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Air Purifier Filters


It is important that we understand the necessity to protect ourselves and our families from daily pollutants found in the air we breathe, especially if you or anyone in your family is suffering from allergies, asthma or other respiratory disorders which can be aggravated by them.

The Use of the Air Purifier Filter

Air purifier filters are specially designed to attract and collect all pollutants available in the air such as dust, animal dander, pollen, chemicals and even odors from cigarette smoke. However, there are many types of the air purifier filter options and some are better than others, for example the HEPA air purifier filter, which guarantees to clean 99.97% of pollutants available in the air as opposed to a filter that makes no claims of keeping the air clean.

The HEPA air purifier filter, which is also know as the High Efficiency Particulate can be found in air purifiers but also in other household appliances such as a vacuum cleaner. It is important that your house appliances such as the vacuum cleaner carry a HEPA air purifier filter in order to ensure that you don’t put out more pollutants when cleaning your home.

Where to Shop For an Air Purifier Filter

When purchasing your purifier, check the air purifier filter to make sure you are aware of their claims in regards to keeping your air clean to the extent you’d expect. Make sure you know how often the filter itself would need to be changed, and how long you can expect the life of your purifier to maintain.

Some air purifier filters are more expensive than others such as HEPA, but depending on the use you have for them, you can pick the one best suitable for you. You can find air purifying filters in leading department stores or online where you can choose and compare them before purchase.

It is important to invest in the quality of air you and your family breathe everyday in the house to ensure good health and if you or any of your family members suffer from any respiratory diseases, you can eliminate aggravation in due course by using an air filter.

The large number of pollutants in the air can easily affect our respiratory system and lungs, affecting your whole body and health and therefore it is essential to invest in the devices that will provide and keep ourselves healthy. Look today for the air purifier that will fit best in your household and provide you and your family with clean, breathable air.

Breathe Fresh and Clean Air, Get Your Air Purifier Filters Now!

What kind of air purifier filters are there?

Air purifier filters are an essential component of air purifiers.

They are the part of the air purifier that sieve unwanted air pollutants and harmful materials in the air. As indoor air pollution belongs to the top 5 environmental health risks, it is wise to have solutions to this problem.

Best Solutions for Air Pollutants

The best way to solve the air pollutants issue is to control or reduce the sources of pollutants, and to ventilate a home with clean outdoor air. However, the ventilation is not at all time efficient for two reasons: the changing weather conditions and the extremely high level of air pollutants.

Room Air purifiers and air cleaners are devices designed for the reduction of harmful air pollutants regardless of the weather conditions. There are air purifiers that are mounted on the ductwork of a home’s central heating, air-conditioning and ventilating systems.

Types of Air Purifier Filters

Air cleaners come in variety. There are room air purifiers that use filter in cleaning the air. There are also non-filter types. Air Purifier filters come in several types depending on the type of pollutants removed.

When it comes to air particles, there are two types of air filters. These are the mechanical air filters and electronic air filters. A mechanical air filter removes particles by catching them on filter materials. To this type belong the High Efficiency Particulate Air filters or HEPA.

Air Purifier Filters


HEPA filters are known for proven filtration. They continue to be improved by most manufacturers. HEPA filtration guarantees that air purifier traps 99.9% of particles larger than 0.3 microns. This type of Air purifier filters are needed to capture smaller particles such as smoke, dust, chemicals, asbestos and more.

Air Purifier Filters

Electronic Air Purifier Filters Cleaners

The electronic air cleaners like the electrostatic precipitators use electrostatic attraction, a procedure to trap charged particles. The charged particles accumulate on a series of flat plates labeled as a collector, and is oppositely charged.

Gas-phase Air Filters

There are Air purifier filters designed to remove gaseous air pollutants. Gas-phase air filters remove odors and gases with a sorbent—like the activated carbon—which absorbs the air pollutants. This type of air purifier filters are exclusive to specific pollutants and do not remove those which are not assigned to them.

For example, carbon monoxide, a dangerous gaseous pollutant produced whenever charcoal, wood, oil, gas or kerosene is burned, is not readily caught by gas-phase air filters. Gas-phase may remove some of air pollutants; however, it is not on regular basis.

