3 Best Air Purifying Tips

Air Purifying Tips

Since the benefits or cleaning air ducts aren’t always strikingly apparent, many people pass up on it altogether due to a mistaken belief that a cleaning job accomplishes very little.

In reality, your air ducts rank among the dirtiest areas in your home, especially if you’ve never had them cleaned – considering they’re directly responsible for bringing you fresh air, your health depends on keeping them clean and bacteria-free at all times. If you are doing a home remodeling project, definitely consider air duct cleaning after it’s finished.

What air duct cleaning can do for you

If you were told to put a price on fresh air, wouldn’t you agree that it’s as priceless of a commodity as they come? Yet many home owners neglect air duct cleaning altogether, likely unaware of the negative impact that polluted air ducts have on a person’s home.

Cleaning your air ducts for the first time will bring about a host of benefits, starting with easier breathing: you won’t run out of breath anymore, you won’t suffer from a runny nose, your sinuses will feel less clogged… These are all consequences of leaving air ducts dirty for too long – if you’ve never had yours cleaned, you probably know them all too well.

Another benefit comes in the form of odor elimination: the longer you wait to have your air ducts cleaned, the harder it is for them to bring in fresh air and expunge bad smells. Homes with dirty and clogged air ducts suffer from a constant stench that’s hard to ignore, making people unwilling to come over for a visit again even after a slight exposure – all the air sprays and incense sticks in the world won’t help you unless you deal with the source.

What’s great about air duct cleaning is that it doesn’t just benefit you but everyone else under your roof as well: everyone, including children and pets, will feel a lot better once the airflow in the home improves thanks to clean air ducts.

Preventing disease through air duct cleaning

Illness prevention is a benefit of air duct cleaning that isn’t talked about as often, likely because it doesn’t involve an immediate and apparent improvement. Having polluted air ducts – especially those that are harboring allergens and mold – can bring about a host of illnesses that could stick with you for years to come or even end up troubling you for life.

The longer you are exposed to these unsavory particles, the bigger your risk of contracting a weakness for them: many allergies, such as those involving mold, come about after prolonged exposure to the substance. Of course, once you get hit by one of these ailments, you probably won’t know the culprit and will continue inhaling the aggravant for what could potentially be a long time, gradually worsening your illness and lowering your quality of life.

Therefore, cleaning your air ducts can be seen as an investment: by keeping your duct system clean throughout the year, you stand to save a lot on medical bills on top of enjoying the peace of mind that comes from knowing you aren’t breathing in anything that’s harmful to your health.


Air Purifying Tips

Aside from people who make a living out of it, nobody likes cleaning carpets: it’s messy, smelly and takes a lot of time. Yet cleaning carpets regularly is an absolute must for those wanting a clean home environment: dirty carpets are a breeding ground for mold, bacteria and carpet beetles, all of which can make your home turn inhospitable quick.

So what are the true carpet cleaning recommendations?

While carpet cleaning is a necessity, there’s no need to go overboard and scrub every day – having a proper cleaning schedule will help you manage your time better while also ensuring that your carpets stay clean year-round.

When to clean

Let’s start by mentioning vacuuming: it should form the basis of your carpet maintenance and should be done at least once weekly (or bi-weekly if the carpets don’t receive a lot of traffic). Regular maintenance will help avoid severe dirt and grime accumulation – when you do get to cleaning, you’ll have a lot less work on your hands.

Unfortunately, all the vacuuming in the world won’t eliminate the need to clean your carpets with moisture occasionally. If you’re sure in your ability to keep your carpets clean through vacuuming, cleaning with moisture every two to three months is a good start – if you get to cleaning on your own, make sure to rinse and scrub every part of the carpet evenly as opposed to just hitting the dirtiest areas.

Of course, the frequency should vary based on the type of the carpet and its position inside your home. Wall-to-wall carpets are the biggest victims of dirt – when considering buying one, be sure to take into account the additional cleaning that will have to be done. Large carpets in living rooms need to be cleaned far more often than area carpets in less-visited rooms – the same goes for carpets in hallways that often take the brunt of footsteps or are used as doormats.

Impromptu cleaning

The aforementioned schedule should only serve as a guideline – don’t catch yourself passing up on necessary unplanned cleaning because it’s “not yet carpet cleaning time”, as this will only make the cleaners’ job a lot harder when you finally pick up the phone and call them.

One example of unplanned cleaning that should never be delayed is stain removal. The longer you wait to have the carpet cleaned after a spill, the harder it will be to remove the stain – too much time and you run a high risk of being stuck with a permanent stain that will completely ruin your carpet’s appearance.

If you can’t find the time for a thorough cleaning job in the wake of a spill due to a busy schedule, consider making an emergency appointment with a professional cleaning service: while extra expenses aren’t anyone’s idea of a good time, this is a great way to save a lot of effort on top of having your carpets cleaned far more thoroughly than you otherwise could.

Likewise, it pays to keep an eye out for dirt accumulation on your carpets and have them cleaned accordingly – if you notice a carpet getting dirty quicker than you’re used to, be ready to adapt by having cleaners come over ahead of time.


