Best Air Purifier Buying Guide With HEPA USA 2022

Best Air Purifier Buying Guide With HEPA

The electrostatic precipitator of air purifiers charges the air particles and contaminants when air passes through the system.

These charged pollutants are captured by the magnetic plates of the air purifier that act like the system’s filter.

The best air purifier for pets, asthma, and cigarette smoke keeps your indoors free from dust particles and other contaminants by constantly filtering the circulating air.

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Types of Air Purifiers

The best air purifiers are available for a single-room unit as well as whole-house installation. Professional installers are required for whole-house installations, and they attach the air purifiers to the furnace and air-conditioning ducts in the house.

Once installed, the whole-house installation filters the indoor air in every room to maintain a clean and healthy air circulation system.

Whole-house purifiers can be very costly, and therefore, you should carefully plan your budget before opting for whole-house air purifiers.

However, if you are not yet ready for whole-house installation or your budget is a bit tighter, you can purchase a portable room Austin, Alive, Bionaire, Alpine, or another popular air purifier to filter the air in your room.

The weight of portable air purifiers ranges from 10 to 20 pounds and with attached rollers and handlebars, they can be easily moved to other rooms. You can place your portable air purifier on the floor or on an appropriate table in the room.

The contaminant-capturing filter is the most important component of the room air purifiers. You have to periodically replace these filters to maintain the efficiency of the air purifier.

The best air purifiers for pets and allergies fitted with a High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter, or simply HEPA filter, are considered very good ones, and they filter even minuscule air particles.

If you decide to purchase a room air purifier with a HEPA filter, you should make provisions in your budget for the annual replacement of these filters.

If that sounds discouraging, you can opt for modern air purifiers with washable HEPA filters. The washable HEPA filters are very economical and environmentally friendly.

You can clean these reusable filters by rinsing them with water or vacuuming the unit. Make sure that filters have completely dried after washing before placing them back into your HEPA air purifier.

You should refrain from purchasing any air purifiers that release ozone. Ozone-producing air purifiers create serious health issues for the children and elder members of the family by creating or aggravating breathing difficulties. They release harmful chemicals and deteriorate the earth’s atmosphere.

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Air Purifier Filter Options

The manufacturers generally produce air purifiers with replaceable air filters. Replaceable air filters are considered to be more efficient in trapping dust particles.

The users can simply replace the filters to get rid of fine dust that can create a mess while vacuuming or cleaning them.

The replaceable air filters include devices for capturing minuscule particles. However, the consumers are supposed to replace the air after three months, and it can be costly for some consumers.

The air purifiers with washable air filters can relieve you from the recurring expenses of replacing the filters. In fact, it can be a very cost-effective option if you are ready to handle the dirty particles while washing your air purifier filter.

Air purifiers with High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters are very effective and efficient in maintaining a clean indoor environment.

The HEPA filters significantly improve air quality by filtering almost 99.97 percent of air particulates. They can even filter 0.3 microns, small air particles and this is the reason why air purifiers featuring HEPA filters are very popular.

The air purifiers also include a carbon filter to support the main filters and improve air quality. The carbon filters work on a chemical reaction to effectively eliminate odor caused by pets, smoke, and cooking.

As compared to traditional filters, carbon filters can eliminate even smaller air particles. So, carbon filters add up the strength of air purifiers in maintaining a clean and hygienic indoor atmosphere.

Air purifiers with germicidal or antibacterial features are also available in the market. You can buy an air purifier with germ-protection filters or UV capabilities to take care of the bacteria and viruses in your indoor environment.

The manufacturers include a germ-protecting layer in their air filters to capture bacteria and viruses from the circulating air.

UV air purifiers are very effective in maintaining a germ-free environment to prevent airborne infections. However, some purifiers may require you to periodically replace the bulbs.

You should consider purchasing a good pre-filter for your best HEPA air purifier for pet hair. Pre-filters are very useful in capturing large particles like dust and pet dander.

The odor-eliminating device included with the pre-filter keeps your indoors fresh and free from the smell.


The air purifiers may not be very effective in handling the chemical pollutants diffused in the indoor air, but they are quite effective in keeping the indoors free from dust particles and other floating contaminants to the extent possible.

Good-quality air purifiers provide a very instrumental role in keeping the indoors clean from harmful toxins and allergens that cause irritation and allergic reactions.

• Air purifiers are very effective in filtering dust particles, pollens, molds, and other contaminants that are trapped and float within the air column.

• Air purifiers also provide a helping hand in controlling pet allergens, but their role remains limited in filtering pet allergens because the particles generally settle down from the air column.

• Air purifiers become ineffective when allergens floating in the air quickly settle down on the surfaces. They are unable to prevent allergies from dust mites as they thrive in bedding, pillows, and carpets.

• Air purifiers should be used along with other instruments for maintaining a clean and healthy indoor environment.

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