The ever increasing pollution levels we are experiencing call for positive action in ensuring that we have better air at least inside the buildings and homes. Air purifiers are a must to have in every office and every home. But as it is, a sense of great care must be had in choosing for the apt purifier.

Know Which Air Purifier Filters Is The Best Air Purifier?

Air purifier filters are an important component of an air purifier. The air purifier systems have fans and filters. The fans circulate the air throughout the room and draw it to the filter, which will then rid it of most contaminants and pollutants before releasing the air into the room.

Air filters remove particles from the air and prevent them from clogging the cooling or heating fan and radiators. Once the fan or the radiator is congested with particles, the performance of the air purifier is affected.

Air Purifier Filters

The Best Air Purifier Filter

You must have the best air purifier to efficiently clean the air of any harmful microbes, allergens, and toxins, otherwise, you will breathe them. In some air purifying systems, the filters only need to be wiped for cleaning. In other air purifiers, the filters must be replaced regularly.

Air purifier filters come in many types. There are carbon filters that can absorb gas, chemicals, and odor from cigarettes, foods, pets, and more. There are also traditional fiberglass filters that catch larger particles. They must be replaced monthly.

If you prefer to wash filters, you can go for washable or reusable. Each month, you need to take off the filter from your best air purifier and clean it with water and dry it with a clean cloth, before you put it back into its place.

Pleated Air Purifier Filters

Ordinary flat or pleated air filters need replacement every 2 to 3 months. Made of cotton or polyester, these air purifier filters are denser than fiberglass and the reusable types. They can also catch small particles. Meanwhile, deep pleated filters are 5 or 6 inches deep and can be used also on heating or cooling systems. Deep pleated filters need replacement once or twice a year and they can fit several brands of air purifiers.

Electrostatic Filters

Moving on, the pleated and permanently-charged electrostatic filters are an inch deep. They need replacement every 2 or 3 months, and can capture smaller, respirable particles. Some experts believe that the pleated and permanently-charged electrostatic filters are electrostatically-charged, thus, particles are drawn into this filter.

Electronic Air Purifier Filters Cleaner

For more expensive filters, you can choose electronic air cleaner. This type of filter is permanent in the heating and cooling systems, and including the best air purifier. It also requires an electrical connection.

Although it is more expensive than the rest of the filters mentioned here, electronic air cleaner filter is very efficient at removing air particles. But, this filter requires regular cleaning to maintain its efficiency. The only drawback to this is the ozone it emits. The ozone is of course harmful to your health.

Air purifier filters have other functions besides removing pollutants. They can improve the breathability of the environment, and protect ceiling, equipment, and valuables inside the room like paintings and other items of historical and cultural value.

Air filters can also eliminate fire hazards, improve the shelf life of perishable goods, and eradicate the airborne bacteria which can damage sensitive electronic devices. In choosing a filter for your best air purifier, you need to consider quality, efficiency, and the frequency of using your air purifier.

Air Purifier Replacement Filters: Unique Brand Features

Selecting what type of air filtration system that you want to use in your home really is a balancing act. You see, the technology that’s available now allows you to go pretty much as far as you want, but in the end it all costs money. That is the higher volume of air that you want clean, and the cleaner you want it to be, the more it’s going to cost you.

Try to understand that the tighter and more exacting the particle removal specifications are on the filter, the more resistance it or they are going to put on the airflow. So the more powerful your machine will have to be. Take your time and look all your options over before you make any final decision because over a years time the cost of filters can add up to a substantial amount of money.

Still one more thing to keep in mind as you compare how long any given disposable filter will last, is that really that type of information is highly speculative. How well is your home sealed up for instance, and do you live in the city or out in the country along a dusty road? Then again how clean do you need to have your air? So a three month air filter for one person can turn out to be a one month filter for another.

Ionic Breeze Filters

Ionic Breeze air purifiers use what is called “ionic technology” to filter out suspended particles from the air. It’s a system of electrically charged metal plates that in fact function like “dust magnets” to electrically charge then attract and grab onto suspended particles that flow over them. So these are tall “standing tower” designs that never need replacement filters.

