Austin Air Air Purifier Baby Breath USA 2022

If it’s the air quality of your child’s room that you are most concerned about, the Austin Air Baby’s Breath Air Purifier provides a specialty solution. Having been featured on the Today Show on USA TV, this air purifier is extremely quiet, energy efficient, and performance adapted to suit the needs of the younger generation.

Austin Air Air Purifier Baby Breath Review

Whether your baby has allergies, or whether you simply want to prevent them from breathing in dangerous household chemicals and fumes, there really is no better way to protect them than with the Austin Air Air Purifier Baby’s Breath Air Purifier. At least that’s what we were told by the advertisers. We decided to put the machine to the test ourselves, to test the air quality in a room before and after the use of this model. Our results are included below.

Austin Air Air Purifier Specifications & Features

Filtration Stages
The Austin Air Air Purifier Baby’s Breath Air Purifier has a highly refined, four stage filtration process, whereby air is sucked in through the vents, and then forced through each compartment before leaving the machine.

This particular model utilizes Carbon Zeolite filters, which is the same standard of air filtration used in hospitals and clinical settings. In addition, true medical HEPA filters are in place – which quickly snap up airborne particles during the processing of the air.

Finally, activated military carbon cloth is used to neutralize gases and toxic fumes – creating a truly excellent environment for your child.

Design & Style
This machine is extremely compact – making it perfect for the baby’s room. It could easily be disguised as something other than an air purifier, and furthermore, the design makes it safe even if your child wants to put their fingers in places where they really shouldn’t.

Coming in a range of colors, no doubt you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your household.

The filtration stages meet the criteria for the “true” medical grade HEPA status – which is in contrast to those machines only achieving HEPA grade status. There is a big difference in this technology, especially when you’re talking about particles at the size of dust and allergens.

Despite its size, the Austin Air Air Purifier Baby’s Breath Air Purifier was able to continually purify a 700 square foot room when running at full power. Every minute, the machine can process up to 125 cubic feet of air, which is a stunning figure in comparison to many other home air purifiers which are bigger and require more power.

Our Rating of Austin Air Air Purifier Baby’s Breath Air Purifier
The Austin Air Air Purifier Baby’s Breath Air Purifier definitely gets a 5 star rating from us. Its effectiveness, history, and design all combine to make this a perfect product not only for the baby’s room – but for anywhere in the house where clean, fresh air is a priority. A 30 day money back guarantee also provides peace of mind, and proof that the manufacturer believes in their own product.

Austin Air Air Purifier HealthMate Purifier Review

The Austin Air Air Purifier HealthMate Purifier is the bigger brother of Austin’s other highly popular product – the Austin Air Baby’s Breath. Basically, the design of the two models follows a similar scheme – with the only difference being that the Austin Air Air Purifier HealthMate Purifier can filter a larger room space in a smaller amount of time than the Baby’ Breath model can.

Additionally, the added sound protection in the smaller model has been toned down in the HealthMate – making is less costly to produce, and therefore more efficient and cost effective for the general household.

Austin Air Air Purifier HealthMate Purifier Specifications & Features

Filtration Stages
The Austin Air Air Purifier HealthMate Purifier is able to clear the air of particles which are as small as 0.3 microns in size. This is no small feat, and certainly something for any HealthMate owner to be proud of. For those with allergies or asthma – this machine will produce a huge array of benefits, right from the moment that you start the machine.

It is a proven fact that dust and other particles – which are invisible to the human eye – float around in the air and cause much grief to those suffering from the conditions stated above. For this reason, a Austin Air Air Purifier HealthMate Purifier is almost an essential addition to any home, due to its ability to conquer these tiny particles.

Design & Style
We would highly recommend that you purchase the black model of the Austin Air HealthMate Purifier – as this is a truly sleek machine. The white one is nice, but it just doesn’t have that same feeling that the black one has.

Obviously, as already mentioned, the Austin Air Air Purifier HealthMate Purifier is the larger version of the Baby’s Breath machine – and as such, there are no major variations in the design of the two models.

