Best Air Purifier Features

Best Air Purifier Features

Brand, design, and price are the common things that people focus on when searching for the right air purifier. It sometimes is confusing to really get a good purifier based on just these things for there are other important factors to consider. Most of these touch on the functionality features of a purifier.

Filter Replacements
An air purifier might have a combination of filters, and these will need to be periodically replaced but not necessarily all at the same time. It is thus important to know the kind of filter or filters that your unit uses. It may be a HEPA filter or/with a carbon filter or/with other filtration media. Find out the availability of these filters and how much they may cost you to know if it will be a hassle to replace the filters.

Noise Level
Issues of noise in most purifier units are based on how high or low a unit is running. Most air purifiers tend to be noisy when running at a high power and quit when low. In respect to this, the unit will have better air filtration as the air slowly pass through the filters at a low operating power.

Energy Usage
Air purifiers, just like other electrical appliances will need some considerations on in respect to your utility bills. You need to find out how much energy the air purifier needs especially given that the units runs continuously. Like most appliances you will find volts and amps listed; you just multiply these to know the amount of watts the unit will use. Air filters will have watts that range between 50 – 200 watts.

Air Pollution
Good online shops selling air purifiers consider the impact of air pollution thus they sell eco-friendly purifier units. These are units that do not emit ozone which is known to cause asthma and lung irritation in the elderly and children. Hence, avoid ozone or ion generator air purifiers.

Extra Features
Things like indicator lights, bells, casters, and whistles are nifty extra features that better the overall experience of using air purifiers. Their inclusion is based on personal preference like having indicators that will notify you to replace the filters, or a bell to alert of changes when the unit is running. They may not necessary make a unit a better performer that another. Conversely, as handy as they may be, they do impact the price of purifier units so assess which extra features will make it easier for you and which will not add any worth.

Manufacturer’s Reputation
Reputation speaks volume about the manufacturer’s services or products. It reflects on their past experiences and who people appreciate what the manufacturer offers. Whether a high or low reputation, each will have is reasons that are worth knowing about as you search for the right air purifier.

Wash or Replace Pre-Filters
Washing or replacing pre-filters is more of a personal preference for either. While one may opt to remove, wash, vacuum, dry, and replace back the filter, other have no qualm removing the old filter and replacing it with a new one. Carbon filters are common and these can be cleaned after they have been used for around 3 to 6 months. This however will reduce their ability to trap and absorb smoke and odor. If you are have not issue with this, you can opt to wash the pre-filter rather than throw it away after a single use through replacing the filter is inevitable for a better performance of the air purifier.

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