Oransi Air Purifier

oransi air purifier

Oransi air purifiers are certainly not the prettiest machine available on the market. Almost all the models we have reviewed from the company sport a fairly old age look. However, once you drill down behind the covers, you discover something which brings the machine on par with some of the most well known and popular air purification machines available in the modern day.

Hunter Air Purifier

hunter air purifier

When a product states that it is “programmable” – it leaves itself open for two situations to unfold. The first is that consumer will buy the product, only to get totally lost in the “programming” procedures. They will simply press the “quick start” button, and hope for the best.

BlueAir AirPurifier

air purifiers

To many people’s surprise, the BlueAir HEPASilent Air Purifier is actually not the same as any other BlueAir air purifier model. This is the original HEPASilent design, and despite the fact that almost the entire BlueAir range utilizes this technology nowadays, it could genuinely be argued that the BlueAir HEPASilent Air Purifier is the best at executing and piecing together this technology, with the other components on board the device.