Affordable 5 Best Air Purifiers For Allergies

So allergies are preventing you and your family from making the most out of your day? Yeah? I know how it feels – when you are sneezing and your eyes get all watery instead of you having fun together with the kids. I also know how worrying it can be when you see spots appear on your kids’ skin and when they get all itchy.

5 Best Air Purifiers For Allergies

Worry NOT! There’s something you can do about it. Keep the air clean and you keep the allergens off of your home and family. And the following best air purifiers have been built from the ground up to do EXACTLY that!

#1: Austin Air HEGA (Allergy Machine) Air Purifier

I have SEVERE…not just ordinary BUT severe chemical sensitivities. If you are someone who has to live with that, I’m sure you know how hard it can get for me. I have tried almost every filter and air purifier out there in the market that promises to take scent, fragrances, etc. out of the air, BUT none lived up to the hype and promises.

None EXCEPT the Austin Air HEGA (Allergy Machine) Air Purifier which comes with carbon filters. I have this at home and I can tell you – this is worth every single dime I spent! Perfumes, fragrances, and all sorts of odors that I’m allergic to are taken care of by this air purifier from Austin…EFFICIENTLY.

For my 1100 sq. feet home, I keep the Austin Air HEGA (Allergy Machine) Air Purifier on my bedroom and the HealthMate Plus (which is also from Austin) in the living room. These 2 work fantastic! They keep the air clean and allergen free. Heck! I cannot even tell if there is a skunk nearby unless I look out of the door or window. And believe me, that’s coming from someone who is REALLY sensitive to scents. Not to mention my house is certainly NOT air tight.

The main difference between the 2 air purifiers from Austin – the Austin Air HEGA (Allergy Machine) Air Purifier and HealthMate Plus, is that the latter works better on chemicals and fragrances. On the other hand, the Austin Air HEGA (Allergy Machine) Air Purifier is an excellent all around air purifier, which also takes fragrances out (the HealthMate Plus is just a notch or two better).

Since I have dust allergy, I decided to have the Austin Air HEGA (Allergy Machine) Air Purifier inside my bedroom and I’m thankful I did.

Now, there are 3 settings that you can run the Austin Air HEGA (Allergy Machine) Air Purifier on – (1) High (2) Medium, and (3) Low. For those of you who are wondering, High is loud BUT not too loud and not irritating. Low, on the other hand, is NOT silent but the noise is the airflow coming from the equipment not the motor. It’s gentle.
Thumbs up for the Austin Air HEGA (Allergy Machine) Air Purifier! I love it.

Feature Highlights

– Comes with a 60 sq feet true HEPA medical filter medium. This is a filter that needs replacing only every 5 years!
– The HEPA filter meets the HEPA standards and it traps trapping 99.97% of all particulates larger than 0.3 microns.
– Comes with a military carbon cloth for odor and gas removal.
– With 3 Speeds (and at 400 cfm when running on the High Setting), the Austin Air HEGA (Allergy Machine) Air Purifier cleans a room area of up to 1500 ft.

#2: Blueair 403 HepaSilent Air-Purification System

The Blueair 403 HepaSilent Air-Purification System – it’s an excellent unit…PERIOD. There is only one minor quibble I have about it. It’s a little larger than what I originally expected. If you have a small bedroom, or plan to use it in your small office, it can look a bit imposing and may take up more space than your average air purifier.

Aside from that, though, there is definitely nothing negative about the Blueair 403 HepaSilent Air-Purification System. I like the fact that it is really quiet when running on the 2 lowest settings and even at the third setting – very soothing and not irritating. You are guaranteed to have a good night’s sleep with it. No allergens in the air, no irritating noise – what more could you ask for when you are off to bed.

Along with that, the Blueair 403 HepaSilent Air-Purification System is also very efficient and way quieter than the smaller units. Along with that, the design is also more efficient. When I compared it with the 250E, which is also from BlueAir, the 403 leaves its predecessor in the dust. For one thing, it comes with a better filter. The filter pre charges the particles so that they stick to it. Not to mention it’s larger and thicker.

The Blueair 403 HepaSilent Air-Purification System also comes with a deeper and more relaxing sound compared to the said smaller model of BlueAir. Thanks to the design, you can put stuff like books on top of it if you want since it will take in and expel air from the sides. If you want, to save space, you can install it against the wall. I don’t think you can say the same for other air purifiers out there.

Bottom line: I’m more than satisfied with the Blueair 403 HepaSilent Air-Purification System! As a result, I am now buying a second Blueair 403 HepaSilent Air-Purification System, this time for my living room. Having 2 or more air purifiers from the same series installed in different parts of the house means you only have to buy one type of filter for them all.

Feature Highlights

– The Blueair 403 HepaSilent Air-Purification System comes with the Energy Star 3-speed air purifier which is beefed up with the HEPASilent technology.
– This BlueAir air purifier delivers 5 air changes per hour for rooms up to 365 square feet.
– Has a CADR rating of 240 for smoke, dust, and pollen.
– Comes with an SurroundAir system.
– The Galvanized steel construction makes sure this is durable and reliable…more than able to serve you for the years to come.
– 100-percent-recyclable filter media.
– Dimensions: 11 by 20 by 23 inches
– Protected by a whopping 10-year limited warranty!