The Austin Air Air Purifier HealthMate Purifier gets awards for both the quality of its filtration technology – which is medical grade HEPA, and also its energy rating – as it is extremely efficient for the area that it is able to service.

The activated carbon filter also makes it popular with organizations such as the Asthma Foundation, and the Allergy Sufferers Foundation.

The results of our testing were relatively positive – even though it seemed as though we weren’t able to push this machine to its limits. The manufacturer advertised that this model was able to remove a whopping 99.97% of airborne items, and this was indeed what we concluded on our test. Additionally, we have every faith in the idea that the machine would continuously function in a 1500 square foot room, as it was an absolute breeze for the Austin Air Air Purifier HealthMate Purifier in a 1200 square foot area.

Our Rating of Austin Air Air Purifier HealthMate Purifier
Overall, the Austin Air Air Purifier HealthMate Purifier is a deserving winner of a 5 star ranking. The technology in this model, combined with its reliability and the power of the cleaning engines all combine to convince us that the Austin Air company is definitely succeeding in its vision of making households safer places to live in.

Austin Air Air Purifier Allergy Machine Review

So you and your family are always plagued with pollens, dusts, and other pesky allergens? Yeah? If you answered yes, get this – you should set your sights on the Austin Air Air Purifier Allergy Machine. As the name suggests, the brains and engineers behind this air purifier has painstakingly designed the machine for applications where different allergens pose the biggest problems.

Its main filter is composed of an HEPA element as well as military carbon cloth. Combining these 2 filters led to the term HEGA (termed by its creators) which means High Efficiency Gas Adsorption. This HEGA filter is responsible for the main filter’s life which can last a very long time – 5 years! Add the fact that it doesn’t have pounds of activated carbon, you now have an air purifier that is light weight and can be easily moved around your room.

When it comes to cleaning the air, the HEGA filter is capable of trapping 99.7 percent of particles found in the air (which are larger than 0.03 microns). Weighing at 35 pounds, this air purifier packs a lot of punch when you realize that it’s capable of cleaning a room that has an area of 1500 square feet!

How good is the Austin Air Allergy Machine?

VERY GOOD! This air purifier has made a hell of a difference for us and our home. With it, our rooms – or better yet, the whole house, feels and smells fresher and lighter. Looking at the pollen count, which has been high for a couple of days now, I can confidently say that the air I’m breathing right now is fresher and healthier. Not to mention the guys and sales representatives of Austin Air are very approachable. It was a pleasure working with them. They never grow tired of my questions about the Austin Air Allergy Machine.

I’m a very happy customer and I would highly recommend the Austin Air Air Purifier Allergy Machine!

Austin Air Air Purifier HealthMate Plus Review

When we are at the market for air cleaning and purifying units, we all have our checklists and criteria to compare the unit in question.

While a lot of these air purifying units perform well and can meet more than half of the items in our checklist, there is one air purifying unit that performs so well we could check off all of the items in our ‘wants and needs’ list – that’s no other than the Austin Air Air Purifier HealthMate Plus!

The first thing I would like to bring to your attention is the coverage. It’s powerful enough to clean rooms that are up to 1500 square feet! I’ve seen purifiers hit the 1100-1200 square feet mark, but hitting 1500 square feet is unheard of before Austin Air Air Purifier HealthMate Plus. It comes with a HEPA filtration system that is equipped enough to eliminate more than 99 percent of the pollutants (which are larger than 0.03 microns) found in the air.

To make the deal even sweeter, it has one of the best air purifier warranties I’ve seen! It has a full 5-year warranty. And when it says full, it really is as it covers even mechanical systems and filter systems of the Austin Air Air Purifier HealthMate Plus.

While that may seem nice, there is one big question left to be answered – when it comes to performance, how does the Austin Air Air Purifier HealthMate Plus fare? Did it pass? The answer is simple – it did and with flying colors! The way it removes allergens as well as odors from multiple rooms is simply impressive.

