Ozone Air Purifiers

ozone air purifiers

The ozone air purifier generates ozone gas. The ozone gas is formed by adding an extra molecule of oxygen to the two existing molecules and making it O3. This is done through an ionization process and the result is called activated oxygen.

Air Purifier and Ionizer

air purifier and ionizer

The function of the ionizers in an air purifier is straight forward. It causes the particles of dust and other impurities to bond together with air molecules. These unwanted substance form larger clusters which are removed by the filters of the air purifiers. The simple theory is that bigger particles are easier to filter out.

Air Purifiers with Activated Carbon

air purifiers

Gases and vapors are chemical pollutants that affect the health. Filters (such as HEPA Filters) are very good at removing particulate matter in the air. However, they are unable to remove gases and vapors. Gases and vapors are .01 microns or even much smaller in size. This means that these gases and vapors are 30 times smaller than the particles that HEPA filters can catch