How to Assemble and Disassemble an Air Filter USA 2022

How to assemble and disassemble an air filter ?

Air filters are gadgets responsible for removing a high percentage of airborne particles from the air. Air filters save energy since they prevent the accumulation of dirt in the ductwork and coils of your unit. By doing so, they help in allowing the system to run efficiently and, therefore, becoming as productive as it should be.

An example of an air filter that has the power of doing so is the famously known electrostatic air filter. Such an air filter is easy to install and lasts long. The assembling of such an air filter and also the disassembling is an easy task. No rocket science involved in such a process.

The internet has proved to be a great source of information and therefore if you find this article to be insatiable, it would be wise if you consult the internet more. That way, you will have gottenfirst-hand information on the assembling and disassembling issue of the air filter. Let’s look at the issues one by one.

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How to assemble air filters ?

Assembling an air filter is an easy task. However, some people may find this to be a hard task. When assembling, there are some precautions that you should take before you first lay your hands on the air filter. One of the most important precautions that are often advised is that you need to unplug the device from the power source and make sure that it is off.

  1. First, you have to find the existing air conditioning The existing air filter can be found beside the unit’s cooling and heating ductwork. Air filtersare commonly found in the actual heating system. Either way, they can be foundon the ceiling, on the floor or the wall. Such air filters are mostly enclosed with slotted doors.
  2. Remove the previous air filter from the heating and cooling For you to access the existing air filter, you have to lift up the metal covering of the unit. In some cases, you might be forced to unlock the mechanismthat is holding the cover or remove the screws holding the cover. Once you gain access, remove the air filter and then dispose of it properly.
  3. The next step involves acquiring the right filter size. If you are not aware of how toknow the air filter size, then you need to lookfor the filter for the size needed. Air filters have markings such as 12 by 12 by 1. However, it possible to find out that there were no filters used in the unit. In such cases, you will need to measure spacethat the filter occupies and come up with the right dimensions. After measuring, record the dimensions down.
  4. The next step is purchasing the right sized filter according to your measurements. Sometimes, you can find it hard finding the right size of theairfilter. If this happens, then you need to find and adjustable air filter or go for a custom made air filter. These air filters are readily available in the stores. They are also available on
  5. The last step is the installation step. After getting the right air filter size, take out the old filter. Check the newly purchases air filter for warnings about the airflow direction. After checking the warning, place the air filters in the unit and then close the cover of the air filter.

How to disassemble an air filter ?

air filter

Disassembling an air filter can be a hard task and at the same time a very simple task. Information on how to disassemble the air filter from the air purifier can be found online, there is no reason to worry. The following is the procedure for disassembling and air filter.

  1. For starters, you have to switch off the power switch. After switching the air purifier off, unplug it from the power source. Doing so will ensure that you are protected from any electrocutionthat might occur.
  2. Remove the top casing of the air purifier. Make sure that you have switched it off, and you have unplugged it from the power source.
  3. Grip the filter inside the air purifier and pull it outward from the air purifier. Be careful when doing this because you wouldn’t want to damage the air filter.
  4. If the air filter is a replaceable kind of filter, then you need to have purchased a new air filter that you can use to replace with. However, if the air filter is a washable air filter, then you need to clean it thoroughly and dry it before you put it back into the air purifier.


Knowing how to assemble and disassemble an air filter is a very important thing. As an owner of an air conditioner and an air purifier, such knowledge will prove to be essential when maintaining your device or even when replacing the air filter. Both dissembling and assembling a fan air filter can be easy and at the same time it can be hard. Even so, there is no rocket science involved. As long as you follow the instructions highlighted above you will not get it wrong when either assembling or dissembling the air filter. More information can be gotten from the internet. Now that you know do as advised above.

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