Review

To many people’s surprise, the BlueAir AirPurifier HEPASilent is actually not the same as any other BlueAir airpurifier model. This is the original HEPASilent design, and despite the fact that almost the entire BlueAir AirPurifier HEPASilent range utilizes this technology nowadays, it could genuinely be argued that the BlueAir AirPurifier HEPASilent is the best at executing and piecing together this technology, with the other components on board the device.

We took an in depth look at this machine, to see if we could spot exactly what it was about the purifier which makes it stand out so clearly from the rest.

BlueAir AirPurifier HEPASilent Specifications & Features

Filtration Functions
This is the probably the perfect opportunity to explain the HEPASilent technology to you – as in previous reviews, we have simply mentioned that it is in place.

Basically, HEPASilent technology was developed as a 2 stage, HEPA filtration system, which utilizes the power of engine muffling to ensure the quietest possible HEPA filtration. Usually, providing HEPA quality filtration relies on powerful fans and motors – both of which can make the machine sound like a small race car. In the BlueAir AirPurifier HEPASilent, and subsequent models, noise has been substantially masked, and the HEPA quality has been improved to eliminate 99.97% of all airborne particles on the first air intake.

Given that the air in a room should circulate through this machine 5 times per hour, after about 30 minutes – your air should be almost 100% clean.

Design & Style
The BlueAir AirPurifier HEPASilent looks similar to newer models in the HEPASilent range, however to be honest, this is still our favorite. The shaped and though out curvature of the machine, coupled with the clever use of contrasting colors, makes this a machine you will be happy to place on full display in the house – even when you are thinking of having guests over!

To give credit to the power of the HEPASilent technology, this model has won the “Best of Class” ranking during independent testing in 2008 and 2009. It has also been noted for other technology inclusions, such as the energy efficiency and the “SurroundAir” distribution system.

The bottom line is that the BlueAir AirPurifier HEPASilent really does work. This is more than just an air purifier – it’s a well crafted, health promoting device, which ultimately should be included in every home, regardless of what your opinion on the interior air quality conditions are!

Our Rating of BlueAir AirPurifier HEPASilent
It’s no surprise that our final rating for the BlueAir AirPurifier HEPASilent is 5 stars. The design, technology, and innovation which has gone in to this machine, and been carried through to other BlueAir products – clearly goes to show that this base line product is in a class of its own. We wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend this product to anyone looking for clean air, or better health in their home.

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BlueAir AirPurifier 203 Review

Some houses are small, as are some rooms. If you are the owner of a smaller abode, you probably don’t see any reason in buying a massive air purifier which can effective process up to 800 square feet of air, 5 times per hour – as this is completely unnecessary.

Instead, you are probably looking for a smaller solution, with a smaller price tag, and a more compact size, to preserve the space you currently have on hand. If this is the case, the BlueAir AirPurifier 203 may be exactly what you are looking for.

BlueAir AirPurifier 203 Specifications & Features

Filtration Functions
Don’t be fooled by the tiny size. This air purifier packs a very decent punch, and it is able to purify just as well as some of the larger models on the market.

For starters, there is the pre-filter, which traps obvious floating matter – such as hair fibers or clothing threads. Next is the HEPA filter, which captures 99.97% of everything which is remaining after the pre-filter, down to 0.1 microns in size.

Design & Style
As we said, this machine is small. How small exactly? Well – just imagine the size of a normal air purifier, and then halve it. This machine will literally fit anywhere you deem appropriate, and therefore size / positioning should be the last of your worries.

The BlueAir AirPurifier 203 also has an interesting curve to it, with color dynamics and a functional user display on top.

The BlueAir AirPurifier 203 uses the world renowned “HEPASilent” technology, which minimizes fan and engine noise to give one of the quietest air purification methods currently available on the market. This means that not only is the machine small, it’s also barely audible.

