Alen Paralda Air Purifier with HEPA Air Filter

Sporting an extremely simple design, and offering the most basic features of any of the air purifiers we reviewed, the Alen Paralda HEPA Air Filter is an ideal product for those wanting to test the waters when it comes to home air purification and cleaning.

Alen Paralda Air Purifier with HEPA Air Filter Review

We put this air purifier to the test in the harshest of environments – where we purposely let off toxic fumes, smoke, dust and allergens, and mold spores. 2 minutes after this, we turned the Alen Paralda HEPA Air Filter on to full and measured the air quality. Our findings are included below.

Alen Paralda HEPA Air Filter Specifications & Features

Filtration Functions
The Alen Paralda HEPA Air Filter utilizes many of the commonly acknowledged filtration techniques to ensure that the air you are breathing is clean, fresh, and bacteria free. Firstly, the HEPA filter removes fine particles of dust and allergens, ultimately reducing the “physical mass” floating around in the air.

Following this, the machine has a UV lamp, which kills bacteria and any mold / fungi spores which the HEPA filter missed. All in all, the machine achieved a 99.40% particle removal rate – which is an extraordinary achievement.

An inbuilt ionizer also freshens the air – however the health benefits of this are somewhat debatable.

Design & Style
The design of the Alen Paralda HEPA Air Filter is on the borderline between simple and ugly. Basically, this is just a tower design, which is an off white / yellow color. If that goes with your furniture, so be it. But many people may find themselves hiding this machine behind the sofa, as it really does turn in to a bit of an eye sore at times.

Alen Paralda Air Purifier with HEPA Air Filter

This model from Alen Paralda uses HEPA rated technology, and is also RoHS compliant – which means there is no lead involved in the manufacture of the product. It also has an energy star qualification – for low and efficient power use.

The Alen Paralda HEPA Air Filter is advertised to keep a room approximately 400 square feet clean at all times. We found that this was indeed possible with the machine on its maximum power setting. The fan has 2 different modes, with 4 varying speeds.

Our Rating of Alen Paralda HEPA Air Filter
Aside from the fact that the Alen Paralda HEPA Air Filter is not the most stylish air purifier that we have ever laid our eyes on, it certainly did the trick as far as performance is concerned. We would award this purifier a 4 star rating – based on our findings. More stages of filtration, and a nicer design might have swayed us up to 4.5 stars. Furthermore, adding an intuitive user interface would have topped the machine off with 5 stars.

Alen T300 Air Purifier Review

If you have space for a standard tower fan in your home, you will easily be able to make room for this air purifier from Alen. Amazingly, whilst a normal home fan simply thrusts air in whichever direction it is aimed, the Alen T300 Air Purifier does the same thing, whilst purifying and filtering the air in the process.

Once pumped back out, the air will feel and smell fresh, and it will be molecularly clean, as pollutants, dust, allergens, and other nasty particles are effectively removed. We put the Alen T300 Air Purifier to the test ourselves, and the results are listed below.

Alen T300 Air Purifier Specifications & Features

Filtration Functions
Due to the size of this machine, we couldn’t expect a lengthy purification process consisting of multiple stages and filters. There is a small trade off between “bells and whistles” and size, and in this case, the machine has been slimmed down as much as possible.

Therefore, on board the Alen T300 Air Purifier, there is a pre-filter and a HEPA filter, both working to remove 99% of waste material which may be floating around in the air. Following this, an ionizer (which can be turned on and off separately) is available to freshen the air, and indirectly remove particles as they may appear.

Design & Style
The Alen T300 Air Purifier is a true tower design, with the cylindrical shape. Air is forced in through the rear, filtered inside the machine, and then pushed out the front. Therefore, for those who don’t want to feel a breeze from their machine, the Alen T300 Air Purifier is probably not the best option for you.

This air purifier is able to kill a huge number of airborne bacteria particles, as well as numerous spores, fungi, and dust mites, etc – thanks to the HEPA filtration on board. This filtration meets the standards of international testing, and this means that the machine can be accredited with a 100% HEPA quality guarantee.

In our testing, we were impressed by the overall performance of the machine. Whilst there aren’t as many filtration steps on this air purifier as there are on other similar products (but not ones with tower designs), the compact nature of the device and the price both mix to create a very decent product.

This is perfect for those people who suffer from year-round asthma and allergies.

Our Rating of Alen T300 Air Purifier
The Alen T300 Air Purifier receives 4 stars from us; however it has been ranked at 5 stars by consumers who use it full time. The reason for our 4 star ranking is that there are a number of key features left out of this model – which could be necessary in some homes. Nevertheless, as we mentioned above, for the price of this item – you could definitely be bagging a bargain.

Alen Air Purifier Paralda Review

There are a couple of criticisms I have about the Alen Paralda. First and foremost, it lacks a prefilter. In my opinion, this is a huge technical no no for air purifiers. You see, prefilters are created to catch big particles. That means the main filter would have to do that additional task, which will shorten its life. According to Alen Air Purifier, the Paralda’s HEPA filter life can last for about 6 to 9 months even when used day in and day out.

Another quibble I have is that, accoding to Alen’s advertisements, the HEPA is 99.97% effective. While Alen has proven its reputation of pumping out high quality air purifiers in the past, there is very little information they have provided concerning the HEPA filter of Alen Air Purifier Paralda. One more thing – the convenient slide-in filter tray along with the easy access door of the Paralda’s top will lead you to think that air leakage may be looming!