Air Purifying Tips

Nobody can work without the tools of their trade. When talking home cleaning, cleaning products are far more important than using the correct mop – they’re what makes the difference between a squeaky-clean environment and one that isn’t all that pleasant to be in.

Aside from efficiency, health is also an important consideration to make when choosing your home cleaner: the wrong substance can lower the overall health of everyone in the house and even cause sickness.

To help you navigate through the countless cleaning products available on the market, here’s a list of some of the best and safest to use.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers: No matter how many people live under your roof, you’ve probably had your share of dealing with stains and marks that can’t seem to go off (not without damaging the surface they’re on, at least). This product will let you remove a variety of stains from walls, furniture and floors without risking the integrity of the surface – all but the most hardcore stains will perish after a single light scrubbing.

Windex: In order to keep your windows clean without damaging their gloss and see-through visibility, you’ll need the right glass-cleaning product – Windex fits the bill perfectly. This solution has been around for a while – the fact that it’s still being used plenty with so much competition out there says something about its efficiency and reliability. Conveniently enough, Windex can be used to clean not only windows but other glossy industrial surfaces as well.

Stainless Steel Magic: The very same composition that prevents stainless steel from gathering rust can make it a nightmare to clean – when it does catch a stain, it threatens to stick around a lot longer than you’d like. Stainless Steel Magic will clean your steel surfaces in a single session without damaging them even when talking older steel whose surface could be somewhat compromised.

Clorox Clean-Up: Like death and taxes, grime accumulation in our homes is one of those things we just can’t avoid. Since grime often collects on sensitive areas like kitchen sinks, we can’t use any old cleaner to clean it as doing so could be detrimental to our health. Enter Clorox Clean-Up: acting as a milder version of bleach while packing every bit of the punch, Clorox will not only eliminate grime but will also kill any bacteria that chose to feast on it, leaving behind a clean surface that’s safe to place food on.

Lysol Cling: The toilet is known for perhaps being the most bacteria-ridden object in a person’s home. Cleaning it properly can be difficult since plenty of bacteria refuse to give up without a fight. Well, Lysol Cling promises to take the fight to them – simply pour it evenly on your toilet and enjoy a bacteria-free bathroom environment (for best results, you can throw in a bit of scrubbing as well). Lysol can also be diluted with water and used to clean bathroom floors and similar dirty areas, but be warned: the cleaner is quite strong and can cause a negative reaction, especially when coming into contact with other products of the same type.


Air Purifying

One can never have too much clean air in the home or office. If you’re dealing with frequent shortness of breath, coughing, general breathing difficulties or a plain old bad smell in one or multiple rooms, consider investing in an air purifier.

These devices are a simple and effective way of removing all the bad stuff from the air in your home regardless of the state of your ventilation system. Great as they are, there are plenty of models out there that promise to do more than their capabilities allow. To avoid making any regretful purchases, here are 3 great home air purifiers that you can always count on for clean air.

Home air purifiers reviewed

Honeywell 50250: If you have chronic breathing difficulties or respiratory ailments, this is probably the purifier for you.

Honeywell’s 50250 boasts a powerful HEPA filter that not only deals with dust and smells but also removes every last allergen that could be giving you trouble – no matter what you’re allergic to, the 50250 will eliminate it from your home in no time.

The same goes for asthma: if the air around your home is aggravating your asthmatic symptoms, 50250 can be of great help no matter the room it ends up in. Indeed, the HEPA purifier’s range is so large that it can be placed in virtually any room in the house and accomplish the same results, although you’ll want to keep the doors around the home open for maximum effect.

The same goes for room placement: since it releases air in a 360-degree capacity as opposed to a straight burst, it can be placed in any part of the room including next to walls and even in enclosed spaces. All in all, it’s a great purifier that’s sure to make your home feel more pleasant.

IQAir HealthPro Plus: While most decent air purifiers have some ability to deal with smells, IQAir’s HealthPro Plus really excels at it. We’ve all been to homes that just can’t seem to get rid of a foul smell be it from pet waste, cooking residue or something less discernible – if your home falls in this unfortunate category, the HealthPro Plus will have you covered and will let you invite as many people over as you’d like without ever feeling uncomfortable because of bad odor.

For what it accomplishes, HealthPro Plus has some amazing energy efficiency to it – it’s not likely to rack up the electricity bill even if you leave it running all day and night. Speaking of nighttime, the purifier is quiet enough to leave running in rooms adjacent to the bedroom or even the bedroom itself if it isn’t purifying at full capacity.

Austin Health Mate HM450: We mentioned bad smells, didn’t we? Well, few things can stink up a home as quickly and as permanently as constant indoor smoking. If you can’t help but light cigarettes inside your home,

Austin’s HM450 promises to deal with smoke in a way like very few other air purifiers can – regardless of whether you’re smoking a couple of cigs or a couple of packs a day, the HM450 is a great thing to have.

Add to this the decent noise management and a slick all-black appearance that won’t ruin your home’s decor and it’s clear why the HM450 is one of the top choices for lovers of fresh air.

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