3M Filtrete Air Purifiers

If you are in the air purifier market for an air cleaner that is large in size and can fit into small places…perhaps measuring one feet by two feet, then the 3M Filtrete air purifier is yours for the taking. This air purifier can fit into almost any duct in any homes.

Coming with the a design that can easily blend into any room – while in color along with a rippled design, you can easily take this air purifier into any room without worrying that its design might be a little out of place.

When it comes to air cleaning rating, the 3M Filtrete comes with its guns blazing … boasting 1000 MPR! Just in case you don’t know, this level of air cleaning is superior to almost any other filter out there in the market. It’s well-built to capture more than just dust – it can clean the air of mold spores, pollen, cat and dog dander, smoke particles, and even certain types of airborne bacteria.

And one more thing – it’s one of the few air purifiers and filters that are certified by the American Lung Association House Health Program. Just replace it every 90 days and you’re assured that your 3m Filtrete air purifier will work as good as new.

3M Filtrete Air Purifiers Review

Ever since I installed my 3M Filtrete, I have noticed a huge difference in the quality of the air in my house. And when you take a closer look at the filter, you’ll realize why it’s excellent when it comes to getting rid of not-so-friendly elements found in the air.

You see, the filter is made of material that looks a lot like a coffee filter and tissue. With a material like that, very few particles will be able to pass through it. I’ve seen air purifiers within the same price range…and they don’t even come close! Their filters are made with fiberglass – it allows you to part te strands with your fingers to create an opening. With these inexpensive BUT inefficient filters, many particles pass right through – not just dust.

3M Filtrete Air Purifiers

You may be surprised that the cost of the 3M Filtrete is higher than the price of most air filters out there. However, when you realize that it indeed cuts down the allergens, dust, and other nasty particles in the air, you’ll definitely agree that you get your money’s worth with the 3m Filtrete air purifier. If you’re in the market for an air filter that actually works, this air purifier is an option you should seriously consider!