If you thought what we wrote above sounded good, what we are about to write in regards to performance is even better. The BlueAir AirPurifier 203 is extremely effective in a small room (anything up to 175 square foot), and the performance is seriously second-to-none.

We liked the fact that the there are still 3 different fan speeds, and the fact that the claim of 99.97% airborne particle elimination was actually accurate (finally!).

Our Rating of BlueAir AirPurifier 203
Given our experience with the BlueAir AirPurifier 203, there is no doubt that this machine deserves a 5 star rating. Assuming that you acknowledge that the machine is only suitable for smaller spaces, and won’t perform as well in larger rooms, this machine will exceed even the greatest expectations. This is a classic example of style, performance, and technology all combining to create an exceptional machine.

BlueAir AirPurifier 603 Review

People who regularly suffer the symptoms of asthma, allergies, and other seasonal disorders where the air quality if negatively affected will know the importance of having a quality air filtration system in the home.

These days, almost 10% of households actively use an air filtration device, however according to the Asthma Foundation – this is only a fraction of the people who are at risk of negative health effects from breathing in toxic, dirty household pollutants.

Thankfully, the BlueAir AirPurifier 603 is able to help in this area. Its performance record is almost perfect, and its price tag is very generous.

BlueAir AirPurifier 603 Specifications & Features

Filtration Functions
To assist in the reduction of the severity of respiratory conditions, the BlueAir AirPurifier 603 employs highly sophisticated technology to clean the air in every room, before we breathe it. This model uses a patented “SurroundAir” system, which is able to circulate air throughout the room, without any feeling of a draft or breeze.

The on board HEPA filtration panels catch 99.97% of all airborne particles, which is a mighty leap forward from the olden days. Previously, the success rate for catching these particles was down around the 80% level – really quite a miserable achievement.

Furthermore, the system can catch and trap particles which are just 0.1 microns in size – smaller than anything the eye can see.

Design & Style
The design of the BlueAir AirPurifier 603 is such that the user has 3 different speed settings to play with – altering the volume of air which is cleaned every minute. Because of the number of filtration devices which air must pass through inside the machine, the BlueAir AirPurifier 603 is quite large – requiring a decent amount of space for it to be positioned correctly.

The BlueAir AirPurifier 603 has been awarded a HEPA Silent prize for being extremely quiet, whilst providing HEPA standard purification. In addition, the SurroundAir circulation system has recently been nominated as one of the leading contenders for the innovation prize at the home appliance convention in America.

When we put the BlueAir 603 Air Purifier to the test in our grueling home environment (don’t worry – we don’t usually live in these conditions!), the results were stellar. The product claims to service a 640 square foot space; however we found that it worked just as well on our air quality chart in an 800 square foot room!

Our Rating of BlueAir AirPurifier 603
The BlueAir 603 Air Purifier may not be the most exciting or stylish home air purifier on the market these days, but it certainly does the job. In fact, we could even say that it does the job well! For that reason, we’re awarding the BlueAir 603 Air Purifier with 4.5 stars – perhaps a bit more “excitement” would have bumped it up there to 5 stars.

BlueAir AirPurifier 510 Review

Traditionally, BlueAir is known as a strong, durable, and reliable brand – from a manufacturer that specializes in the production of home appliances and devices.

Today, we’ll be reviewing the BlueAir AirPurifier 510 – which is a mid-range air purifier for a small to medium sized home. Of course, each appliance has its ups and downs, and in this review – we’ll be looking at both of these aspects, to see if we can decide on which factor outweighs the other.

BlueAir AirPurifier 510 Specifications & Features

Filtration Functions
The BlueAir AirPurifier 510 contains a number of useful filtration stages, all of which help to enhance the air which you are breathing in your home. Firstly, a pre-filter gets rid of all the obvious, large particles which might be floating around in the air.

After this, the real work begins. An effective HEPA filter – which removes 99.97% of everything else still present after the pre-filter – works with the HEPASilent technology on board to produce the purest air possible. There is also a smoke screen at the end of the filtration stage – to get rid of any tiny, sticky particles such as cooking chemicals or cigarette smoke.

