Air Purifiers For Smoking

Air purifiers for smoking

Before the invention of air purifiers and all these other devices whose role is air purification, people used to simply open their windows so as to get rid of smoke and other air borne particles. Cigarette smoke is dangerous because it can lead to contraction of deadly diseases such as bronchitis or even cancer. Just opening the windows will not get rid of all cigarette smoke which is present in the air.

Air Purifiers For Smoking

Best air purifier for smoke can prove to be very beneficial to smokers simply because they purity the air around us. If you don’t know, passive smoking is far much worse than the active smoking. The reason for this is that second hand smoke normally contains a higher content of pollutants than first hand smoke basically because it originates directly from the cigarette and it does not pass through any kind of filter. This calls for measures to ensure that both second hand smoke and active smoke are removed from the air. Using an air purifier is one of the measures that came into being. There are many types of air purifiers in the market which are good for eliminating cigarette smoke, lets look at some of these air purifiers.

  1. Rabbit Air MinusA2

It is rated among the best air purifiers for cigarette smoke. It has being proven that tobacco smoke has a stronger smell than cigar smoke, but believe it or not, the Rabbit AirMinus A2 air purifier is one of the air purifiers which is good for cigarette smoke. Its features is one of the reasons why this air purifier has won the hearts of many smokers and non-smokers.

Rabbit Air MinusA2


  • Six Stages of air purification

Any air that goes through this air purifier actually goes through six stages of purification and deodorization. With all these stages, you can imagine how effective this air purifier can be. No air borne pollutant will stand the chance of remaining in the air when this air purifier is used.

  • Customized filter option

You can choose the filter option of your choice because the air purifier features a customized filter option. You can therefore choose the best option which is fitboth for you and for your family members.

  • Can purify air up to an area of 500 square feet.

The air purifier has the power of eliminating air pollutants over a large area of up to 500 square feet. By placing it in a central place, you can easily have the whole air in your room purified in the most effective way possible.

  • Energy efficient

Rabbit Air MinusA2, unlike other machines, requires little energy so as to run. You therefore can save a lot in terms of cost when using the Rabbit Air MinusA2 air purifier.

  • Ultra quiet

When running, you might not notice that it is under operation because the device does not make noise, unlike other kinds of air purifiers. You can therefore be in that comfortable environment even when the device is under operation.

  1. Austin Air Healthmate 400

The Austin Air Healthmate is another air purifier which has proved to be effective in the elimination of smoke from the air. It’s features are amazing and it is because of this particular features that it is highly rated.

Austin Air Healthmate 400


  • 360- degree intake system
    The air purifier draws in air from all directions, 360- degree direction. It therefore can prove to be effective when it comes to it comes to air purification because all the dirt and dust and any other air pollutantaround is effectively trapped and gotten rid of.
  • It filters air in four stages
    All the air that is drawn into the air purifier goes trough four filtration stages. What this means means is that all the air around the air purifier will be made clean effectively. Absolutely no air borne pollutants stand a chance of remaining in the air when you use this type of air purifier in your house.
  • Long lasting air filters.
    It’s air filters are absolutely long lasting. They canactually last your for 5 years, afterwhich you will have to replace them.
  • Covers a large area.
    Austin Air Healthmate air purifier has the power of purifying air on a large area of up to 1500 square feet. So however big your house is , the device can still prove to be effective.

3. Austin Air Jr. Healthmate HM 200

It is similar to the Austin Healthmate air purifier but it is $150 less expensive. It also covers a smaller area than the one above.

Austin Air Jr. Healthmate HM 200

It’s designis compact and awesome, making it the perfect choice for house hold use. The design makes the placing of the device on different surfaces easy and very convenient for you.

Reducing the exposure of your household members to cigarette smoke is vey important as it will protect them form deadly respiratory diseases.

If children are exposed to cigarette smoke at anearly age, they might end up developing respiratory complications throughout their lifetime. Smoke is a trigger of asthma and if youor any of you family members is exposed to it, then he or she will develop asthmatic symptoms.

All these are complications brought about by the inhalation of cigarette smoke. Even so, all these can be avoided if the use of the above air purifiers is adopted. The above air purifiers are readily available in the market and they go fir cheap prices. Why suffer when youhave the powerof making your environment better with the use of the above air purifiers? Make your decisiontoday.

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