Bionaire Air Purifier USA 2022

The Bionaire Air Purifier Line: Get the Factoids

  • Find out about combined ionic and hepa technologies
  • Check out pricing on their three models

The Bionaire air purifier line occupies its place in a very competitive market. The air purifier business has always been competitive but this years long recession has only served to make it more. Hence; just like so many other manufactures, Bionaire has scaled its product line back rather extensively.

Beware of Fake Online Negetive Reviews

Bionaire Air Purifier

Bionaire BAP1412-U PERMAtech Mini Tower Air Cleaner

Perfect for small rooms, the Bionaire Permatech Mini Tower Air Cleaner will clean rooms up to 8 by 10 feet. The sleek mini tower uses a fan to circulate air through the cleaner where the HEPA filter traps allergen particles.

Simultaneously, the cleaner further strives to improve the room’s atmosphere with the release of positive ions and internal electrostatic precipitation to collect additional microorganisms and air debris. Features an indicator light for filter cleaning.

Administering regular care eliminates the need for filter replacement. Manual is included with safety guidelines. Includes Manufacturer’s Warranty.

  • Mini air purifier with slim, space-saving tower design
  • For rooms up to 80 square feet; 3 speed settings; optional ionizer
  • PERMAtech filter with HEPA media removes up to 99-percent of airborne particles
  • CADR of 52 for smoke, 50 for dust, and 50 for pollen
  • Measures 11-1/2 by 8-1/5 by 17 inches; 5-year limited warranty

Tower no remote

Now one problem you may have is fake product reviews that have been posted online. They’re pretty common in all online product and business genres but they seem to have picked up in recent times. They can at times leave you scratching your head with the astounding negative claims that contain.

Bionaire Air Purifier Consumer Approval Ratings

In the end, the quickest way to find out what previous buyers thought of an air purifier, is to click to Just type in what ever it is that you’re interested in checking out and up will pop a whole selection of them, along with their “Amazon consumer approval star rating”.

What About Replacement Filters?

Now as stated above, this company has trimmed its line back extensively. Even so, you can still find their discontinued air purifiers being marketed on sites that specialize in clearance products of this type. Now for the time being, Bionaire Air Purifiers still stocks and sells replacement filters for all of them but this can’t go on for ever.

Their Filters are Reasonably Priced

It’s only a matter of time until they stop stocking them in the hopes of forcing consumers to buy a new Bionaire air purifier, or they’ll simply jack the prices up on their replacement filters. That’s the more likely scenario and it would be a shame too because their filters tend to be quite reasonably priced, comparatively speaking.

It’s Basically Just the Permatech Line Now

Permatech Tower with remote

Now when I checked to companies main website, it shows them carrying basically three air purifiers and all of them are in their Permatech line. This means that they no longer make any of the nifty smaller units that they used to. It’s a trend that seems to be pervasive throughout the industry as a whole.

The Permatech Tower Models

One noteworthy feature of these Permatech air purifiers though, is that they combine both ionic and hepa filter technology. Even so, the largest of them all is their Permatech Tower model that covers 170 square feet. They also have another model listed as simply The Permatech Tower that has a remote control. It’s also listed for 170 square feet.

The Permatech Mini Tower

The baby in their lineup is simply called The Permatech Mini Tower and it in fact has no listing showing how may square feet it will cover. This of course can be taken to mean that it must not be much. Even so, as small as this unit is, it too comes with combined hepa and ionic air filtration technology built into it.

Bionaire air purifier you really?

Let us start with a discussion of the difference between an air filter and air cleaner. Air purification is when pollutants filtered from the air using a filter. An air purifier goes a step further and kills bacteria, mold and viruses. Air purifiers are known as air cleaners, air cleaners as they do not work because they do not kill harmful materials.

air cleaners are popular because the science behind them makes sense and because they save energy and use very little energy. It is usually not necessary to change the air filters of air cleaners, this is a major cost saving benefits. But one has to weigh up the advantages of true air cleaners that go the extra mile in making a healthy environment.

A disadvantage of ionic air purifiers are that they cause particles on the floor or on other areas of the fall area. Since almost all the surfaces are positively charged in a space, particles will fall from the ionic air of a room surfaces tightened. This results in communities of dirt and dust around the air cleaner. Although located in the air, dirt particles can be quickly kicked back into the atmosphere, making the process a little inefficient.

In 2005 research showed that ionic air cleaner, the air is really clean failed. In addition, they found that an air purifier could actually add harmful levels of ozone in the air. High concentrations of ozone are toxic and can damage the lungs and airways.

Among all this in mind, what is the best solution for creating a healthy environment in your home?
Keeping a healthy living environment in your home has, largely on where you live depends, and what the climate is like.

For example, in certain climates, a humidifier can be a great blessing. The Bionaire Warm Mist humidifiers do not offer large number of benefits for patients with skin diseases, for example. A humid environment will help those with dry skin, for example. A positive side effect is that a moist atmosphere benefit some natural materials such as leather.

As you can see from the previous discussions have been some serious questions raised about ionic air purifiers. Bionaire air purifiers have been producing for many years and have some of the best on the market. Bionaire air purifiers use a filter system for removing particles from the air that has to be very effective in the treatment of poor air quality.

Bionaire HEPA air cleaner goes a step further and uses HEPA technology to clean your air for you. For those who suffer from asthma or other allergy related diseases, this is probably the best alternative for achieving high quality of air in your home. We believe that the Bionaire air cleaner will work better than any round air cleaner.

Bionaire Warm Mist humidifiers provide great benefits. A Bionaire Air Purifier will be very effective in the treatment of poor air quality. Bionaire Hepa Air Purifiers use HEPA technology to clean your air.

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