Best Air Purifier and Air Cleaners

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Best Air Purifier and Air Cleaners

Home air purifiers are fantastic devices that are able to counter indoor air pollution which may, in certain circumstances, end up being unhealthy for those who are allergic to certain substances or who are asthma sufferers. Dependent upon which kind of pollution is in your house will determine the type of home air purifier you will need

Different Types of Air Purifier for the Home

There are several different types of air purifier for the home and it is important to know how the actual system works and what it is capable of before buying

How do Ionic Air Purifiers Work

Ionic air purifiers, also called air ionizers, are built around a negative ion generator that continually sends out a stream of negative ions, which are attracted to the positive airborne dust and allergen particles in the air

Home Ionic Air Purifier Ozone Levels

Some alternative medicine proponents claim that ozone is relatively harmless to humans while others say that ionic air purifier ozone levels are only a danger if you use the air purifier in an enclosed room

Pros and Cons of Ozone Air Purifiers

You have heard that improving the quality of the air in your home is as simple as buying an air purifier but with terms like ionizers, HEPA filters and ozone, it can all sound very confusing

Best Whole House Air Purifiers

If you live in an area where radon is known to be present or you already have radon in your home, you will no doubt be aware that whole house air purifiers are the only way to protect your family

Best Allergy Relief Air Purifier For Your Home

There are three types of home air purifier systems and to understand which is the best one to eliminate allergens, you must first understand how the different types actually work

Best Air Purifier for Asthma and Allergy

When looking for an air purifier for asthma and allergy, you need to consider what allergens can trigger an asthma attack and what type of air purifier eliminates those triggers

Air Purifiers for Mildew – Mold – Radon Gas

Home basements can host a multitude of mold and mildew spores as well as the radioactive gas radon, which can be dealt with using a top notch air purifier system

Best Air Purifier for Odor Control

Airing out your home by opening windows does not purify the air and neither will it kill harmful bacteria and viruses. The only way to accomplish this is with an effective air purifier

Best Odor Air Purifier – Air Odor Eliminator

If you need an air odor eliminator, many professionals recommend an ionizing air purifier as the best odor air purifier system

Air Purifiers that Eliminate Pet Odors

As well as dealing with all kinds of dust, mold, pollen and pet dander issues, home air purifiers are also a great way to eliminate pet odors from inside your home

HVAC In Duct UV Light Air Purifier

A UV light air purifier, which is usually installed in metal air duct systems, is great for killing bacteria, molds, yeasts and viruses but has no effect on dust, allergens or solids in the air

Natural Air Purifier for the Home

A real beeswax candle can make the perfect natural air purifier for the inside of your home as can certain plants such as Gerbera Daisy, English Ivy, and Mums

Quiet Air Purifiers – Quiet HEPA Air Cleaners

If you have severe allergies and noise is also an issue, then your best bet is to use one of the reasonably quiet air purifiers that also use a HEPA filter

How to Buy an Air Purifier

You have decided to buy an air purifier system but how do you go about choosing the best room air purifier for your home and where do you look for the best guidance

How to Compare Air Purifier Prices Online

When you start to compare air purifier prices, you may notice a large difference in cost, even when comparing like for like across different suppliers and manufacturers

Home Air Purifier Ratings and Reviews

Understanding home air purifier ratings will ensure that the unit you buy will do the job that you want it to while also ensuring that running and maintenance costs are kept to the minimum

Different Types of Air Purifier Filters

There are several different types of air purifier filters with some able to be cleaned while others need to be replaced every several months

Best Air Purifier and Air Cleaners

Air Humidifiers

Air Purifier Dehumidifier – Air Purifier Humidifier

An air purifier is a great investment, no matter what your climate, but an air purifier dehumidifier or air purifier humidifier combination maybe able to do an even better job

Dry Air Humidifiers for the Home

Air humidifiers prevent indoor air becoming too dry and are helpful in both hot and dry climates and also during the winter months in colder climes when folks seal up their homes tightly against the winter weather


Benefits of a House Dehumidifier

A house dehumidifier is designed to remove moisture from the air and return drier air to the home thus lowering the relative humidity level while also helping to improve the air quality in the home

How Does a Home Dehumidifier Work

When indoor air gets humid, it can create an uncomfortable environment in which to live but with a home dehumidifier, it becomes easy to control those humidity levels

Pint Dehumidifier Models for the Home

Using a thirty to sixty five pint dehumidifier in your home is a great way to eliminate the humidity in the air and get rid of the muggy atmosphere that can make you lethargic and listless

How an Air Purifier Dehumidifier Improves Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air pollution in homes that are sealed tight against the outside weather can become a very real health risk. However, an air purifier dehumidifier can be instrumental in improving indoor air quality

How does a Home Desiccant Dehumidifier Work

A desiccant dehumidifier is a type of home dehumidifier that works by exposing a desiccant material to an air stream that has a high relative humidity level thereby removing moisture from that air

Desiccant Dehumidifiers for Normal Indoor Humidity

Desiccant dehumidifiers are not only effective as a cooler and air conditioner, they will also operate exceptionally well in places where indoor humidity levels fluctuate

Advantages of an Air Conditioner Dehumidifier

A home air conditioner dehumidifier can help reduce the overall humidity in an area while the air conditioner component of the device helps bring relief from high temperatures as well

Closet Dehumidifier

A closet dehumidifier is designed to absorb moisture from enclosed spaces, which in turn protects clothing and other valuables from the effects of mold and mildew

Basement Dehumidifier to Keep a Damp Basement Dry

Without a basement dehumidifier, things can get pretty ugly, with water seeming to hang in the air and collecting on the walls, and maybe even dripping and leaving puddles on the basement floor

Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Due to poor ventilation, crawl spaces beneath a home often suffer from high levels of humidity. A crawl space dehumidifier can prevent moist air problems entering into the home from the wet earth.