Design & Style
Despite the fact that the BlueAir AirPurifier 510 is targeted more for the home which is a moderate size, it is quite a large unit – and it will require a dedicated space for its proper functioning.

That being said – the BlueAir AirPurifier 510 looks pretty good – so it won’t be a total eyesore if you have to place it in a spot which is relatively visible.

As with most BlueAir units, the number of awards and accreditations that this machine has is definitely at the top of the range. Firstly, you’ve got the HEPASilent technology, which is noted for its ability to pick up the tiniest of particles in the air.

Then, you’ve got the SurroundAir technology on board, and finally, the 450 CFM rating – which makes the machine effective over 620 square feet.

We put the BlueAir 510 Air Purifier to the test in a room which was approximately 700 square foot in size – slightly bigger than the specified room size. We soon found that the machine was extremely effective, and was able to clean the air at a rate of 6.2 times per hour (once again better than the stated specifications).

Our Rating of BlueAir 501 Air Purifier
The BlueAir AirPurifier 510 gets a 5 star rating from us – which might surprise some people. We are typically very harsh when it comes to rating mid-range products, but with this machine, we simply can’t see where anyone could go wrong.

Allergy and asthma sufferers will appreciate the micro-filtration technology, and the machine is also pleasant to look at. Oh – and did we mention that it’s reasonably priced?

BlueAir AirPurifier 403 Review

Coming all the way from Sweden, another outstanding air purifier from another well-known manufacturer (BlueAir) – the BlueAir AirPurifier 403, truly reflects the style and designing concepts that the country it was native to has been known for. When it comes to combating allergy and asthma causing particles like dust, pollens, and everything in between, this air purifier has no rival…PERIOD!

If you’re living in a small room, then the BlueAir AirPurifier 403 and cleaner is yours for the taking! Noise levels has always been a factor in selecting the air purifier and cleaner we want to keep. After all, who could sleep in a room where an air purifier whistles and whizzes?! The great news is that BlueAir has easily remedied this with their 403 model.

The brains behind BlueAir AirPurifier 403 masterfully utilized HEPA material that has larger holes than usual. The end result? You now have a sleek, compact, and quiet air purifier. You may be worried about the not-so-friendly particles leaking out from the equipment…BUT that was fixed by combining the said HEPA material with internal electrostatic ionizers in order to charge the particles and make them stick to the filter material.

The sleek size and design of the BlueAir AirPurifier 403 makes it perfect in different locations – bedroom, bathrooms, laundries, small offices, workshops, and we haven’t even touched the tip of the ice berg. As long as your room spans 365 square feet or smaller, you can be covered by the BlueAir 403! If you are living with someone who’s notoriously known for being a heavy smoker…

AND you can’t stand the odors produced by tobacco smoke, then you should consider grabbing a BlueAir 403 air purifier. With that in mind, if you are suffering from MCS (also known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), this air purifier is an option you should take a good and close look at.

BlueAir AirPurifier 601 Review

Right off the bat, let me tell you that the BlueAir AirPurifier 601 may cost a small fortune…you definitely need to save and spend a little bit more on this than on your usual air purifier. However, if you’re in the market for cleaner and healthier air, then investing on the BlueAir AirPurifier 601 is worth every penny.

If you or one of your family members is afflicted with respiratory diseases like asthma and different allergies, then the BlueAir AirPurifier 601 (which is a HEPA-type of air filter) is yours for the taking. Capable of cleaning the air within 679 square feet mark, this air purifier provides a lot of coverage.

Coming with 3 different operating speeds and making 6 air changes per hour, you’ll be pleased to know that the BlueAir AirPurifier 601 has â??run quietâ? capabilities. When operating at the lowest speed, the BlueAir AirPurifier 601 has an operating noise you won’t even detect or hear. On second and third speeds, you can hear a little bit of noise, but it’s still silent. On top speed, however, the sound can be a little distracting.