#3: Honeywell HHT-011 Compact Air Purifier with Permanent HEPA Filter

As someone who has owned ionic air cleaners and air purifiers that require filters, I can say that the Honeywell HHT-011 Compact Air Purifier with Permanent HEPA Filter is one of the most comfortable to use and quietest. This is a plus since air purifiers’ noise tend to keep me up. You will also love its compact size – you can easily place it on a bookcase, dresser top, top shelf, etc. YES, it’s a space saver.

After spending lots of hard earned dough on filter replacements, new air purifiers, etc., the Honeywell HHT-011 Compact Air Purifier with Permanent HEPA Filter is more than a welcome addition…thanks to the permanent and cleanable air filter. I grabbed 2 of these models – one for my bedroom and the other one for my living room, and they did NOT disappoint.

Just set it on low all of the time and it sounds great. It makes that white little noise that is NOT noticeable at all. It comes with an optional ion on and off switch, nightlight, coupled with an automated light indicating if the filter needs some cleaning. These are all niceties added in the package which makes the Honeywell HHT-011 Compact Air Purifier with Permanent HEPA Filter even more valuable.

So far, I’m loving it and enjoying the clean air. And that’s coming from someone who lives in an old dusty house together with a pair of dogs and cats.

Feature Highlights

– Comes with a compact tabletop air purifier that clears the air for rooms that are up to 85 square feet in size.
– The Permanent HEPA-Type filter it has captures up to 99 percent of mold spores, pollen, pet dander, smoke and dust.
– Has an optional ionizer which gives you extra cleaning power coupled with washable pre filter.
– Nightlight feature provides soft illumination
– Dimensions: 10 inches by 6 inches by 11 inches
– Backed up with a 3-year limited warranty

#4: Austin Air Pet Machine

I have experienced trouble sleeping at night and it’s all due to sleep apnea, snoring, not being able to stay in bed for an hour, and having to use a recliner for sleeping. My health has degraded for the past 3 years or so and I had to see a lung specialist to help me cope. He prescribed me Xoepenex as well as Advair.

Along with that, I also had to go through nasal surgery, which means another 1500 hard earned dollars out of the window. To make sure that surgery doesn’t happen again, I grabbed the Austin Air Pet Machine. All I had to do is take it out of the box, plug it in, and there you go! It’s up and running.

The result?

Within just a couple of hours, the air in the house smelled FRESH! Just so you know, I have an 85 pound Golden Retriever and we all know how hairy they are. BUT the Austin Air Pet Machine didn’t have any problems dealing with it.

One Minor Quibble: The unit came with a slightly bent frame BUT works perfectly OK. I contacted Austin about the issue and they apologized and offered to replace it. HOWEVER, since it’s too much trouble and I need a working air purifier as soon as possible, I decided not to bother. They sent me a table top for the unit instead, which is nice.

Aside from that, there is nothing absolutely negative with the Austin Air Pet Machine. All in all, I have a fantastic experience with the Austin Air Pet Machine. No more snoring, thanks to this I was able to stay in bed all night. While I still have to resort to the recliner from time to time, my situation is way better than before. The longer the Austin Air Pet Machine works, the better I get.

Thanks to this wonderful air purifier, I’m now sleeping way better than before. I’m planning to get 2 more Austin Air Pet Machines for my house’s bedrooms. Again, let me emphasize, the quality of the air is just different…so different from what it used to be. When the Austin Air Pet Machine is NOT running, I cannot stand it. You might say I’m addicted to it, that I can’t leave without it. BUT since it’s keeping me all healthy while keeping those sleepless nights away, I’m sticking to it no matter what.

#5: IQAir Health-Pro Plus Air Purifier

The IQAir Health-Pro Plus Air Purifier – it’s one of the best air purifiers you can lay your hands on when it comes to dealing with allergies and asthma. It’s their best selling unit and it’s NOT surprising why.

Just so you know, the IQAir Health-Pro Plus Air Purifier comes with 4 advanced filtration technologies to efficiently remove a wide array of particulates and molecule air pollutants.
Thanks to its wide effectiveness range, it works really well for people who are health conscious, people who are suffering from different respiratory ailments. That’s especially true with molecular effectiveness. As you are familiar with, asthma sufferers are very sensitive to molecular irritants and allergens. Eradicating these unseen enemies of asthma sufferers is an IQAir Health-Pro Plus Air Purifier specialty!

best air purifiers

Aside from that, it claimed a lot of awards from different organizations. Something that you can’t say the same for other air purifiers in the market:

– Allergy Buyer’s Club: Category Winner
– Wired Magazine Test: Best Air Purifier
– Consumer Guide Best Buy
– Review Board Magazine: Product of the Year
– Consumer Digest Best Buy
– Test Magazine: Category Winner
– Newsweek Odor Tested Applications

And those are just to name a few fellas!

Feature Highlights:

– It runs at 110V
– It has been rated the most effective air cleaner for allergies by Germany’s consumer foundation.
– It quietly cleans up to 900 sq. ft. room
– Doesn’t emit any harmful ozone.
– Remote control, integrated timer and filter life monitor.
– Uses same Hyper HEPA technology which is used in clean rooms and hospitals.
– Comes with a 30 Day money back guarantee.
– Beefed up with a full 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.
– Free Shipping.

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