Wet Basement Dehumidifier

A wet basement dehumidifier is designed to remove large quantities of water vapor from basements while also preventing mold, mildew and damp musty smells in your cellar or living space

Air Fresheners

How To Use Air Fresheners Correctly

Nobody wants to be stuck in a room that is filled with unpleasant odors and because of this, it has become common to find all kinds of air fresheners on store shelves. They are used in many different applications in homes, from the kitchen and bathroom,…

Aerosol Air Fresheners

Aerosol air fresheners fall into one of two classifications which are either as odor neutralizers or as a mixture of fragrance components designed to mask smells as opposed to eliminating them

House Odor Elimination – Air Fresheners that Work on Odors

Did you know that some of the worst house odor causes, such as from the bathroom, diapers and the garbage bin, are caused by bacteria and cannot be filtered out with common household air purifiers? Did you also know that the majority of ordinary air fresheners…

Metered Air Fresheners Help Overcome Bad Odors

Numerous situations occur where it just makes good sense to utilize metered air fresheners. Most public restroom facilities these days now use these products to help keep bad odors under control. Locker rooms are also viable locations for this technology,…

Plug in Air Fresheners that Neutralize the Air

Now, you do not have to use an aerosol spray can every time you want to enhance the fragrance of your home or office because plug in air fresheners will give your space a clean and fresh scent all day long, and you will not have to worry about using sprays…

Bion Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser With Remote Control

The Bion automatic air freshener dispenser product line has a loyal following of users who say that they are the best metered air freshener devices available

Ionic Breeze Air Freshener Offers High-Tech Air Cleaning

The Sharper Image is a well-known retailer that has brought many innovative products to the market and the Ionic Breeze air freshener has been one of their all time best sellers, with sales of over a million units in just the last few years since they…

Renuzit Air Freshener House Odor Neutralizer

It is no surprise that people tend to oppose walking into a house only to be greeted by unpleasant musty smells and odors. Because of this fact, it should also be no surprise that store aisles are lined with a vast array of air fresheners to tackle problems…

Glade Air Freshener Products For Quality Fragrances Around The Home

The Glade air freshener line of products is well known for both selection and quality. As well as aerosol air fresheners, Glade also makes gel air fresheners, plug in air fresheners and assorted air freshener dispensers

Auto Air Freshener For That New Car Smell

While there are many types of auto air freshener available, one of the most popular requests is for one that offers that new car smell

Bring Back Memories With A Car Air Freshener

If like most folks, you have probably been in a car with one of those little green car air freshener trees that twirled around in the window and let off a great scent of pine

Home Air Systems – Solutions to Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air quality can be a big worry for many families given that the quality of indoor air is frequently much more polluted when compared with outdoor air. Modern day energy efficient houses are designed to keep in air, preventing heat loss during the cold months as well as heat increase during the summer. Although this is good news for your utility bills, it is not always better for indoor air quality.

Tightly sealed design does not let your house breathe, resulting in common household contaminants being trapped in the air. These include allergens, airborne dirt and dust, mold spores, pollen, cigarette smoke along with chemical compounds found in household cleaners, furniture and paint. Since the majority of folks spend more of their time indoors rather than outside, the impact associated with poor quality air inside a lot of homes presents a significant health hazard, particularly to members of the family that suffer from allergies.

Maintaining clean indoor air can really help your family combat allergies as well as cold and flu symptoms throughout the year. Home air purifiers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers can significantly enhance the quality of air in your home, ensuring that your loved ones remain healthy and comfortable, regardless of the season.

Due to the environmental health threats presented by indoor air pollution, you will need to deal with or get rid of the sources of pollutants and ventilate your home with fresh outdoor air and/or air purifiers.

Indoor air quality can be further improved by maintaining a consistent level of moisture. If the air has become drier due to home air conditioners or heating systems, employing a home humidifier to add moisture into the air can offer numerous benefits to your indoor environment including a decrease in dust and bacteria together with an increase in air freshness.

On the other hand, when the moisture levels in your home are excessive, mildew and mold can take hold and develop to the stage that it turns into a health risk. Home dehumidifiers help to remove excessive humidity in the air thereby minimizing the health risks associated with mold and mildew. Home air conditioners can likewise help reduce the humidity as well as minimize the exposure of outside allergens.

By keeping your exterior doors and windows shut and your air conditioner set to recirculation, it is possible to greatly reduce the number of outdoor allergens, like plant pollen and mildew from getting into your home.

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