When using it, the BlueAir AirPurifier 601 performance is unlike other air purifiers out there. It doesn’t create a draft when used. Although an occasional vacuuming of the air inlets is necessary, I don’t think that this creates more maintenance than other air cleaners need.

The filters of this air purifier are very easy to remove and replaced. And rightly so! You need to replace it every 6 months or so to keep the warranty intact. The filters definitely cost more than others, but having them is absolutely necessary to keep the BlueAir AirPurifier 601 at optimum efficiency.

BlueAir AirPurifier Review

BlueAir AirPurifier – what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Personally, the first thing that comes to my head when looking at the air cleaning and purifying units from BlueAir is the price. They can be a little steep for the average consumer. You need to invest a couple of hundreds more than you would in a standard air purifying unit.

Despite being pricey, BlueAir air purifying and cleaning units have found their way to the top 5 list of different consumer guides and reviews…AND that’s not very surprising. You can check out any mall, as well as allergy and asthma shops (it doesn’t matter if it’s in the online or offline world), you’re bound to find BlueAir AirPurifier for sale.


In my opinion, one of the strong points of BlueAir AirPurifier, which has won the hearts of many consumers, is the fact that their units produce almost-zero ozone! There were different laboratory tests and studies to measure the amount of ozone produced by BlueAir AirPurifier and all of them have one conclusion – the ozone produced is very insignificant!

Combine that with the fact that BlueAir AirPurifier use polypropylene filters instead of glass fibers (which can be harmful for the environment), that it has earned an Energy-Star rating, and that it uses recyclable materials, laying your hands on a BlueAir AirPurifier is the same as laying your hands on one of the most eco-friendly equipments you can find out there.

While you may find the creations of BlueAir a little bulky, I don’t think it will be a huge issue if you’re breathing the cleaner, fresher, healthier, and lighter air pumped out by one of the most popular and reliable air purifiers out there in the market. That holds true even if it’s a bit pricey compared to others.

BlueAir 501 Review

You can check out any consumer guide and reviews about air purifiers and you’re almost assured to find BlueAir air purifiers, especially BlueAir 501 on the top 5 of that list. The first thing you’ll notice about this air purifier is that it efficiently combines mechanical or HEPA-like and electrostatic technologies in one neat package.

That’s something you won’t find in other air purifiers. Coming from Swedish origins, the BlueAir 501 is one of the most commonly sold and most popular air purifiers you can lay your eyes on. Different malls along with allergy and asthma shops all have BlueAir 501 in there shelves…and it’s very easy to understand why.

Many of today’s electrostatic and ionizer air cleaners produce ozone. However, BlueAir 501 air cleaners don’t produce even a single trace of ozone! And there are laboratory tests and studies that prove this. When the 501 is running, ozone levels drop down to insignificant levels. It even passed the 24-Hour Ozone Test of UL 867 (better known as Underwriter’s Laboratories Electrostatic Air Cleaner Standard).

By using a set of brushes, the BlueAir 501 can purify and ionize as much air as possible by using as little current as it could. You see, the lower the current, the less ozone there is. The collision within the steel cage located inside the BlueAir removes the third oxygen atoms in ozone molecules…and this renders them as harmless.

Usually, air purifiers use glass fibers, which can harm the environment. However, the BlueAir 501 utilizes polypropylene filters that help greatly in prevention of molds and mildew. Just looking at the way this air purifier is built, you can tell that they’re built to last a long time and for almost complete recycling.

Add the fact that it only uses 15-95 watts…earning an Energy-Star rating, you can say that the BlueAir 501 is one of the most environment-friendly equipments you can have in your home. Although this air purifier is a little heavy at 35 pounds and with the dimensions – 20x13x26 inches, the BlueAir 501 is definitely a must have if you want to keep the air in your homes clean and odor-free.