Asthma Patients at Home

Asthma Patients at Home

Asthma is a chronic lung disease which is associated with the exposure to ultrafine particles that cause inflammation in the airways of the lungs. The symptoms of asthma can range from minor to severe. Symptoms are different for different patients. Some symptoms appear once in a while others are ongoing. Some symptoms include shortness of breath, having a hard time sleeping due to wheezing or coughing, painful or tight chest, wheezing and whistling.

Asthma Patients at Home

What You Need To Know About Choosing An Air Purifier For Asthma and Allergy

Alive Air Purifier

I’m not an asthma sufferer but 3 out 5 people close to me suffer from the condition.  It is hard to be around them because their asthma triggers are usually invisible to the naked eye and once they’re hit, they’re hit bad.  They either end up taking tabs, puffs or get nebulized in worst-case scenarios.  There have been known side effects of these medicines, thankfully I haven’t witnessed any of my friends of family getting to that end and I would prefer not to ever have to witness that.

I’ve read online that air purifiers can help asthma sufferers and so I looked it up.  There are actually different kinds of air purifiers for asthma and allergy and it is overwhelming to have to pick among the many choices you are afforded of.  You have to know what the triggers are because each allergen can’t be addressed by a single form of filtration.  Carbon filter, for example, are only good for adsorption of fumes or smoke but it can’t do anything to molds or bacteria and pet dander or pollen; you will need a UV light irradiation system or an ionizer and pre-filter or electrostatic dust plate for the last two, respectively.

There plenty of factors to consider too before you purchase and one of which that I am particularly concerned of is the noise level of the machines.  It seems that the more sophisticated the filtration system of an air purifier, the louder it gets and the pricier!  Having said, you have to be the wise shopper and do your research.

Intelli-Pro Air Purifier

So far I’ve seen very sophisticated air purifiers that incorporate six of the leading technologies used in today’s air purifiers including the pre filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, germicidal UV lamp, ionizer and electronic dust collection plates or grids.  Air purifiers with these six stages are often times referred to as the 9-stage system because they also have air pollution sensors that automatically switches your air purifier’s performance , diagnostic sensor alerts that will warn you when it’s time to wash the filters and Anion Continuous Negative Ion Generation that creates healthy properties of negative ions.

The Alive Air Purifier, Advance Pure Air Newport 9000 Air Purifier and the Surround Air XJ-3800 Intelli-Pro Air Purifier have all these features and they come highly recommended.  They are my top picks for this category.  These latest models of 9-stage systems are quiet, compact and they are very easy on the eyes, if not eye candies, with their modern designs.  Lastly, these air purifiers are reasonably priced; great options for home use.

What Makes Your Asthma Worse

Allergies such as debris and excrement from cockroaches, pet dander and pollen can trigger your asthma condition. Take not if you are sensitive to gases, dust and certain chemicals and if ever you are exposed to them at work. If yes, the possibility of experiencing severe asthma attacks will increase.When you are exercising, doing it during the cold and dry air can make your asthma even worse.

Asthma Attacks at Home

There are many allergies that can find their way indoors. Airborne pollen from flowers, trees, grasses and weeds can enter your home even if you do not like it. Other things that can trigger your asthma attack are pets, cockroaches, dust mites, mold as well as household cleaning products.

There are many asthma patients who are relying on medications in order to prevent the attacks as well as relieve the symptoms. If someone in the house is smoking, secondhand smoke can always make asthma symptoms worse. Secondhand smoke can also cause nasal congestion not only for asthma patients but for children too. There are many things that you can do to maintain your condition and also decrease the chance of asthma attacks and symptoms.

Home Treatments for Asthma

There are remedies for asthma patients at home. You can check your air conditioning unit and make sure that it lowers indoor humidity and reduces exposure to dust mites. During spring, it is best to keep the doors and windows closed to hinder pollen from entering your home.

You can also decrease the amount of dust by cleaning regularly. Make sure that it is clean under your bed and buy dust proof covers for your pillows and mattresses. Do not forget to wash the curtains too and replace the carpet to avoid the buildup of dirt.

You can also prevent the growth of molds in the damp areas of your home such as in the kitchen and bathroom. Make sure that you clean every day and remove damp firewood and moldy leaves. If you are allergic to pet dander, it is best to avoid having pets at home. If you have a pet and you found out that you are allergic to pet dander, make sure that you groom your pet regularly and do not let your pet to enter your bedroom. Always clean and sweep the floor to keep the indoor environment asthma trigger free.

Affordable Air Purifiers
Affordable Air Purifiers
Affordable Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers for Asthma Patients

Asthma patients can also use air purifiers at home to filter out ultrafine particles. Even if you cleaned and swept the floor, dust particles are lingering in the air. Having a healthy and asthma trigger-free environment can be maintained with an air purifier with HEPA filters. It is best to choose an air purifier that is efficient in filtering not only large but also fine particles. Particle filters are the most recommended for people who are suffering from asthma.

There are also cases that asthma attacks can be triggered because of the chemicals present in the air after using cleaning products. If you are living in a populated or polluted area, it is better to have air purifier in order to keep the indoor air quality clean and healthy for you and your family. It can also prevent asthma attacks whenever unwanted air contaminant is present. Air purifiers are also good during winter when the air is dry and crisp. These devices can keep the level of humidity at home and prevent the growth of molds in damp areas.

To be able to maximize the use of air purifiers, it is best to clean the filters regularly. Make sure that you do not let the dirt to build up inside the air purifier to maintain its efficiency.

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