With 3 speed settings, the Austin Air Air Purifier HealthMate Plus performs very well on any of them. But if you need to clean the air of a bigger room, I would strongly suggest using the higher settings. Just to give you an overview of its performance, it can clear the air of a relatively large bedroom within 20 short minutes!

Austin Air Air Purifier Pet Machine Review

Every pet owner sure loves their pet – may it be a dog, cat, a bird, or even a reptile. However, there is one thing that we all hate – and those are the telltale scents and odors that let your visitors know what pet you have. If you’re a pet owner, I’m sure you’re suffering from the same dilemma.

If you’re pulling your hairs out as you think of a solution to this, worry not…with the Austin Air Air Purifier Pet Machine, you can kiss those pet odors goodbye! As the name suggests, this air purifier from Austin is designed to remedy some of the peskiest problems that pet owners are experiencing, namely allergies and not-so-friendly odors.

As one of the newer air purifiers from Austin Air Air Purifier, the Pet Machine is one of the air cleaners and purifiers that are designed to operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Yes, it will continuously clear the air from different allergens and pollutants…especially those that are from your furry buddies.

Different data and information gathered from researches and studies revealed that situating the Austin Air Air Purifier Pet Machine in the area near where your pet spends most of its time (for example – his sleeping room) is the best way to use it and get the most out of it.

Coming with a 3-filter system (a pre-filter, 15 pounds of activated carbon blend filter, and topped off with an HEPA filter), this air purifier from Austin Air Air Purifier is one efficient air purifier that can deal with almost any type of particle, dust, allergen, etc. VERY EASILY!

Now, you may reason out that a standard air purifier and cleaner can work just as well when it comes to removing the odor produced by your pets. Why buy the Austin Air Air Purifier Pet Machine? The reason is simple – no other standard air purifier can deal with pet hair and allergens as well as the Austin Air Pet Machine does!

Austin Air Air Purifier HealthMate Jr Plus Review

Austin Air Air Purifier HealthMate Jr Plus – as the name suggests, this is the smaller brother of the top selling Austin Air HealthMate Plus. However, don’t let the term “Jr.” trick or fool you. This small air purifier sure packs a lot of punch for its size!

It comes with its guns blazing with the 3-stage air purifying process and an easy-to-clean pre-filter. When it comes to maintenance and ease of use, the Austin air purifiers, especially the Austin Air Air Purifier HealthMate Jr. Plus is one of the easiest to maintain. With that in mind, Austin Air HealthMate Jr. Plus doesn’t have any of the electronic controls and air filter monitors that you’d find other air filters and purifiers around.

Instead, the brains and engineers behind HealthMate Jr. Plus focused on providing long-term durability, reliability, and affordability…and this has won the hearts of many consumers.

At the core of the Austin Air Air Purifier HealthMate Jr. Plus lies the 6.5 pounds of activated carbon and zeolite filtration. Just in case you don’t know, this is very rare for air purifiers that are priced under $400! Along with that, there is a 30 square foot HEPA filter located on the same cartridge.

On the flip side of the coin, there is one weakness is HealthMate Jr. Plus’ design. And that is the HEPA – it is typically unused when the activated carbon gets saturated. This was resolved, though, by providing a prorated warranty that includes the filter!

alen air air purifier

So here’s the question – is Austin Air Air Purifier HealthMate Jr. Plus the best air cleaning and purifying unit around? That depends on what type of consumer you are.

If you are someone who places affordability, ease of maintenance, reliability, safety, and steady performance over electronic controls and interface as well as threshold straining ionic technology, then you can’t go wrong with the Austin Air HealthMate Jr. Plus.

On the other hand, if you’re suffering from MCS, which is also known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, you may want to go for other air purifiers out in the market. IQAir and BlueAir – these names immediately come to mind. However, be prepared to shell out a lot of dough for these air purifiers!

But when it comes to value and quality for an average sized room, by all means, get Austin Air Air Purifier HealthMate Jr. Plus!