Instead the metal plates are periodically removed, wiped down or held under running water, and then replaced back in the machine. Do be aware though that while these systems can remove particles at or below .03 microns they tend to have some of the lower trap percentage rates. On the plus side though they are very quiet, and energy efficient.

Honeywell Air Purifier Filters

There are few things about Honeywell air purifier filters worth mentioning, and one of them is what they have done with the tower air purifier. Once pretty much exclusively available only as an ionic system, Honeywell now has several models that operate with conventional filter technology as well as a few models that combine ionic and conventional filters into one system.

Honeywell Air Purifier Filters

Their round barrel designs in a handful of Honeywell models have also become very popular since they were introduced. Amazing amounts of filter square footage is folded up in an “accordion fashion” in these wrap around filters that have no side edges to leak. Instead because they are round they compression seal tightly with rubber gaskets on the top and bottom.

Holmes Air Purifier Filters

Holmes air purifiers are different in the low actual cost of their average unit and the vast diversity that they offer in their filter selection. Even if you don’t end up going with a Holmes unit, they’re well worth reading about just to pour over all that they offer. So many filter types for such affordable machines. Even humidifying filters and a machine with an actual nanny camera, and DVD recorder built into it.

Holmes Air Purifier Filters

So let there be no doubt about it but that the target market for this company is “filter fanatics”. People for whom the standard three, one, or two stage system just won’t do. Yet who at the same time don’t want to spend more than $200 for the actual unit. They’re a filter company that offers the actual air purifiers as a sideline, so they have little if anything in the way of reusable filters.

Hunter Air Purifier Filters

Hunter is another company that gained a reputation for selling affordable air purifiers that required expensive filters, and it has gotten even worse with some of the models they discontinued from their QuietFlo line. In fact believe it or not you can now buy some models online for less than it costs to pay for new filters for the machine, which is a bit odd to say the least.

Hunter Air Purifier Filters

If a hepa filter system is what you’re after. Or perhaps a system that combines a hepa filter with a pre-filter, carbon odor filter, and ultraviolet air sterilization technology is what you have in mind? they have it. It’s their newer tower models that offer so many new combinations, ranging from a lower priced simple one filter unit, to something like what’s listed above. A more powerful system that combines multiple air scouring technologies.

Sharper Image Filters

Sharper Image really doesn’t have anything in the way of air purifiers or replacement filters that would fall into the “affordable”, or low end category. Now they do have a few micro models but anyone who knows anything about air cleaners knows that small battery powered or wall socket units are pretty much a waste of money.

Whirlpool Air Purifier Filters

The larger units that Sharper Images is most recognized for though, like their Blueair models tend to be efficient productive machines, even if you can pay up to $100 for a Blueair replacement filter. Now keep in mind that these high tech carbon fiber filters will capture particles down to .01 microns in size which is far smaller than the vast majority of machines on the market are capable of removing.

Whirlpool Air Purifier Filters

Whirlpool is home to what they call Wispure technology. A complete line of air cleaners ranging from smaller affordable models all the way up to larger full featured units with their most powerful selling in the area of some $300. All of them feature no nonsense rectangular lines, and all are floor models.

Whirlpool Air Purifier Filters

Still one more nice thing about them is that for the most part they all feature straight forward three stage pre-filter, carbon filter, and main filter systems, with some featuring hepa filter technology. It doesn’t end there though because their filters on average tend to be some of the longest lasting and most reasonably priced you can find on the market.

Air Purifier Filters

So many people who suffer through nagging coughing, wheezing and sneezing problems go through their entire lives putting up with their conditions as somehow some sort of an inevitable part of life. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With so much advancement in the field of air purification, the improvement of filters, humidifiers and the like, there is inexpensive breathing help for virtually everyone.

If you take the time to review some crucial elements of your home or office, you can make some immediate changes that will get you right back on the healthy breathing track. A little attention devoted to the air purifier filter related features of your surroundings can make all the difference in the world. Improve your overall health, create a significantly more comfortable environment, and save money while doing it.