Last but not the least, the standard Alen Air Purifier Paralda was built without a carbon filter. True, these carbon filters restrict air flow and can be very costly. However, they’re very needed when it comes to collecting odors as well as chemicals…especially those that are classified as household air pollutants. Looking at the Alen Air Purifier Paralda, you may be tempted to think that it’s nothing more than a particle catcher.

The latter was corrected, however, Alen Corporation by adding an HEPA/odor filter combination that uses a technology named “Molecule Conversion Process” (which is known as MCP for short). While Alen is saying that this is a breakthrough in air purifiers, it’s really nothing more than a thin layer of finely granulated carbon.

One thing that I love about the Alen Air Purifier Paralda is the fact that it comes with the company’s unparalleled lifetime warranty. Yes, that means Alen will accept and refit any Paraldas that may comes with defect. Since their aim is to create a reputation for creating eco friendly, durable air purifiers, coupled with outstanding customer service, I think this is a great step into that direction!

If you’re looking for an ordinary particle catcher that’s stylish enough to be in your room, the Alen Paralda may just be the air purifier for you.

Alen Air Purifier T100 Review

If you’re after quality and affordability in an air purifier, you can never go wrong with Alen Air Purifiers. It’s very apparent that Alen Corporation is an air purifier manufacturer that aims to create stylish, top-performing, and high quality air purifiers without boring a hole in your pocket. “Life without compromises” – that’s the motto of Alen Corporation and it’s very apparent with their releases.

Just like any of the more expensive air purifiers you’ll find, Alen air cleaners and filters are very effective when it comes to trapping as well as destroying pollen, dust mites, mold, and other pollutants that can cause asthma, allergies, and other respiratory diseases.

That’s very true with the Alen Air Purifier T100! Just like any Alen air purifier and cleaner, it comes with a True HEPA filter combined with activated carbon that has been tried and tested when it comes to removing not-so-pleasant odor and scent. Another thing I love about the T100 is that it comes in a tower style – a style for air purifiers that save a lot of space! If you’re living in a small area or room…say spanning about 125 square feet, then you’ll find the Alen Air Purifier T100 ideal.

When it comes filtration technologies, the Alen Air Purifier T100 comes with its guns blazing – having a built-in ionizer which works great when it comes to minimizing pollutants without producing even a trace of ozone! That’s a BIG must-have for an air purifier. When it comes to operation, the Alen T100 is very easy to use. This model comes with a digital display along with simple and very intuitive touch button control. To top it off, it comes with a Life Warranty – making sure that your investment is well protected from the unexpected!

Overall, the Alen Air Purifier T100 is a great choice for a no-frills air purifier that will help you eliminate even the smallest traces of contaminants from the air!

Alen Air Purifier A375UV Review

We all know Alen air purifiers and cleaners. And there is a very solid reason behind it. If you haven’t used an of the air cleaners and purifiers, get this – the corporation behind Alen Air Purifier A375UV has based its reputation on something that’s missing or lacking within the air purifier industry – customer service and support! I think that explains why air purifier customers always set their sights on the latest releases of Alen. Nobody wants to use an air purifier from a company who won’t budge when we ask a question or two to get the most out of the equipment.

Unsurprisingly, the air purifier from Alen that we’ll take a look at right now has won the hearts of air purifier clients from left, right, and center. The Alen A375UV is more of an upgraded version of its predecessor – the Alen Air Purifier A350. While its based on the same platform, it comes with 2 UV lamps as well as a titanium doxide photo catalytic post filter, which is good for weeding out chemical and biological pollutants.

Looking at the Alen A375UV, I can confidently say that this air purifier has answered many of my criticisms as well as rooms for improvement found in the Alen Air Purifier A350. In my opinion, what sets A375UV from the rest of the pack is its technology. It comes with added electronics – remote control operation, an indicator for replacing filters, sensors (for dust and odor), and that’s just to name a few!

Another feature that places the Alen Air Purifier A375UV a notch or two above the rest is the Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) grid which is installed after the UV lamps. Instead of using expensive carbon filters, Alen also added a permanent titanium dioxide grid (TiO2) to weed out volatile organic chemical pollutants.

Just in case you don’t know, the permanent titanium dioxide grid never needs any replacing. As long as you keep the ultaviolet lamps and bulbs working…replacing them at least once a year, you can expect the Alen A375UV to work in tip top condition!

This air purifier is highly recommended!

Alen Air Purifier A350 Review

Are you suffering from allergies as well as asthma? Yeah? If you answered yes to that question, have the air purifier meant just for you – and that is the Alen Air Purifier A350. When it comes to cleaning air – removing dust, pollen, molds, as well as other allergens, the Alen Air Purifier A350 has no match! And to make the deal even sweeter, it’s effective at cleaning the air for 800 square feet. Just one reminder though, I strongly recommend that you use it in spaces for greater air exchange…increasing the Alen A350’s effectiveness!

Another feature that sets the Alen Air Purifier A350 from the rest of the pack – this air purifier can be wall mounted! Weighing only at 16 pounds and only 8.5-inches wide, the Alen A350 is one slim and lightweight air purifier that can fit into any room.

True, it only uses one filter, however, this one filter is an effective combination of prefilter, HEPA filter, as well as carbon filter. This combination of filter needs to be replaced only every 6 months. And to make it even better, it won’t cost you a fortune to get the filter replaced! $40 – that’s all you have to pay for to get a new combination filter.

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