If you haven’t established a filter maintenance program for your living or working environment, now is the time begin. Start off by having a look at all your filters. If your furnace air filter is dirty, for example, you should replace it ASAP.

Furthermore you should give serious consideration to replacing it with a Honeywell HEPA air filter or electrostatic air filter right off the bat. While you are in the process of filter maintenance, have an HVAC specialist inspect your home furnace to make sure it has a clean bill of health. Clean filters and solid filter and furnace maintenance will run you far less in energy costs and will reduce the frequency of needed repairs

For a little extra breathing boost, give some serious thought to an air purifier. For the extra sensitive members, a room air purifier makes the perfect gift or room addition any time of the year. Add to the breathing relief by getting a room humidifier for the person in need or a whole house humidifier for the breathing comfort of the entire family. Theirs is no need to suffer in silence any longer. Most of these devices are quite affordable and a snap to use.

Take your air make over a step further, increase your comfort level all year round with a duct fan. Drastically shorten the time it takes to heat up a room in the winter and cool down the same room in the summer with one of these fans. As inexpensive and easy to install as they are, it doesn’t make sense not to get one.

Just by making a few air related improvements to your living space will result in some incredibly positive changes. Consider the above as a suggested starter kit to begin improving your overall health without having to make any dramatic lifestyle changes. By paying a little more attention to the air quality around you, you’ll be able to start breathing easy in more ways than one.

Air Purifier Filters: The Most Important Part of Air Purifying Function

One thing that people are searching from their residence will not be far away from comfort. People could wait until they could apply the loan to make sure that they could live in their own house which could be comfortable enough for them and the whole family members after all. There is no doubt that people absolutely need the comfort of their house after their busy day at their working place. One thing that will influence the comfort of the house is the air condition as well as temperature when people are inside their own house.

Some people choose to apply air conditioning to help them control the room temperature. However, they who also want to get clean air will choose air purifier to control the air inside the house whether its temperature or cleanness factor. To make sure those function, people also have to make sure that the air purifiers filter could run well.

People could not ignore the function of air purifiers filter because it is the most important part which could bring the clean air into the house. People could not enjoy the air which is free from dust, virus, bacteria, and many others free radicals which could become danger for people’s health.

Since people want to get the best performance of their tool, they have to make sure that every part of the tool could do its function well. People of course want to get clear air within their house. Buying the air purifier is only the first step that they have to take. There will be following step that people have to take to make sure the tool run properly.

After some years usage for example, people have to check the air purifiers filter because it could be the time to replace it with new one after all. When people find out that they seem have to pay more money because of the air purifier, it is the right time to change it with new one. It is important because there could be kind of function degradation to make clean air because of this.

Air Purifiers Filters Cleaner: Maintenance to Keep Air Clean

Many modern people have very strict activity which could make their day very busy every day. They could spend more than half of their time in a day to do many kinds of activities and they could only enjoy their time at their own house for resting only at the night time or the holiday time. Because of this busy day as well as kind of very high mobility, people so not have enough time to clean their house properly.

They also could bring kind of dust after they leave their house. Although the dust is only in small amount, it could combine with the air inside the house which could finally make kind of uncomforting atmosphere inside the house. People could apply air purifiers inside the house but maybe they forget to use air purifiers cleaners to keep the tool at its best performance.

People must not forget to use air purifiers cleaners if they do not want to find the degradation of their air purifier performance. There is no doubt that air purifier could become very important thing for them who want to get comfort air as well as healthy air inside their house.

People could depend on the air conditioning which could control the room air temperature, but people could not depend on it to make sure that the air they inhale are free from any free radical. People took the right step when they prefer choose air purifier to air conditioning. It has the function to clean the air inside the house especially from many kinds of microscopic free radical including dust, bacteria, and virus. But of course the tool also needs cleaning sometimes after it did its duty of cleaning the air.

When the tool is not clean enough, there is kind of worry that it also could not bring the best service to clean the air within the house. That is why people should complete their air purifier with air purifiers cleaners so they could maintain the function of the air purifier to run properly and perfectly. Clean result comes from clean tool after all.

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